Monday, May 25, 2009

Logan - Lorca Week 20


Tahnks Jenny, Ashley, and mom for your letters

Please send your cali pics on the xd card. I can send you my card empty if you need a new card. I hope all the pictures from the cd loaded ok onto the computer.

Jess and Nick happy anniversary!

Well this week has gone well. We had a baptism of a 17 yr old that we have been teaching and my favorite part of baptisms is when the converts testify after. We now have 6 kids under the age of 18 that have been baptized and come to church. Their parents are not members and dont encourage their participation in the Gospel. I am impressd by the strength of their testimonies and weekly attendance at church. I think of kids that have had mormon backround getting drug to church and then compare them with these convert kids that have recieved a witness sufficent enough to do whats right even though its getting harder and harder and without the help of parents. This saturday we will be having the baptism of a 14 yr and hopefully he will lead the way for the rest of the family as well. the mom has already quite smoking.
As for the spanish investigators they are about the same. TThey make really good freinds but not investigators. I have or am starting to figure them out a lot better but its hard because they are stuburn. I am very blunt and bold and most them know its true but wont humble themselves unto baptism. I did have a great experiance while teaching a spanish couple this week and I really felt almost a mantle come over me. I felt the Holy ghost very strong and testified and for a few minutes I didnt even feel like I was speaking or thinking. Its hard to explain but I know it was the holy ghost and that the Couple felt it.
On the way to that cita I spoke with a German man that was headed to New Jersery and was mad when I told him it was far from california. They man looked like crocadile dundee and informed me he had a gun in his bag. We got off on the next stop and I gave him to chapstick to eat because he didnt have any food. It was kind of crazy.
Ok well not much else to say I love the people here and I feel like I am at home. The members have become really good friends and I feel a part of the family. If anyone has ideas for the fmaily home evening games we could play that would be helpful. a group of 10 usually we have.

Love you all
Elder G

Mom why do you have facebook! thats weird. lol

Emily - Vigo Week 21


Hello Everyone that I love...
I got a lot of letters today and it was so awesome. Lets see I have letters from mom, sister Jess, Ashley, brother and oh I cant forget the email that comes EVERY week from my pops. I loved the pics. Mom... oh Brenna is so darn cute. Im going to squeeze her so hard. Anyways thank you for all the wonderful letters. Its so nice to hear from everyone and know what is going on.
My favorite class yesterday was Gospel Principles. We just got a new teacher and she is wonderful. Her husband taught before and didnt do a bad job but it was like he knew all the information too well. His wife I think is very nervous and prepares herself very well every Sunday. After class on yesterday I went up to her and said I know this class is for the investigators but I want you to know that I really enjoy what you teach. She teaches stuff that we teach everyday in the field but she really brings a special spirit into the class. I told her thank you with all of my heart and I hope she understands I really mean it. I think she did because she was almost in tears. I know it doesnt really matter where we serve but how we serve. Ive realized that a lot on my mission.
Well we got fiared not joking like ten times this week. That means that our investigators or new people we had appointments with werent home for the visit. That was really frustrating but we did see a lot of miracles although it didnt show in our numbers. On Wednesday we were knocking with a new DVD we have called Finding Happiness. We had knocked for about ten days with out getting in at all. To help you realize how much of a miracle it was that we got in somewhere I will further explain that I can count on one hand how many times I have gotten into someones house while knocking. Anyways after getting fiared again we went to a close by building to knock. I timbred every house and no one wanted anything but then before I timbred the last piso I felt something and had a this little thought that who ever lived there was going to let us in. Two kids came running down the stairs and I asked if their parents were home. They told me that only their Grandma was with them. I felt disappointed at first but then the Grandma came out of the house and I talked with her a little bit. They are from Brasil and the kids were so excited to see us. They were familiar to me somehow. We told them that we had a DVD we wanted to share and the kids were like Vamos and they ran up the stairs and expected us to follow. We had a fabulous visit with them. The kids were like 13 and 10 but they acted like adults. They had really good questions and they understood really well everything we taught. The Grandma enjoyed the lesson a lot too. I taught about the power of prayer and how it can unite families. I explained the experience we had years ago when the car broke down and we prayed. I remember Coby trying to start the car after dad had tried a million times and on the first try he started it. There was no doubt in my mind that the car would start after we prayed. I wish I could have the faith that I had when I was younger. Thank you mom and dad for teaching me how to pray. Its helped me so much in the mission. The Grandma loved the story and told us she believes in miracles too. The boy prayed at the end and offered such a sweet prayer. He prayed for everyone it was so cute. I cant wait to meet with them again.
Oh ya my package got here, thank you soooo much. I actually put makeup on the last couple of days and it was weird. I have already watched the videos and looked at the pictures like 5 million times, you can ask my companion. I gave the scriptures to Ricky and he was very appreciative. The family that helped me get the package moved on Saturday, I was kind of bummed. We went up to their piso and helped. They live on like the fourth floor with out an elevator. My legs and arms were a little sore but it felt good to do some service and exercise other than walking 10 miles a day.
Its raining AGAIN!!!!!! Actually I dont think it ever stopped. Since my new companion got here I think we have had two partial days of sun. Its the end of May! I really cant believe its still pouring everyday. Im NOT going to miss the rain at all that is for sure. I hope none of my siblings every live in a place where it rains a lot because I will not visit them....sorry.
Ive become pretty good friends with the couple that own the chuche store. I think Ive told you about them. She asked me about a blue book one day and I was able to bear her my testimony of the BOM. She doesnt have any friends her and has really enjoyed us stopping by to visit with her every once in a while. She has a list of questions that she wants us to answer about what happens after death and what are the signs of the second coming. I really enjoy visiting with her and her husband. Yesterday we were able to get a visit set up with them. I told her that I would like to teach somewhere other than the store so its a little more tranquilo. She needs to be in a place where she can feel the spirit. At least for now we have helped her become more interested. Im really excited to teach her and her husband. The only problem is they work on Sundays like everyone else here. We truly have to first live the commandment through faith. Then as our testimony grows in that commandment and we see blessings we are more easily able to live it and we have the desire to live it.
Well I went on long enough. I sure love you and appreciate you all. The church is true.
The Sister

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Logan - Lorca Week 19


Well I bought a pair of glasses and lets just say they werent the cheapest ones in the store. Keep in mind that I was thinking of you guys laying on the beautiful beaches of Cali and Dad in the nice cool water shredding waves....without me. So that was in mind durning the purchase and I dont feel too bad about it lol. They help a lot though and have made me think twice before fighting anyone in the street for fear of breaking them. SO they do have their upsides.
As for the way of missionary work, this week went well. We were knocking doors and suprsingly got in with a Spanish man who was a retired Doctor. We had a lot to talk about and then he shared with me that he knows there is a God by the observations and studies hes done on and about the human body. It was nice to talk to him and exciting being hes spanish. I hope that he will progress but they have a very hard time letting go of the ¨false traditions of their fathers.¨ Its been such an amazing experience to be set apart and given authrotity to teach the restoration. You really do feel so much power durning the lessons and it helps you to keep going and know for yourself that its true.
This week we will be going to Valencia for Zone confrence and we will have two General Authroities there. I am excitited to get a little spiritual fuel so to say. Im very tired right now. I am also perhaps too comfortable here in Lorca. Usually the misison is trying to adjust and get to know people but here I have gotten over that a while ago and now its kind of making things seem to go a little slower because there is maybe not enough change. After Church I just stand by the door and as the members and investigators are leaving they find me to set up citas for the week. It makes things very nice and effective but I dunno I am kind of ready for a lil change. Which is not good because I ll probly be here another 6 weeks. I will be sad to leave a lot of people they are like family. I have replacement brothers, grandparents, parents etc.
I have been enjoying a memeber that has been studying with me when we visit him and I have learned a lot. He is a very smart man and translates a lot of things from hebrew and greek which really helps me understand. Its has been fun talking to him and learning from him. He always gives amazing Priesthood lessons too.
Well everything else is going well I m enjoying my companion and the area minus the heat which was 104 yesterday (the jacket rule is still on) I think President has forgot or somthing I hope he forgot because there would be no other logical explination. Maybe its like a zions camp thing I dont know, I cant phtaom it and I try not to think about it. I love you guys very much and am glad you had a good cali trip. I want to the pics soon! I sent a cd of my pics instead of my card so put them on the computer and then let me know so I can claer my card and send it to you. Hve a great week


Emily - Vigo Week 20


Hello Everyone that I love....
Wow I sure hope that this letter makes sense. My head is REALLY confused right now. Ive been kind of disappointed at how hard it was for me to flip back to full on Spanish. Luckily it only took me 3-4 days to get back on track. Im grateful to have a native for the finish.
Her name is H. Maquieira and she is from Uruguay but has lived here for about 5 years. She is older because she had to wait for her papers here in Spain before she could turn her mission papers in. She is very kind and patient and will be the perfect companion to finish with. She is calm but hard working, my favorite type.
We had some really neat experiences this week. Like always I can only tell a few of them until I get home and then I will bust out my journal and have a good chat with you all. We found a lot of people this week that had contact with the missionaries YEARS ago. They told us that we are good people but they are Catolica. They invited us in and we had a nice visit with them. Its hard on the mission to LOVE people so so so much and watch them not accept the truth because of tradition.
We kind of got out of the city this week and knocked some houses. I really felt like we were guided there because we usually always stay in the city and where we found these women was kind of random. It was like Heavenly Father sent us to them to remind them.
The greatest miracle of this week is that Hugo came to church. He is the non member father of the daughter that will be sealed this week. I fasted for him a couple Sundays ago and Ive been praying for him. I can tell that he really wants to learn and change but he is afraid to let go of his old life. He started smoking and drinking when he had 14 years old. We ran into his daughter and son in law a couple days ago. I asked them what they thought of the lesson and what her dad said. She said that they had talked to them about eternal marriage right before we came because of some questions they had and then we came and retaught and said everything they had just talked about. I felt SO guided in that lesson. It was a miracle to see him at church and his family was so excited. He told Karina and Karina told me that he wants another lesson and he is going to teach me how to make something too because I taught him brownies last time. I told him that my mom wants me to come home with some new recipes.
We visited Vitoria again this week. She is the wife of an Evangelica pastor. She is truly a Christian. She invited us again to go help serve at the homeless shelter. We had a good time and found some members again, that always hurts. I think we need to talk to Vitoria because we enjoy going to help but I think it could seem like we are going for other reasons. We always find like a less active, members, or people from their church that want to know more about us. The center is sponsored but their church so its kind of weird when we go and find people for our church. I love the people that we work with and I wish we could just all join together. They are good good people and Ive enjoyed getting to know them but I dont want to cause any problems either.
Miracles do happen even in the smallest ways. I think its hard to not look for the big ones but its been through the little ones that Ive realized how much Heavenly Father loves me personally and watches over me. Im so grateful for the gospel in my life. Im grateful for each one of you. Thank you for your prayers and love.
The Sister

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Emily - Vigo Week 19


Hello My Family....HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPS and Happy Mothers Day again Mom!!!! Lets see it is 4 in the morning there and that means that in one hour you will be on your way to CAli. I hope you have a nice time together. I think brother and I can understand a beach trip for your birthday but the other 5 million were uncalled for. You owe Logan and I a lot of trips. Im sure that doesnt bother you though. Oh it was unbelievably wonderful talking to you. I have so many things on my mind and it felt good to discuss some of them. Mom and I think so much alike but Dad and I do too. You both help me in totally different ways. I love you so much. It was also good to talk to my brothers and sisters. You are my dearest friends and its fun that all of us are around the same age now. It was also fun to talk to brother in Spanish un poco. We are totally going to use that against you when we are together again. Right brother?Grandma said in her last letter that her and Grandpa will be good listeners for me when I get home and Im counting on that. I only touched the surface of all the things that are on my mind. Im grateful for so many wonderful people in my family.The greatest experience of the week for me was running into my dear friend Ana. I dont know if you have noticed that I stopped talking about her. We lost contact with her and havent seen her in about two months. Well as we were walking down the street we "happened" to run into her yesterday. I gave her a big hug and could tell she didnt seem very happy. She was practically crying as we talked to her and hugged her. I think she was having a really bad day and Heavenly Father sent us to her. It was so good to see her. What was even better is that we happened to be with a member that lives close to her and she invited her to church. She even told her that they would like to walk with her. After we left Ana she even agreed to helping us in visits with her. It was a miracle in more ways than one. A couple weeks ago we talked to a man in the street from Cambodia who was an inactive member. He gave us his address but we werent able to find it when we went to look for him. Well this week we "happened" to run into him and we got his correct address. He seemed to be wondering why we never came by. He also told us that he looked for the church and couldnt find it. Hopefully we will be able to find him and help him get back to church. H. Rudder is leaving me tomorrow and my new companion will come tonight. She is a native so I will be able to really get my Spanish down before I come home. Hopefully we get along well being with someone 24 hours a day can be very interesting. Luckily H. Rudder and I have gotten along really well. I counted the other day and all together we have been non stop together for 3024 hours, Crazy!We had district conference yesterday which is like stake conference. It was sooo good to see everyone from A coruna especially the girls. The whole YW´s group ran up to me afterwards and gave me hugs. A young sister gave her testimony who just got home from the mission and is now pregnant and married all in a matter of like 8 months. I think she was married two months after she got home. Anways we were up on the stand because we sang in the choir and Pres. Justino this really funny guy who is a counselor to Pres. DuVall patted us on the back and said in english "be careful girls" and then just laughed his head off. Then we started laughing and all of us were on the stand it was pretty funny. I got teased so much yesterday about getting married and having babies. I should have never told anyone when I was going home. Oh I wonder what it will be like in my own stake. Mom and Dad you should tell everyone Im coming home later and then I can just hide out for a while. Well I better get going. I love you all so much. In my prayers recently I have just been thanking my Heavenly Father so much for my family. Oh sometimes its hard to love you all so much. Im so grateful to know that because of the restoration the authority is on the earth for families to be sealed together forever. I love you!Love,The Sister

Logan - Lorca Week 18


Thanks Jenny, Mom, Jessica, and Jordan for the letters they were much appreciated. Happy Birthday Dad! Well the week has been going well and I have been enjoying the new companion and pretty much everything minus the heat. We have a lot of investigators progressing and should have a few baptisms at the end of this week and next. The work is going well here and I feel bery comfortable which is nice. This morning we rented bikes and zipped through the town which was really fun. We were busting wheelies front and back and just riding fast through the little spanish streets which was really fun. At one point we had to out run a man in a yellow vest. I hope it was just a bum that had a yellow vest and not a police man. A lot of times the bums find these yellow vests and they back up cars and stuff and everyone pays them. Well I really dont have much to say I had a great time talking to everyone and it really felt good to remember I have a family that loves me. You sometimes forget that on the mission. It seems like you guys are almost a dream from the past and I have and always will be doing this. So it was nice in a way to remember that I will come home someday lol. Well everything is going great I love you all and have a great week Love The brother

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Logan - Lorca Week 17


Thanks Mom for your letter this week I am always looking foward to them. I also got the packe and used the tripod today, I will send pics.

Well I dont have a lot of time but this week we had a next experiance with a 17yr old kid we are teaching. We taught him the first and we have a goal of talking about baptism in every apt. so that was brought up and mentioned. Then in the sencond apt. I asked him before we started if he had quesitons and how he liked his reading. He told us I know its true I want to be a member. Its amzing how valid the promise is in Moronia I have a lot of trust in it and Faith that God does answer prayers. Lots of other amazing things are happeneing but there it no time to write it all.
Things are goign well with the new comp we get a long great and thats a nice change. Its nice not having to work so hard at getting along with people. We get along naturally well and it makes things funner and easier. Today we were goign to go play raquet ball but then I remembered how Dad met Mom and I thought maybe we d better not lol. jk but instead we climbed the biggest mountin that we could find. I have been eyeing it since i got here but no one would come with me untill now. We got up early this morning and it took two hours to climb it. When we got to the top we flew our cheap kites off the very top. Then we just put out towels on top a weather station and layed out in the sun. It was a good day and I ll be excited to do things like that with my wife instead of another man. I am excited to talk to you next week I hope emily dosent steal all the time you can call me at 637 460 772. If the reception is bad I ll give you another number to call. Just to give you a weather update its 38 grados or 100 degrees and we still have a the jacket rule on. I just keep telling my Hijo (Welcome to the mission) Lol Love you all have a great week


Emily - Vigo Week 18


Hi Family...
Well to start off I need to apologize to my pops. I thought you would understand that I was using that line to get some more letters and it worked. I would hope that you understand and dont even question how much your letters mean to me. With out fail you send me a letter every week and that brings me a lot of comfort. Dad your letters have helped me more than you will ever understand. Mom has been so good about her weekly snail letter. I love hearing your different views of the week. I love you both so much.
I had one of the best experiences of my mission this week. A part family invited us over to teach about eternal families. The daughter was just married, both converts to the church and will be sealed next month. The father is not a member said he would listen if we taught him how to make brownies. I was nervous sick about the lesson because we were teaching such a long range of people. There was also a less active Grandma present and her non member daughter. Anyways its kind of a fuerte tema for that kind of group. We started making the brownies and I for sure had a headache after trying to make brownies in a tiny kitchen, with 15 people all speaking Spanish. Luckily they turned out and as we waited for them to cool off we started the lesson. I felt very guided in what to say. We first did a little repaso of the first to explain how we the authority was restored do that marriage for eternity is possible. I felt such a strong spirit as I always do when I shared the first vision looking into the eyes of aobut 10 people. We explained that to be married for eternity we need someone with the authority, a place and we need to be worthy. At the end of the whole lesson I told them that about 28 years ago my parents entered the temple to be married. They were worthy, they went to a temple and a man with the authority sealed them together forever. I tried so hard to control my emotions and usually I can but I lost it. I testified to them that I know no matter what happens that I will be with the ones I love forever if I live worthy. The lesson just flowed right out of my mouth. There was hardly a dry eye in the room. I fasted for the Dad yesterday. He was so good to us and I pray we can continue teaching him. I testified that its possible for all people to live worthy to enter the house of the Lord and have an eternal family. I know its possible for everyone because God loves ALL of His children. Mom and Dad I felt a very strong appreciation for you and the decision you made years ago to be married in the temple. I love you both so much and Im thankful to be a part of our family.
On Saturday morning we went to a homeless shelter to help serve food. One of our new investigators invited us. I loved it! We wet so many awesone people that were there to help. One lady even gave us her phone number so she can teach us how to make some things from her country. Everyone was so good to us trying to speak to us in english. We had a great time and it was nice to just be with good people that were trying to do some good.
Sunday there was a couple from the US visiting. I sat by the wife in RS and she looks kind of like Jess. She has a little girl and is pregnant. It was so weird to hear a little family talking in english. I loved sitting by her and I tried to imagine that it was just Jess and I sitting in class together. I tried to translate for her but I have realized every time I do translate that there are a lot of words that I dont know in english. I know what the word means but I dont know how to explain it. Translating is really weird. Anways her and I had a good time together. Everyone thought I was talking about the lesson and really we were just having a nice chat.
Well of course there are so many more details to share but Im out of time. I love you all so much!
The Sister
ps I got emails from the best pops in the world and my wonderful grandparents. This week I got letters from my beautiful Mom, my crazy brother, and my dear sister Jess. I loved every single one. Thank you so much.