Monday, June 30, 2008

Emily - Santander Week 15

My Birthday is over and I tried to make it a birthday month but I only have a couple days left in June, too bad! I guess I will just have to make July the birthday month. So keep sending all the letters and packages. I loved the pics. from the wedding, I looked so different...WEIRD. Oh and my comp. gets a package every month and I think I should get the same. By the way I loved my package thank you so much. oh and Hermana DuVall told me that you don´t have to worry about what you send if you just write missionary supplies on the list. That is what her kids do for her packages and she hasn´t had any problems. Im surprised dad didn´t whine about the price again. I loved the idea about sending a letter for me to get one everyday but instead I ended up getting three on Tuesday, 2 Thursday. But it didn´t matter it was great reading all of them. I have to make a big deal about something though for my dear Grandpa Gogarty. I only got one letter on my actual Birthday and I want everyone to guess who it was from...yep you guessed it my old math tutor Grandpa Gogarty. He timed it perfectly and I was so happy when I opened my mailbox and found a letter from him on my birthday. I enjoyed reading the letter so much and I especially had fun looking at our pictures. I have so many wonderful memories with you two. I look forward to the ones in the future. I especially enjoyed Grandpa´s comment about the euro to a dollar. Again Im thankful that he is so good at math. Don´t worry I wont always expect the raise. So the only thing bad about my birthday was that my camera broke. Dad I don´t know what I should one here or have you send one. Let me know what you think. I can look at the pics. I have taken but it won´t let me take a pic. If I do get a new camera I want one that you can record for a minute or so with sound. I love the moments that some of the miss. have captured with that lil feature. Anyways it kind of stinks cuz I had to use my comps. camera for my birthday but I will print some pics. off and send them to you. Oh mom said in her letter that I got today my laptop is about dead. Can you please make Cds of all my stuff, I don´t know if I have it backed up. Thank you and sorry for bothering you with that kind of stuff. So I got to celebrate my b-day with a member in the ward. Her name is Edith and she is from Ecuador. She was having a party and invited me to celebrate my birthday with her. It was so much fun. We ate and ate and ate. I had a hard time running this morning because everyone has been fillin us with a bunch of junk. A couple of the members gave me some little gifts and I know they don´t have the money for it. Good people! When we got home the Elders were waiting for us and they made us go upstairs and close the door. About 2 mins later they knocked and when I opened the door they were standing there with the lights out. They had two donuts in hand, three candles stuck in them and a homemade crown. They were so excited about it and I really appreciated it. I´m learning so much from the people I am with. I love being with these people and Im excited to see the others at zone conference on Wednesday. Im a missionary, that is so weird! I´m a third of the way through my mission already and I just turned 22...WHAT!Sorry I still haven´t let all of that sink it yet. The most exciting part of the week is that we had five people with us at church. Sorry I have to think of it that way otherwise I get stressed out trying to decide what to write you about. Remember the lady that I told you about last week that was eatin ice cream. She walked to church with us and her two daughters and a cousin. Im happy to say that all four of the were from Ecuador. WE also picked up an awesome lady from Columbia. She owns a mexican restaurant here and we are going to eat there on Thursday. We almost needed a bus to pick everyone up on Sunday. We had to leave an hour early to get everyone. It was awesome! I am a little worried about how they felt about sacrament meeting. One of the talks was about when Joseph Smith lost part of the plates and how Prophets sin too. Everyone left after sacrament and seemed a little freaked out. I´ve been prayin really hard this week that we will be able to calm all of their concerns and help them know that this is the true church. As I study everything just makes more sense to me. I can´t believe all the things I didn´t really understand before my mission and Im excited for all the things I will learn in the future. I love the Gospel. The church is true! Well I love Santander and I love the members here but Im ready to head out. Its been good and hard to have a threesome. Its hard enough to be with one person all the time let alone two. Im going a little CRAZY. I thought I was a messy person but I definately am relatively clean. Looks like Im headed out is a few weeks, President just isn´t sure where yet. Im nervous for the change but really excited too. I love you all so much and EVERY SINGLE DAY I tell my Heavenly FAther how thankful I am to be a part of our family. Im so glad that our relationships our sealed here on earth and in Heaven. That knowledge keeps me here in peace. I love you each with all of my heart!Love, EmHermana Gogarty

Monday, June 23, 2008

Logan - Valencia Week 6


Yes for my plaque I would like the scripture in Jer. It talks about the fire devouring the people. I got a letter from Jess this week at zone confrence and I that was it. I willl have probly gotten one from Mom today also hers always comes after Email.

Everything is going well here everynight is a party in Valencia I swear this country has a holiday everyday. We have been working hard this week the tempature is nice and toasty. I think its been at least in the 90s all week. We were let into some Armanians house yesterday and I made the mistake of saying how hot it was outside. They then insisted on getting us a drink. He opened the fridge and poured us two big glasses of clumpy natural yogurt water and chunks of vegetables. I said just a little please and he made sure to fill it right up to the top. I thought it would be more polite to not finish it then to throw up on him. It was the worse thing I have ever tasted.

Its amazing how much we are helped with the gift of tounges and learning the language. The Armanian man had been here 9 years and our spanish was 100 percent better then his. Its incredible how fast we can learn a language with the help from God. I understand almost everything and I can get my point across but I want to be able to really describe myself and thats what I have been working on. Last week when we went to buy grocerys the store was practically empty because the truckers went on a strike and so the food stopped coming. We were worried a little but We talked to some people and they said that the military has taken it over and been running the trucks so now the stores are full again. Its amazing how simple it is to put a country into panic very easily.

The metro drivers have also been going on strike so sometimes our metros just dont show up and when they do they are packed with people. We had a dinner cita with the bishop this week and he is a big time wind surfer. It was fun to talk to him about it and he said he ll take us when we come back and visit. He said that there is good surifng in the northern part of Spain but its a lil more rocky.

We had Zone confrence this week and it was amazing. President Wadell is an amazing man. He knows the doctrine so well and he really gave us an amzing lesson. this is the last week of my transfer but I think I am staying here in Valencia we will have to see though. Sunday I find out if I am moving. Sounds like everything is going well back home I ll be looking for the package. If you havent sent it yet then throw in a Finding Viira cd you can burn a copy of our computer or that small outbaord memory box we have. Elder Hansen wants it for when he goes home.

Jessica I really like the name Chole thats my vote if its a voting matter lol. I hope everything goes well for you I pray for you and nick everyday.

Today for preparation day we are going to go explore the city. We had a lot of fun last week. Thats about all this week.

I am constantly amazed of how I am guided on what to study each day. Everyday I study somthing I need for the day. President has us working on a lot of scripture masterys and they have become very useful being able to answer everyones questions right out of the scriptures.

I am excited to hear about Jessica and they baby so let me know what happens. I hear that missinarys only hear about 2 percent of what actually goes on at home. FOr example I just found out Colton had his mission call to puerto rico. Everyone was mentioning he was going and had his call but no one told me where! Thanks for all the letters though they are great. What type of work is Donald doing? I didnt know what you were tlaking about. And did you find any info about the Masons that you could send. Thanks love you all hope all is well.

Elder G

Emily - Santander Week 14


Hello My Birthday is in four days...ya!!!
I can´t believe that im already turning 22, its so weird. I got my letter from mom today. Last monday I got two from here in lncluding the one that got sent back. I can´t remember from who else, sorry its been a crazy week. Im exicted for all the emails from sister, Grandma and Grandpa and Dad. Im going to print them off and read them through. This hour goes by so fast. Grandma I got your gretting card and Grandpa I can´t wait to get the B-day card. I loved the pic. it was so nice to see your faces. I love you both so much.

I haven´t had the time to write in my jounal this entire week. I can´t even explain to you whats going on here right now. Im learning so much because I have to. President is taking me out of here in like five weeks to go senior somewhere at the end of the transfer. Right now here in Santander is Hermana Wight, Hermana Truscott and me. We are working really hard to get everything figured out together. President and Sister DuVall came to church yesterday. They talked to us afterward to try to help us out. The mission is really young and so they are having to move people faster than they want to. We don´t get another hermana until October. Its hard with all the visa problems. Anyways I think I will be ready to leave Santander and Im excited for the new adventure but nervous too.

Oh has Jess had her baby what is going on. I thought I would have gotten an email about that today. Come on people! There better be more info next week and pics. Oh a couple things before I forget.

Mom that girls address that you gave me I found where she lives but I need her phone number. She hasn´t been home when Ive gone by. Can you ask that lady for her phone number I really feel like I need to find her. Number two zone conference is on July 2nd and Im expecting my b-day package to be there. I don´t know if Im going to be able to do a pedicure or anything like that cuz I have to be with my COMPANIONS ALL THE TIME! sorry today I was kind of going a lil crazy. Sometimes I would just like to go and do something on my own, even grocery shopping would be nice.

I had a really neat experience the other day that I want to share with you. WE were walking along this lil path that goes along the coast doing some contacts coming home from trying to find that girl actually- Laura I think. Anyways I saw this lady sitting on a bench eating some ice cream and I felt like I should talk to her but we were kind of running late. I asked my comp waht time it was and decided that I didn´t matter I needed to go back and talk to this lady. At first I didn´t know what to say so I just stupidly said, oh I see your eating ice cream, we ate ice cream today. She just kind of laughed at me. AFter laughing at myself I felt comfortable enough to sit down and visit with her. WE talked for about 15 mins. and she was so NICE and guess where she is from...Guayaquil, Ecuador. I asked if we could come and visit and we set up an appt. right then.

On Sunday we went to her house and she called in everyone to listen. WE taught five amazing women, her two daughters and then her cousin. The lesson was AMAZING! It was so much fun. It was weird to me how much fun it was. I can´t even describe it and if I try I will feel like an idiot. Sister Jess will probably underdstand. So anyways the lesson was amazing and were going back on Sunday to teach them and walk with them to church. They are going to get baptized, I could feel it while I was in the room with them. They are from Ecuador, YES! WE talked about Ecuador for a while, I love that I have that experience to relate with the people here. Anyways it was a really neat experience and Im so thankful for the Spirit. while I was walking past her the thought go back and talk to her went off in my head over and over and over again.

The holy Ghost is an wonderful gift and Im learning so much about it everyday. I feel like what Grandma said is true. Im really getting into my mission now. Things are starting to feel more comfortable and everyday Im learning how to be a better missionary/person. I think my perspecitive really changed after taking Pop´s advice. I feel Happy even though some days are really hard. WE can ALWAYS feel happy as we look for ways to invite people to come unto Christ. It doesn´t matter who it is, there are always ways to serve. Thank you Mom and Dad for always showing me that. Both of you in different ways are wonderful examples of serving and loving others.

WEll I guess that is about it, NOT but I have to go. Dad I would love some ideas for things to see. Oh and also we should try to get on at the same time. Next week Im going to get on at 2:30 my time. I love you all so much. Im thankful to be here, Im thankful to be a missionary and Im thankful to have so many people that love and support me. I love you and I hope that you have a wonderful week.I want to hear everything about Jess next week...OKAY!

Love, Em (hermana Gogarty)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Emily - Santander Week 13


Hello Everyone that I love...Today I got THREE letters, two from mom and one from sister sarah. During the week I got a letter from sister jess, brother Logan, and Ashley Yates. Mom I was so happy to have two from you today. I really do count on one every Monday now, so you better keep up on that.

Sorry my email is a lil late we went on a lil p-day adventure. Mom don´t worry there wasn´t a terrorist attack or anything. WE took the free bikes again and road along a path by the beach. We also took them over to this little zoo. There were penguins and sea lions. It was a beautiful day but pretty windy. We made sandwiches and the Elders brought a bunch of other good stuff. IT was SUPER FUN. I really enjoy gettting out on p-days.

This morning my comp. and I spent a long time cleaning out the piso to make room for our new comp. You thought I had big news last week, well guess what its bigger this week. Today at 9 we have a greenie coming in. My comp. is training and Im like a co-trainer or something like that. Im in my third transfer and she is in her fifth. We are both kind of freaking out. I guess this girl is suppose to speak Spanish, I pray thats true. Anyways we will be making some big changes this week too.

Its been great being with H. Wight this week. Ive learned so much from her already. We have to depend on each other a lot. She is really fun and I know Im going to learn a lot from her this transfer.Okay so that news is pretty big and now its going to get even CRAZIER. Im getting transfered after this transfer. President told me that I need to be ready to go Senior at the end of this transfer. I guess Im leaving H. Wight and the new greenie here after I show them around. Im FREAKING OUT!!!! I thought I was going to have a lot more time. Oh well Im headed out soon and Im curious where im going? Ill let you know as soon as I find out. Hopefully Im headed closer to Logan even though I know thats impossible. At some point Im going to have to see him though. He is just too close and there has to be a reason we were put so close, right?

I seriously meet someone from a different country everyday. Yesterday I met someon from Poland. He spoke a lil english and we talked to him for a while. Its crazy how there are people here from all over the world. I don´t have any other really big news. We have really just been trying to get ready for the new hermana this week.

Oh the other day we contacted two guys that were playing this random game that is translated into "ball in palm." I guess they are semi pros or that is what they told us. They taught us how to play and got a good laught out of watching us make fools of ourselves. H. Wight is really good at just talking to people like a normal person, if that makes sense. Ive had a lot of fun this week just talking to people and then naturally explaing to them after 5-10 mins. of normal conversation, Why we are here. WEll we are missionaries and we would like to tell you why we chose to come to spain from america to live here for a year and a half. Ive really enjoyed this week with her and with all the new people we have met. I love days on the mission where you can go to bed feeling really good because you are figuring out what it is that your suppose to be doing. I for sure dont have it all figured out but im slowly getting there.

This transfer Im going to have to depend on the Lord a lot to help prepare me to leave Santander. I really do love it here and I especially love the people in our lil branch. THey are so strong and good. The ones that come every week are such good people. Everday I remind myself of what it says in PMG about our purpose, Invite "others" to come unto Christ. Others can mean anyone and everyday Im trying to learn how to be more Christ like with everyone Im around. This morning I read over that talk from conference "tounge of an angel" or something like that. I love that talk and I really want to learn how to apply what it teaches. Especially after what dad told me in a letter about what im able to do with my tounge. I know how to really lift people up and thrash them down too. Anwyas something I was thinking about that I want to work on.

Most importantly I hope everyone remembers my b-day in 11 DAYS. Dont forget about me just because jess is having a BABY! LOL! Sister your going to have a BABY, WHAT!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! I can´t wait to hear all about that. I loved your letter by the way thank you. I love my family so MUCH. I am so blessed, I love the Gospel and I love my Savior. Im here trying to become more like Him and trying to help everyone I meet learn more about Him by my example. Im not perfect but im trying everyday to do better. I love you all so much! I hope you have a wonderful week. I can´t wait to hear all about the BABY. Wow that is so weird.

Love you, EM(Hermana Gogarty)

Logan - Valencia Week 5


Thanks for the great letter as always Dad, This week I recived letters from Audrey and Jessica. I really enjoyed your ideas about the work its funny because you and I think a lot alike. I am constantly trying to find ways to improve the whole system and it really comes down to the ward. Unfourtanetly our ward mission leader ignores our calls and its very frustrating to try and work through him. We have a corrilation meeting once a week and last week I asked what good are we accomplishing here? and everyone confessed nothing....SO I asked what do we need to do to make this worth while?

We meet with the ward mission leader and tell him about our investigators and that we need members for specific appointments and give datres and times. Unfrountanetly that is about all that happens. So I am trying to move the meeting to sunday after church and get the elders qurom pres and relief society pres so they can specifically ask people under them to help us for each apt. Its a work in progress.

We have been meeting with older people before medio dia and its great practice for sharing lessons and scriptures. Last week we went to Felipes and did a lesson with his wife he is 84. We were teaching his wife and he started singing left the room then came back in his boxers dancing. It was funny to see I dont think he is all there because when we asked him about it on sunday he said he only dances when hes drunk lol hopefully he wasnt drunk.

I am glad you are working with Elder North and Homer they are both great Elders I reall liked teaching with Elder North before I left I use a lot of his teaching skills now. The ward needs to help the missonarys a lot more here the stake president came and spoke about it pretty bluntly. The ward needs to be strong and be friend investigators and also give refrences and assit the missonaries with teaching apts. I am glad you are doing this I am sure they really appreciate it.

Our stake president said you coome to church but you are less active you need to shine more. Thats the problem so many people just go through the motions even some of the missionares here just going through the motions not really trying to help people and the ward. I feel like we have a done a pretty good job at building the ward we should be leaving it twice as strong as we found it.

IN the way of buisness I am wondering if you can send me a venus fly trap seed with maybe a little instruction booklet on growing them. I really want a venus fly trap so see if you can make that happen. Also if you could seend a begginer Yoga book and your wind tunnel skydiving video all the elders want to see that and we can on p days.

Thanks for the advice about Valencia we are renting bikes today and bike through a dried up river bed they turned into a park. The Oceanographic sounds great too we are going there nect transfer its the 2nd largest aquraiom in the world.

Our new Investigator Patricia is doing very well she is quitting smoking and is going to get baptized on the 28th with nelson. The last apt we had with her she just kept saying how did you know to knock on my door right then when my heart was open. She had just hung up on her mom that was trying to share our religion with her and her brother a few days prior she did the same too. They are members in Columbia and were trying to tell her to go to church to fix her problems. Then we knocked on her door and she started crying and let us in. Its amazing how God will guide us if we listen to the promptings of the holy ghost. She called her mom and brother and we got to talk to them they said how greatful they were we found her and asked us when she was getting baptized. Its just funny because when we were at he building it was the last building and raining we were both cold and wanted to go home but then we thought just one more and thats where we found her.

I am proud of all the missionaries here they are great young men all eagle scouts and seminary graduates all the ones ive met so far anyway,

I miss surfing as well but cant wait to go on some more adventures when I get back I ve already been out 4 months if you can believe that. Sarah good job on the surfing i am impressed you will have to send some pictures. Jessica good luck with the baby no one has told me her name yet! Emily I hope the work is going well there keep it up. COby I would love to hear from ya.

Love you all Elder G

Monday, June 9, 2008

Logan - Valencia Week 4

Thanks for the great letter Dad.

This week I recieved all of Moms letters. It sounds like you had a very fun and intresting week. This week we have been wokring hard and in one instance repariing some damaged relationships from the last Elders that were here. I am very thankful for the job at the buckle its helped me immensely in the field. Talking with people is not a problem for me as it is for some. Its easy for me to make connections and establish trust in a very short amount of time.

We had some intrest things happen as well this week. First- We were working in Torrent a small pueblo near our Pizo and their were riot police and people yelling. We asked a kid our age what was going on and he said the people are manifesting and we said manifesting what? He then simply said they want to clean torrent and we said of what? then he said of all the Foreigners. WE asked if we should leave and he told us that we were fine but its probly better not to talk to people becuae of our accent.

THis is going to be a messy letter I hope your are editing them well. Next we had the oppurtunity to meet with some Jehovah witnesses. They let us in and instantly started bible bashing. It was fun to say the least. He of course gave us the scripture in revelation how it says that you shouldnt add on and we showed him Deut. and asked him if he believed in all the books after Deut. He was stumped and didn't say a word. We made them quiet down a few times and then taught them the beautiful plan of salvation which they agreed mostly on. They are reading the book of Mormon and we have another appointment with them. Everyone is impressed because one they are Spainard and two they are Jehovahs. I am very excited to teach them again. SOmeone has just convinced them that thier church is true through explanation. Our Church makes perfect sense and we know its true through the power of the Holy Ghost.

We also have been teaching some muslims. We have to get approval form an Area Authority before we go any further. THey are very excited about the gospel and will probly be getting baptized. They cant go back to their country if they are baptized because they will be killed. Nelson our golden investigator will be getting baptized ont he 29th and is very excited he comes to church taking notes and loves the gospel.

Saturday night I was feeling down I just felt as is God wasnt listening to my prayers so I pleaded and begged him to let me kmow that he was listening. Yesterday it was raining and I still wasent feeling much better about anything. We kept kocking doors but it was cold and getting let in to peoples houses is rare. After were about ready to give up and go in for the night we knock one more door that we were prompted too. The Lady is Columbian and he husband is a bishop of our church but she didnt know anything about it. She has 3 jobs and has just been divorced. One of her kids is also retarded. As you can imagine you has a lot on her plate right now. SHe invited us right in and I was suddenly warm from the holy ghost bruning inside of me. I was thankful that God lead us to her and hears our prayers. We taught her the first and she was nearly crying. I asked if there was anything we could do and she said she just needed spiritual peace and I told her thats what we have. Jesus Christ Atonement heals all. I have no doubt of this. THe drunks the rapeists the single moms and ourselves. We can feel peace in nowing that he has suffered everything that we have or will suffer. I was very greatful for the amazing experiance to teach Patricia yesterday. Its the reassurance I needed to remind me thats Gods hand is constantly in our lifes.

Its easy to just say thinks happen by luck or chance but in the missiona when miracles happen over and over you know have no doubt that God is moving you right where he needs you.

I though you would like to hear that I saw A lady walking her dog and it craps on the sidewalk. She pulls out a tissue and I am thinking she is going to pick it up but no she wipes the dogs butt then leaves the tissue with the poop on the side walk! I wanted to slap her. I dont have more time so I am going to write a hand written letter but thanks for your letters and prayers. I love you all. Jess I hope everything is going well with the baby. Dad i hope your fowarding this to everyone.

Love you all Elder G

Emily - Santander Week 12

Hello Everyone!

Letters-I got the most amazing package of letters from Mike and Kelli´s family. I loved hearing from all of you thank you so much! One problem though, I think Mike forgot to put his letter in there. Dad talk to him about that! Also, a dear elder from Jess and last Monday a letter from Mom. Today I didn´t get a letter from mom though and I was super sad. Maybe it will come tomorrow. I love getting letters. It makes my day.

Okay so I guess the biggest news is that I´m getting my new comp. on Wednesday. Her name is Hermana Wight and I saw her for five seconds at conference. The scary thing is that she doesn´t have that much more time than I do in the mission. President said we are going to depend on each other a lot. Our Spanish will probably get better because we both will be working really hard to pull every Spanish word we know out of our heads. President is really excited to put us together and he said we are going to be phenomenal. Everything is going to change a lot in the next couple days. I will have to update you next week after we have been together for a couple days.

The best thing that has happened this week was meeting with this family from Columbia. We found them while contacting last Sunday by the harbor. The mom was sitting on the bench and her husband was playing catch with their son. We went to her house and taught her lesson 1. When we talked to her about families and being together forever she just started crying. Her mom died of cancer when she was younger. I love how everying about the gospel answers all the questions of the soul. Things that people think and worry about their whole lives can be answered through the restored gospel. Its amazing! We went back a couple days later and talked to her about the Book of Mormon. We shared scriptures with her about the family and how it can help you be a better mother. We also shared some scriptures about life after death. She was so happy that we came over and she was so kind to us.

She invited herself to church and we went over early yesterday to take a taxi with her. With my sad Spanish I tried to make her feel comfortable. Her son came too. She stayed for all of church and the whole time I was thinking about how overwhelming everything must have been for her. Some interesting things happened in class and I just pray she will let us come back. In R.S. they made her introduce herself and tell where she is from. All of the Columbian ladies started cheering and the one sitting next to her grabbed her, gave her a big hug and kiss on the cheek. She was like cheering with her fist while hugging her with the other arm and then she told her that she is already in her heart. It was interesting to say the least but they really just wanted to make her feel loved and comfortable and I hope that is how she felt. We have a visit with her again on Tuesday and we are going to try and smooth everything over.

Oh during one of the visits her husband came out to meet us. He lived in Miami for a couple years so he spoke a little english. He was so cool. He told us that we are always welcome in their home and the next time we come he is going to make us some stake, french fries and lots of ketchup and he said we will make it BIG BIG BIG! I wonder what his impressions were of the U.S. Can you supersize that cow sized hamburger please? The Dad works a lot so he hasn´t been able to meet with us but we will see what happens. This family is going to be what keeps me sane in Santander for the next couple transfers.

So because my comp. is leaving EVERYONE has been feeding us. I don´t think I have felt hungry for days. We have been eating the craziest stuff. The other days we went to a fish market and I think we have eaten everything that was in that market and then some. Remember how I´m not a big seafood person. TOO BAD! I don´t even know what some of the stuff was. I told you about the octopus that was coverd in a sauce made from the ink sack, right?? Oh mom the one meal that I don´t want when I get home is arroz con pollo. I won´t be wanting that for about ten years. I think I´ve eaten three or four family size plates of that, the last couple of days.

I started writing in the back of Preach my Gospel a list of all the countries I know people from. Most of them are in South America and Africa. I´m meeting people from all over the world. Dad like you said the time goes by fast but not at the same time. Some days seem like an eternity but then the week is over all of a sudden. Im almost at five months. I pretty much only have a year left. WHAT! I´m still trying to accept that I wear that black tag thing on my chest.

WEll I think that is enough for now. I´m sure I will have a lot to tell you next week after all the big changes. Mom and Dad I love you so much. Thank you for staying together and making a wonderful home. I´m so blessed to be a part of our family. I love each one of you with all my heart. HAve a great week!

Love, EM (Hermana Gogarty)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Emily - Santander Week 11


Hello Family:
Can you believe that its JUNE!!! My birthday is this month and I´m going to be turning 22, I can´t even believe it. I thought I just turned 21. Time is flying, kind of! Anyways last Monday I got a letter from my dear Mom, Thursday a letter from Brother, and then this Monday a letter from Mom again. I always expect a letter from Mom every Monday now. E-mails I have from Pops and sister Sarah. I haven´t heard from Jess in a while. What she thinks she is all busy now because she is more pregnant.J/k! I love hearing from you guys, thanks for the letters. Sister Sarah I sent you a letter last Monday you should get it soon. Mom I love this pics you send! It looks like your having a lot of fun!

We kind of had a random experience last Monday. We were on a train going to a pueblo where the President of the branch and his family live. This girl about 22 years old came up to us, shook our hands and told us her name. Is very rare for someone to contact us, unless its some young guys pretending to want a lesson, which happens pretty often. Anyways she knew a little english and she was from Hungary, here as a nanny. She was baptized a year ago and is the only member in her family. We talked to her until we had to get off the train and we invited her to come eat with us but she couldnt. We gave her all our contact information and left. Later that day we got a text from her and she said that God had helped her find us and she really needed our help. She was going to call us and meet us somewhere. The next day we got a text and she said she had decided to go home and wouldn´t need our help. We can´t call her because the phone number isn´t in Spain. Ive been worrying about her all week because im assuming that she had a nanny experience like mine and is running away. I prayed all week that we would be able to find her if she needed our help but we never ran into her again. She was really nice! Random things like that happen all the time.

At least once a week we contact someone who is from South America and fell away from the church when they got here. We would probably have at least double the members if everyone came. But the church doesn´t even know they are here. Well the most exciting news of the week is that we set a baptismal date with Edna. Remember her, I know Ive talked about her before. She was the one I was most worried about when I got here. Im always quick to judge, she is doing really great. We let her borrow our Liahona and she loved it. This Sunday we fasted with her to find a way to come to church, she works on Sundays. She really has the desire to be better and be baptized. She sees so many bad things in the world and wants a better life. We are about half way through the commandments with her. We see her every Friday and she always makes us some food.

She has a crazy past and we have a lot to help her through but I think she is very humble because of all she has been through. You know how Ive though about being a psychologist. Well Im practicing now too on the mission. I can´t even explain to you what people tell us. Well I guess this is the best way to explain, EVERYTHING! I know way to much about some of the people we teach. One lady just cries through every visit because she is here all by herself working. Her family is in Peru and her husband doesn´t work. She is here to provide for her family. We find moms her by themselves ALL the time. ITs so sad! They miss their kids terribly.

Oh this week another random thing happened. While we were visiting one of our investigators the Elders knocked the building. When we finished they came and got us. They told us they found someone to teach but they couldn´t go in because it was a German women by herself. The four of us together taught her lesson one really quickly because it was late. She speaks Spanish, English, French like five languages or something. Anyways she was an amazing person, so smart. She wants us to come back next Tuesday. During the lesson she stopped us and just looked at us for a while. We asked her if she had a question and she said no Im just admiring you. She couldn´t believe that we were here at such a young age for so long in Spain where she was sure no one was going to listen to us. Elder Hatch was like well thats why we are here with you because your going to listen, she jsut started laughing. It was nice to have at least one person here recognize what we are doing. Im excited to teach her again.

Okay and to end the letter Im going to tell you a funny story...YES! Guess what its about firefighters. The other day we were walking home down some stairs and we ran into 5 firefighters WALKING up the stairs. When we got to the bottom of the stairs we found two more in a HUGE fire truck and a policeman. It seemed like something big happened because there were so many people there but because the fireman were walking it couldn´t have been that big of an emergency. As we started walking down the road we found some people talking about it . An older lady asked what happened and she said someone locked their keys in their piso. I just busted up laughing and I was wishing so bad that DAd would have been there to see it. I would have laughed even harder if I would have seen Dad´s veins popping outside of his head. Anyways once again I really hope I don´t have an emergency while Im here. Well I want to write brother a quick note so Im going to end early. I love you all so much. Thank you for your letters, prayers, and love. Have a wonderful week!

Love, Em (Hermana Gogarty)

Logan - Valencia Week 3


Great letter nice and short! I havent gotten any mail ffrom anyone and I dont expect to we stopped checking. The last time we saw somthing in the box we opened it and it was spam to burger king.

A few intresting things this week...Cars box other cars in and then leave their cars in neutral so if you need to get out you just push their car out of the way. I saw a bmw just roll down the street into a trash can after someone pushed it out of the way. Its pretty wild we always help pèople move cars so they can pull out.

We ride the metro everyday and I want to still be better then all of you when I get back in the river so I surf the metro. I dont hold on to any rails and just use my core to balance muscles. Believe it or not I was sore after the first few times but I really think it will help keep my balance in tune.

This week we ate at a real spainards house. He lived out on a orange farm and he is the Patriarch of the ward. We went out and ate Pealla with him its ike rice and meat with his really common out here. WE walked around his house and he pointed some things out liek his small rabbnit farm. For us he butchered one of the rabbits and we ate it in our paella. It was actually really good rabbit is much better then chicken a lot more tender. It was a great meal.

WE actaully got fed everyday last week. I had foods from argentina, chile, bolivia, and Spain. Quite a variety everything was good besides Chiles fried milk. It was horrible I had to take bit bites and swallow. Its like rotten eggs with some syrup over it. Anyways they had a crazy little dog locked up and it somehow got out durning dinner and jumped like three feet in the air and bit Elder Hansen. I was Taking a drink right as I heard him scream and it came out my nose. It was pretty funny.

First near fight also happened this week we were walking and some punk rode up on a bike behind us and said What will you do if I punch you in the face and Me and Elder Hansen look at him and I said Punch you right back. Then he kept riding and he said somthing and I said COMO and he stopped again and I remebered who I was, and said Were Representitives of Jesus Christ and we have a message for you. Then a cop came by and the kid rode off. I am glad we were able to not hurt him especially since a cop would have seen it. Lots of stories sorrry.

I am glad to hear you are surfing with everyone that sounds like a lot of fun. When I get back that will be on the to do list. I would like it if you could look up some activites to do here in Valencia if you dont mind. Google it and just look up some stuff we could do on P-days. Also I sent my card home you guys should make a movie on moms camera with my card before you send it back so I can watch it on my camera. Just say Hi or somthing. Keep shooting my surfing storeis I love it.

THe park by my piso isent to nice but we run to one in the mornings thats really pretty I ll take some pictures. The work is going well this week we took pictures of us in the piso making it look like we couldnt cook with flames coming out of the grill and then another pic with us looking hungry eating justa few peas and looking in cans and boxes for food, then we put those pictures on the pass along calender for church so we make sure to get fed. Its worked out really well so far. We also take brownies to people that we want to be fed by and we leave our plates with them so they say oh lets set up a date where you can come get this plate and eat , its genius.

Neloson will be getting baptized in 3 weeks and I cant wiat. He is from Venezula and is great. He takes notes in church. We are also Teach a couple but they need to get marred before we can baptized them. I am out of time but Love you all!

Elder G