Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Logan - Murcia Week 3


Hey thanks to the Hepworths, Kayli, and Laura for the letters!

Things have been crazy here lately! With the new calling came lots of travleing. I have been in all the surrounding cities last week and we took an 8 hour train ride to Barcelona for a meeting witht the President. This morning I was in Lorca figuring out more residency stuff and I think I am finally actually legal. It has been such a mess. Last week the Lwyer called me and said I might be going to TX to finish but today our last chance in Lorca was a miracle. The lady didnt look at the exp date on the paper and I detered a few questions that almost got me caught.
This week we visited a family from ENgland and I loved their accent. We drove in his car which had the steering wheel on the right side which made thigngs intresting. He also trusted too much in his ABS system on the car and was hitting cornerers way too fast, I thought we were going to die. He would then yell at people english phrases witha thich accent things like ¨Oh bloody heavens Sir, Get out of my way, Thank you lad, have a good day¨ I enjoyed are time with them. WE have already seem to have a lot of succes with the ward. We have been pushing missionary work. We are visiting all the members and reading parts of the bring souls to me confrence talk and then inviiting them to have a missioanry experience and share it in testiomny meeting. We literally had no investigators when I got here but through refrence this week we have found 5 and three of those 5 want to get baptized. Things are going well.
This morning while we were in Lorca we broke into my Old piso and scared teh other Elders really bad it was super funny. What else is going on....We have been hunting cockroaches a lot in our house and battling them. they are winning. This week they submerged from the toliet water. We have found a new piso and should be moving the 15th of August. Dont worry about the mail you can keep sending it to the same address. Sorry I dont have more time. Everythign is going well. We are working hard and seeing lots of miracles here right now. It was also 123 degrees last week...ya I know tell me about it. Love you all have a great week

Elder G

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Logan - Murcia Week 2


Thanks Mom, Kayli, Grandpa for your letters that came this past week! Well as you all know by now I am in Murcia and the farewell party in Lorca got a bit out of hand. The day I left everyone came to the train station with gifts and such and I am glad they liked me so much but I am turning into the old man and dont like making a big deal out of things. I did get some nice shirts from the youth which was nice. As Zone Lord I am mean leader everything is going super well. My companion is amazing and I have already learned so much from him Elder Petersen from reno Neveda. I read an artice about renos kayak course that was recently put in so I have an excuse to go visit him after the mish. He has 4 months left and I have 8. One experience I had this week was while visiting a member that is taking care of some handicapped people. We watched general confrence with her and I was super tired from the heat and eneded up falling asleep on the couch. I woke up to one of her handicapped kids screaming and kicking through the door where we were. It was terrifying I thought I was having a nightmare becasue when I woke up I didnt know where I was at. Luckily we were able to finish the lesson without getting beat up by the crazy girl. She was screaming though and knocking things down in the other room. We had to just kind of get up and leave the poor lady with those crazy kids. I think I have almost seen it all I think, knock on wood.The ward here seems kind of blah but I assume that is why I am here. I kind of had a vision yesterday durning Sacrament of what needs to happen here and I hope to do just that. We can not do it without the members and so this week and next we will be visiting all of them and Daremos la caña or in other words give them the cane. I am sick of excuses like¨I dont know anyone, or they dont want it¨We are going to talk about 1 nephi 17 with the questionin mind of what can God not do ? And have miracles ceased among the childern of men? If they have its because of our lack of faith. We are going to talk about miracles from the scriptures and then ask them if they think God and help them with their friends as we show fatih and Diliigence throught working witht them. If every memeber would do their job of being amisisonary the church would double within months I gurantee. I felt the spirit a lot yesterday and felt like this is the direction we need to go here in Murcia. We have to get everyone going because its not effective for ous to walk around in the street all day. One perk of the new calling is this week we will be going to Barcelona for a meeting with President. We get to eat a few meals and have meeting for two days so that should be fun. I also want to take time to see some sight sin Barc while we are there. I am glad I ve been called as Zone leader it was really what I need right now in my Mission. It has helped me get more focused and not worry about just myself. I was kind of feeling like I had things mastered last transfer and it was the same stuff day after day and so I am excited for the new challenge and responsability. Well I love you all and miss you. Elder G

Friday, July 17, 2009

Logan - Murcia Week 1


Thanks Mom, jess, Maureen, Ashley T, Lynn, and Jordan for your letters!

Well first big news is that I ve been called as Zone Leader for Murcia Zone. I was pretty suprised but almost expecting it at the same time. I was most suprised that I wont even be changing zones. I ll be taking an hour train today up to my new crib. It will be nice to be close because I lll be able to do intercambios and visit Lorca and keep up on all the investigators here. One of the people we are teaching wants me to come down to baptize him in a few weeks, so that will be nice as well.
The branch was pretty sad I was leaving. I would have rather just snuk away quietly but we visited everyone, and one of the families was crying which made it kind of akward for me becasue I wasnt. I had been working with their 14 yr old son a lot and they were sad to see me go but My comp will keep things going here. Everyone wrote me letters which were nice to read because they expressed thanks for the things we ve accomplished here. It was nice to recieve that kind of reward so to say. Sometimes it feels like your doing everything and no one notices so the letters really lifted me up.
Today the members are going to come see me off at the train staion and I have to keep reminding everyone that I ll be back and I am only moving an hour away. Its hard to just say bye with a hand shake becasue I really do feel so much love for all of them. They have become family and made me feel so comfortable here. I have enjoyed working with the youth the most. They have a lot more enthusiasm and be freind new people so much better then the adults here. We also have been working with the youth outside of the church. While I was gone last week some punk kids tried to thorw rocks at my comp and the other misisonary he was with. Today we saw him and Elder MOnks recognized who it was and so I just started chasing them but it was hard because i was in flip flops. Luckily they got away but I wanted to teach them a lesson as well, but not the kind you start with a prayer.
So I will be in Murcia an hour south and its actually hotter then Lorca Yeah! THats the only thing I didnt like about here but oh well. I ll try not to complain about wearing a tie, pants, collar, shoes in 100 plus degree weather while everyone else is in bathing suits. Maybe I need to learn how to not complain lol. Well everything is going well, I am going to make people call me Zone Lord instead of ZOne leader I think its a lot more fitting jk lol. My comp Will be elder Petersen from Reno NV and he is a great kid I am really excited about that. The hardest thing for me to leave is the shower. I took one last bath/shower today it is the only shower that has any pressure on the east coast of spain and I am going to miss it. While taking the bath I also imagined I was in the ocean and did some duck dives through the waves which is always fun. I ve already been to the Murcia Piso and the shower is horrible but hey things could be alot worse. I remember mexico showering with a bucket and cup. Well I have rambeled enough. love you all

My new Address is as follows

Elder Gogarty
Plaza profesor Tierno Galvan
Edf. 11, Bajos D
Murcia 30009

Sarah please post it on my myspace account!
Befoer you send the package please put in Ear plugs and Labels for the new address. thanks!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Logan - Lorca Week 26


Happy B-Day Mom and Brenna!
Emily are you going to be getting a new email soon?
Can someone get me Jesses email or physical Address?
Next week I ll be writing on tuesday the 14th due to transfers.
If you have anything to send me today is the last chance for the Lorca Address. If I leave it will be next week so make sure the mail to Lorca goes out today if there is any.

Well where do I start... We had a confrence in Alicante with the new President and it went very well. We almost got there late because the Zone leaders that have been in spain for almsot two years now still dont know how to read the train schedule. I was really suprised about that. My new comp has been taught and already knows how to see what times train leaves and when it changes due to weekends or festivos. Luckily we got there just in time and everything went well. President Hicnkley of course reminds me a lot of his Father in looks, voice and everything. It was nice to meet him and exciting to see how somthings will change.
Mom I read your letter about taking swim lessons I just want to let you know I am very proud. Keep up the Good work. Lately >I have been working out pretty hard morning mediodia and night and that keeps me sane. I feel like I have so much energry stored up and I cant get it out.
The highlight of my week was fasting and feeling the holy ghost strongly while I took the sacrament. Fasting has been one of the best parts of my mission. I recieve so much help through doing it the way its supposed to be done. I also felt like I recieved revelation over specific questions I had about some of the inestigators and now know how to help them better. The capilla was jammed packed and that made me content knowing that it wasent like that when I got here. I was sitting with 5 recent converts that have been baptized while I ve been here and then another 3 investigators. Its amazing to see the work grow so quickly. They will be expanded the building soon and I actually gave books of moromon to the contractors that came to measure it out.
One of our investigators is an 11yr old kid that comes to church all by himself, and he really impresses me. His drunk father is unfountanetly not letting him get baptized. WE talked to him about miracles and that God can do anything even changes his dads stubborn heart.
Sorry your not very updated on our investigators but I didnt know if anyone wanted to hear about that. We are teaching a ton of people and it would take a lot of time to get you updated. IF things go as planned we should have 4 more baptisms my last saturday here the 11th. I dont want to rush it though with any of theses people so I might be gone when they get baptized and put it off for one more week to ensure they understand everything. Its a miracle to see people converted to the Gospel. I have gained complete confidence over the promise in Moroni by seeing others recive the answer and by perosnally doing it everytime I doubt. I can tell the investigators I know its true God told me a few days ago, I asked him and this is how he answered he will answer for you I have no doubt.
Everything else is going well. I get along with my comp well and he is a good friend. for some comp study today I just let energy out and we fought for 30 mins. It was fun. I really want to just go do somthing fun but without breaking the rules that is very hard. We found out we cant ride bikes either by the way. When I get home I need to get some serious adrenaline rushs to make up for the lack there of. Speaking of that I would like it if someone could talk to the Maroneys for me about their sail boat and wind surfer and tell them that I will do work for them or buy them when I get back and to not get rid of them. Thanks ! Love you all and miss you. Send letters today if you have them and the 14th I could be writing from a new city. I will get the call bnext sunday. I want to leave just to get out of the heat and to help other peioplel I feel like I ve done all I can for a lot of these people and out of ideas. A new misisonary in here could see things differently and help people in ways I have not thought of. Love you all take care


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Logan - Lorca Week 25

June 30, 2009

Thanks Mom, Kayli, Jenny, The hepworths, and Sarah for your letters! Thanks Elder Carpenter (my trainer) or I guess now its Fletcher for your email it was good to hear from you !

Well first big news is that we had a baptism, it went really well and I always feel an incredible amount of joy that comes from the Holy ghost on those special days. I also felt wet because I was practically baptized as well. We had and French African who just recently recived the Priesthood peform the baptism. He did it african style and picked her off her feet and then African slammed her to the bottom of the font. In so doing a wave came from the font and soaked my shirt and tie. I actually enjoyed it and pretened I was surfing in the ocean. I confirmed her yesterday and church and it was as always a special experiance. We hope to have at least 4 more baptisms before I leave here.
Last P day we were in Aguilas my beach town that I like and we went up to the castle I ll send some pics. We realized that we had to catch the last bus that left in 30 mins and the station was at least that far away. We started jogging and I actually held out my thumb to try and catch a ride with someone because I knew if we didnt make it we would be sleeping on the beach. No one stopped but luckily we caught the bus just in time.
Yesterday in church I got to bless the sacrament with Angel our recent convert and then another one of our recent converts Javier passed it. It was a neat experiance and I was bery greatful to have been a part of their conversion experiance. Angel is preparing for the mission and will help keep the Branch alive in the mean time.
Dad I loved the Bike shop article I was way xcied to read it. I hope everything keeps going well there I would love to work there when I got back if you need me.
My comp answered the phone this week and the ward mission leade3r asked hime for the telefono of Blanca who is a member but blacna is also the color white in spanish, My comp said no our phone is black sorry we dont have a white telephone lol I thought that was funny. well not to much else going on I love and miss you all. I will be probly getting moved the 12th of july and will be writing email on the 14th. If you want to write snail mail make sure to send it no later then the 6th of July. Take care

Elder G