Monday, April 28, 2008

Emily - Santander Week 6

Hello Everyone That I love:
First things first after e-mail last Monday I went home and checked my box and I had a letter from Mom and Sister Yates. I loved the pictures of Sister´s party. Ah I still can´t believe that you are 16! Also I got a letter from mom on the 25th, it only took like four days to get here.

You asked about my companion. She is from Hurricane, UT and she goes home in six weeks. So I guess some pretty big news is that I finished my first transfer yesterday. I can´t really believe it. I have six more weeks with my trainer and then she goes home. Then another hermana will come and we will be here for two transfers together. President made it sound like after that I should be feeling pretty confident and ready to start in another city.

President and Sister DuVall came yesterday to church, it was a surprise. We don´t have a stake in Northern Spain so President DuVall is more than just a mission President, he has a lot to take care of. Anyways they changed our branch presidency. Our new branch pres. was the very 1st member in northern Spain and he has already been pres. twice. He is a good guy and really wants to see our branch become a ward. I would like to see that too. Hopefully he will really help the missionaries with the work. After church was over President and Sister DuVall visited with us for a while. We talked to them about one of our investigators that we need help with.

Remember Edna that lady I told you about that has a lot of problems. Well last week we challenged her to pray about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. On Friday we went to her house for a visit. We asked her how her reading and praying had gone through out the week. She told us that she enjoys reading the BofM because its easier for her to understand. We asked her if she had prayed about it and she told us that she believes Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the Book of Mormon is scripture. It was amazing and she is actually a really neat lady. I´m just a little bit worried about what things she has to overcome. She has a problem with almost every commandment. Her past is insane but she has changed a lot from how whe use to be. I hope that we can help her prepare for baptism. I know its possible but she just has to have a strong enough desire.

Remember the lady Toni that I´ve told you about. She taught us how to knit and so I´ve been making a scarf. She also teaches us how to make a Spanish meal every time we come over, its great. She kind of reminds me of you Mom. She treats us so kindly every time we come over. She feeds us like mad and then sends us home with a bunch of food. We brought her chocolate chip cookie dough and she loved it. She asked us a couple of questions last time we went over about what we teach. She is interested in us and our lives and so she is starting to ask questions. Little by little I think she will let us teach her. She really is amazing and she is a blessing. I look forward to going and seeing her every week. A couple weeks ago she found out that we were both sick and we didn´t call her, she was really mad.

A couple days ago the Elders almost got into a fight. The kids here are punks. They hang out in large groups smoking, drinking and swearing. They spit their gum out and throw their trash where ever they want. You can see in the morning where they were exactly because there is trash all over and big wads of gum all over the ground. They have no respect for anything and all the older people here talk about it all the time. I think they hate themselves because their parents don´t like them. Most people here have a dog instead of a child. The government is starting to pay people to have kids because the people that are immigrating here are taking over Spain. All of the older people here are from Spain but everyone else is from everywhere but Spain.

Anways this group of kids started yelling stuff at the Elders, which happens all day they said. But I guess one of the kids in this group jumped on Elder Kofe´s back and was trying to slam his head down. I don´t know what this kid was thinking Elder Kofe is a huge Tongan. The kid kept pushing him from behind and they just kept walking. Elder Kofe was going crazy because his culture is all about respect and he wanted to just pound the kid. Finally he turned around and started walking towards him and the kid ran and came back. Elder Kofe tried to just shake his hand and the kid just kept slapping his hand. So I guess the Elders just walked off. Like ten minutes later this guy came up to him and was like I saw what you did, I´m really impressed that you didn´t jsut take that kid out. He also told them that he called the police. I´m really proud of the Elders for not beating the crap out of that kid even though I kind of wish they did but I know it wouldn´t have done any good. Elder Kofe goes to Bilbao on Wednesday and we get another greeny. Then Elder Hatch and Hermana LeBaron go home together.

On Sunday after church we went to a home of two single women in the ward. They have us over every other week. They told us their history with the church and when they were baptized. There are a lot of good women here in Spain that aren´t married because there aren´t very many men. One of them has lost a little boy and the other has lost all her family. Its jsut the two of them here is Spain together. One is from Ecuador and the other from Columbia. AS they were talking to us and telling us their stories I was in awa at how strong they are and how blessed I am to have all of you.

We were born and raised in a country where we can work, make a living, have a home and a family. I have all of you that love me and that I´m sealed to for eternity. I love you all so much and I´m so thankful that the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored. We have a prophet who holds all the keys of the priesthood. WE have temples where we can make sacred covenants and be sealed to our families forever. I love each one of you with all my heart.

I have a couple questions. I´m wondering when I should call exactly. Is Logan calling? If he is calling, what time is he calling? Also, what time do you have church? I can´t wait to visit with you I think we only have two weeks until I call. Mom remember before I left when we were talking about when I would call for Mother´s day. Can you believe that is already happening?

Okay my time is up! Dad thank you for your letter as always. I´m excited to read your talk. Slam Them...Yahhhhhh! Thats what I like to hear. Your wonderful and you have a wonderful wife. Sisters: Sarah where the crap are you? I haven´t heard from you in a while and I think its because you started dating, that is NOT okay. I love you and I need to know everything that is going on. Jess- how are you? Did you know that your having a baby in two months? I love you! Coby- haven´t heard from you either you piece of crap. I bet there is a letter in the mail for me fromy you. Brother Logan- President Hill totally eats like Grandpa Gogarty. I noticed that too, its crazy they are alike in a lot of ways. You should give President Hill some almonds and see how he eats them or popcorn. I love you brother and I´m so proud of you. Thank you for being so strong. I´m so glad we get to do this together. Okay I really better go now, I love you all with all my heart! I miss you too!

Love, Em(Hermana Gogarty)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Logan - Madrid MTC Week 3


Happy B-day Grandpa I hope everything is going well for you! I think of you and Grandma a lot because my mission president and his wife remind me a lot of you guys. Its nice to have Grandparents all the way across the ocean. I recieved letters from Mom and Emily this week.

Ok well I am excited to hear that my stocks are doing well continue to keep me posted on thatplease . I also got a kick our of the lake story Dad I know where I get my rebelioussness from. I think you are worse then I am! If we would have grown up togther I imagine we would have got into quite a bit of trouble.

Its good to hear whats going on back home and I am glad Grandpa Layton is doing so well. This week we had Russian Elders come into the CCM for a few days because they got kicked out of the county and they had to rennew their visas, Apparently it happens every 4 months! pretty expesive solution to be flying them all here for a few days. It was cool anyways though on sunday we sing on the temple grounds and we Sang I am a Child of God and each verse we did in a different Language! We had russian, French, Spanish, and English I felt the Spirit Strongly and really enjoyed it.

Every meal I tell stories of my life growing up, no one believes my stories and I tell them I am Irish so I do tend to strech them a bit but everything is in fact true! I told them about biking in St george with you dad and laying out on the cold rocks snuggling. I told them that I wasn't that worried untill you started screaming help out of the blue it was pretty funny everyone had a good laugh. I am glad we were able to make it out of there alive and I am also greatful for the power of prayer. I had quite the different up bringing then most the elders here.

This week we went to the Park again and I was paired with an elder thats been out as long as I have, It was intresting we taught a few people but it was raining really bad. One of the sisters in our District was not feeling well this week and we were able to give her a blessing. What an amazing experiance and privlage we have as priesthood holders to act in Jesus Christ name and heal the sick acoording to our faith. As we gave the blessing I felt the Holy Ghost burning inside. I am greatfull to have this authority to continue Jesus Christ CHurch on this earth.

I loved the piictures You sent the fire looked crazy, snding pictures is always good. I laughed when I read about emilys fan blowing up cause I was over on weight then i get here plug in my converter then the fan and boom its done I was like cool that was and 80 fan ! after paying more to ship my bags oh well i guess I should have warned emily lol !

I have been deeply studying Jesus The Christ I have learned so much its incredible! It seems like sometimes we just glaze over all the details so its awesome to learn so much and really understand what Christ did while he was here. The Spanish is coming it gets better everyday my english gets worse everyday. Time really flys while you are here. My Cmpanion is a cool guy Elder Malit he is great we work well togther. I love you all! Emily Kepp up the good work I know your doing well!

Elder Gogarty

Monday, April 21, 2008

Emily - Santander Week 5


Hello Everyone that I love....
Well right now I´m really mad because I just wrote an e-mail for an hour and LDS mail logged me out. I lost the whole thing, I´m so mad right now. I will try and remember everything that I said. Grandma Gogarty I got your letter, I loved everything that you said thank you so much. I hope that you can figure out what is causing those allergic reactions. I´m also excited about your new pita frenzy. I can´t wait to sit down with you and Grandpa for a pita when I come home. I love you both so much. I got a letter from the Heath´s could you please tell them thank you for me.

I can´t explain to you how excited I am to talk to you in 20 days. Dad is totally confused like usual. He thinks that I´m calling him for his birthday, mom probably told him that to make him feel better when he was being a poop. To set the record straight I am calling for Mother´s day and if I have some extra time I will talk to the rest of you. Just kidding I can´t wait to talk to each one of you including the pops. I´m so glad that Jess is going to be there.

Dad don´t start worrying about the cost I already have a great plan. We have a friend whose name is Renata and she is from Brazil. Her boyfriend lives in CA and so she has a program on her computer to make phone calls to the US and it only costs like two cents a minute. She said we are more than welcome to come over and use it. So we go to church from 10-1 and then we will probably head over there. What time is Logan calling? Oh ya PLAN on me CRYING...sorry!

Mom a little while ago you aske me in a letter what my favorite scripture is. I have to say that is a pretty hard question. My favorite changes a lot because you rely so much on the scriptures. But for my overall mission I would have to choose Mosiah 2:21. I read that scripture on the plane while I was looking out the window and all I could see was ocean. I was freaking out a little bit because I couldn´t believe what I got myself into and of course I was freaking out because I knew I was going to be in a plane for like 9 hours. Everyone knows how much I like flying. Part of the verse says something about being supported from point to another or something like that. Anyways I love that verse and as I read it I knew that I was going to be protected and watched over during my misison. What is your favorite scripture Mom?On

Saturday night we went to the CO families house for dinner. It was so nice to just visit in English and say what ever I wanted to. Don´t worry Dad they are actually from a town close to Boulder, so they are normal. I think I talked the entire time we were there. I was throwning jokes out right and left, it was so nice to just be myself. I think the funniest thing that happened was when the wife told us she blew up her 100 dollar straightner their first day there. I remembered why they are here and its because her husband is an electrical engineer. I was like okay so let me get this straght your wife didn´t know that the voltage is different here and you are here because you are an electrical engineer. Everyone started laughing and the Dad was like ya I guess I told all the kids not to plug anything in but I forgot to tell the wife. It was pretty funny all of us had a good time just visiting and eating normal food. I think we are going to go to the grocery store with the wife one day to help her figure everything out.

I´ve had some really neat experiences this week during our lessons. We haven´t had anyone say that they want to get baptized or anything but I remember dad reading something to me out of chapter one in PMG about being a successful miss. It said that you know your are being successful if you can feel the Spirit testify through you. I´ve really tried to focus on that this week and the Spirit has overwhelmed me as I have testified during the lessons.

WE met with someone named Pablo this week, he is friends with some people in the branch. I was told that he doesn´t want to hear anything about the Book of Mormon or Joseph Smith. But there isn´t any reason for us to go over there if thats the case. As we taught the lesson I tried to pretend like I didn´t know that about him. When I started teaching about Joseph Smith he had this little smile on his face, like he was going to start laughing and tell me that he had heard this before and he didn´t want to hear it again. I just ignored the look and started testifying. The Spanish was flowing out of my mouth and I think its the most I´ve spoken in Spanish since I´ve been out. I told him that Joseph Smith did in fact see Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father and that the church was restored through him. He was given Priesthood authority to be the Prophet and we have a Prophet today who holds that same Priesthood power. We have the truth, we have a Prophet and 12 apostles. Our church is the same church that Jesus Christ established while he was on the earth. I watched Pablo´s countenance change as he felt the Spirit testify to him. He finally committed to opening the Book of Mormon and reading it.

On Sunday the Elders spoke and the Branch President had me bear my testimony because there wasn´t a third speaker. Then I went to primary for the next two hours with the CO families oldest daughter to translate for her. It was really fun we just visited about whatever we wanted to for two hours and everyone thought I was translating their lesson. It was one of the best Sundays because I didn´t have to sit in the crazy class that I think I´ve already told you about.

Well I don´t know if I got everything in this letter that was in the last one. But most importantly I want you to know that I love you, I pray for you and I can feel the Spirit everyday as I testify everyday. I know this is the true church and I´m so thankful to be a representative of Jesus Christ and His church.I can´t wait to hear your voices, I love you!

Love,EM (Hermana Gogarty)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Logan - Madrid MTC Week 2

Well, all is well here I sleep much better I think this is my schedule back home before I left so it works out nicely. the MTC here is great I got moms letter with emilys old letter it was good to hear from her. I wrote Emily today via email. The food is good my district is fun. My comp is good Elder Malit. Spanish is coming I do get frustrated from time to time but everythings great. I am glad to hear Grandpa is doing better he was actually in one of my dreams last night I am constantly having pretty wild dreams. Its almost like I have another life at night.

Today we went through the temple and while I was in the Celestial room I saw the whole family there I love our family and I am glad I get to live here on this Earth with you guys. I also had the idea of maybe starting a church High School. I dunno kind of like the MTC with less studying a private school. Singing and Prayers before starting and The teachers using the Holy Ghost to teach and the Kids to learn. It was just and idea that kind of struck me.

My letters will not get any less random... Sorry, I dont have time to use good form. We went to the Park last saturday and it was amazing I handed out a Book of Mormon and testified to a few people. The holy Ghost prompted me on who to talk to and what to say. People would kind of light up as I was walking and I would just know that they needed to hear what I had to say. It was a pretty amazing experiance.

You go to the Park with an older Comp that supposedly knows more spanish but unfourtanetly that was not the case. My older comp just listened the whole time and wasent much help. I am greatful for the job at the buckle I have learned a way with people and it helps a lot. I am also greatful for the strong witness I have had. I bore testimony and I could see that they felt what I was saying if that makes sense.

I also Bore testimony in our sacrament meeting and a Hermana came up after and said you are a powerful speaker and I said thats not me speaking. I feel like I am learning spanish to learn humility it is not easy I cant imagine what Jess went through. Ether 12:26 comes to mind check that one out. I cant wait to get to the field I cant wait to teach people. I have 5 weeks here that seems like a lot but at least I am learning a lot everyday.

Love, Elder Gogarty

So a lady came to cut hair today and she was stationed out of the girls bathroom: first warning of not getting your hair cut. They had asked me earler in the week and I said no but since they kept asking me I took the hint that I needed one. I go in and expect someone that actually cuts hair. It happens to be one of my teachers. Oh Joy! lol so she is speaking in spanish I say poquito and so she kind of trims it. Then she just starts hacking and the whole time I am thinking she is going to cut my ear off. Right as I am thinking that, she says no worry I won't cut you. I am like ya sure.. Anyways she did a terrible job. I didn't dare ask her how many haircuts she'd give because I knew I was in the top 10, and thats somthing you don't want to be in the top 10 for.

We walked down to the Mall today and some of the elder that went with me drove me nuts they want to be all grumpy and grown up and were still 19 obvioulsy there is a line but mine is in a much different spot. One of the elders got on a lil fake motorcycle you put a euro in and it rocks and the other elder was like hey thats not appropriate. I was just like come on. If I am stuck with someone like that in the field I am going to let them know how I feel.

I Enjoyed emilys letter it was very fun to read! I have decided I am want to learn another langugage after Spanish just havent decided what language. I dont think there was anything else I needed to say I just had some more time to use have a great day sorry the first letter was kind of crappy i was stressed. Love, Logan

Monday, April 14, 2008

Emily - Santander Week 4

Okay Hello Everyone:
To start off I will let you know that I got my package! Thank you so much and Dad its to bad that you couldn´t just hand deliever it. But I think you were exaggerating the price just a lil bit. I love having the music. I hate to tell you this but the fan burned up when I turned it on. Dont worry though I found a fan in one of the rooms full of crap in our piso and I have been using that. Also Im excited about the strech bands. I´m going to try and figure out an exercise plan today. Really I think I´m only going to strength training in the morning because we walk so much during the day and up a lot of hills.

I´ve already lost a bunch of weight. I don´t know how much because I don´t have a scale but I can tell at least 15 pounds. I also eat really well. The Spaniard schedule has been working quite well for me. I eat granola, yogurt, and fruit in the morning. At about 2:00 we come in for mediodia and we eat a big but healthy lunch and then usually at night when we get home Im so tired I just got to bed and sometimes I eat a yogurt or eat a bowl of cereal. But usually I´m still full from lunch.

Ok so anyways back to letters and packages I got a letter from mom too. It had Logan´s e-mail in it about buying the cameras for the other Elders. Guess what it only took four days for that letter to get here. IT took longer then that when I was in UT. It was so nice to get Logan´s letter from mom and the e-mail that dad sent me. I´m proud to be his sister and I love knowing that he is here. In Zone Conference on Thursday when I introduced myself to the zone I had to tell something interesting about myself and I of course told everyone about Brother. President told me that he talked to Logan´s president and they found out that we are the first brother and sister to serve in these missions at the same time. Did I say that right. Okay I´m going to try again. We are the first family members to serve in the Barcelona and Bilbao mission at the same time. Pretty crazy huh, I thought you would all like to know that little bit of information. We are pretty much making history out here in Spain.

Mom: I love every single one of your letters. You are going to be blessed for the rest of your life for all the letters that you have written me. You are the best letter writer in the whole world. The R.S. is going to be so blessed to have you in there. I feel the same way as you do right now. Forget all the organizational crap and lets just serve people. Well Mom if youll do it then I will. You and I don´t like that kind of stuff. Lets leave that crap to people who like to organize stuff like Jess And Dad. Lets both start today trying to just serve people more and stop worrying about all that other crap. Man I love that word today and for some reason it feels really good to type it so Im going to keep using it sorry. Anyways Mom youll never understand how much I love you and miss you. Just be yourself, everyone that has ever met you has loved you and the R.S. doesn´t even understand what an amazing blessing its gonig to be to have you there. I love you!

Dad:You know what while I was reading your letter today I realized something. I know how to slap you around and get you straight and you know whats great you know how to do the same thing for me. Thank you for your letter. Mom is to kind to slap me around through her words. You are so perfect for each other you just complete each other. Anyways I loved your letter and I´m going to read it over and over again through out my mission. I will write you and mom today a real letter and let you know my real thoughts. I think Im going to keep doing that, it helps me to get over things when I write them down. Hopefully you don´t mind my completely negative letters once in a while. Okay well DAd your wonderful. You mean so much to me and Iove how well you understand parts of my brain and mom understands the other parts of my brain. I really am half and half. Thank you for being such a wonderful father. I know Logan and I felt comfortable very quickly here because of all the wonderful things that you have taught us. I love you!

Sister Jess and Sarah:Sarah if I have to I will fly across this ocean that seperates us and beat the crap(there it is again) out of some boys, I will. Who do they think they are? Mom and Dad you should have lied to Sarah and told her she was wrong about her birthday and she was actually turning 15 this year. Thats what I would have done if I was her parent. Anyways forget the stupid boys and write your missionary sister.Jess-thank you so much for your e-mails and letters. I love hearing what is going on with you and Nick, oh and the baby. I can´t believe that you are having a baby in June. Everytime I pass a store with baby clothes in it, I think of you and her. Oh there are so many cute clothes here. Anyways thank you for your letter, it helped a lot. Ill try to write you today. O

kay I just felt like writing everyone a little personal note today and it took up most of my time so sorry. But I will tell you that I had zone conference on Thursday and it was amazing. I learned so much and it was just nice to see other people going through the same things as me. Our district did a musical number it was pretty pathetic but fun. I´m part of a wonderful group of missionaries. I loved talking to everyone and getting to know them better. I have gained so much respect for 19 year old boys since I started my mission. Now of course not all of them figure it out but the ones that do are great. Everyone helped me open my package they were more excited then I was.

I´m sure you have heard about the F-LDS group in Texas. If you haven´t Im not sure how because that is all we have heard about this week. We have to plan an extra 30 mins for our visits because the headline had the word Mormons in it and all of our investigators are confused. I´ve also seen some pretty nasty looks from some people this week as they read my name tag. Our church is lead by a prophet of God and we have the truth, the full truth. Sometimes we don´t understand some things because we are stupid people. God is perfect and he knows all. We have to take our stupid, non perfect minds and have faith in God and his plan. Everytime, everytime I have put my faith in God and trusted His plan for me, things have worked out so much than if I would have followed what I thought was right. I love my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ.

Oh guess what this week at church a family from Colorado showed up. They don´t speak Spanish the poor things. The dad is a professor in Boulder and an electric engineer. There family is going to be here for three months. He brought his wife and his three kids. You know people probably thought he was crazy for bringing his family here but for me it just made me like them more. Their family is really going to grow together while they are here. Anyways we are going to their house on Saturday for lunch and I can´t wait. It will be so nice to just relax and visit with people in English. You know what I think that has been hard on me. I love people and I love getting to know them and I haven´t been able to really do that because I dont speak the language well enough. I can´t wait to be fluent!

Well the rain just keeps coming and I think there might not be any more rain left in the ocean because I´m pretty sure the ocean is on the streets of Santander. There are rivers running down the streets, its insane. Did you like that flier that I sent you, beautiful huh? Good thing its pretty here, otherwise all this rain wouldn´t be worth it. Well our best investigator Olga was really moving along and guess what she decided to get two jobs. WE haven´t seen here for a while and she cant come to church anymore, ahhhh! I want to punch Satan in the face! Erase that line before you post this. No but really its hard to watch people know that its all true but not have the strength to change. If they could only understand what is in store for them if they will make those changes in their life.

Okay well my time is up sorry my letters are always so crazy. I have more to say so Im going to write you a real letter today. Thank you for loving me so much and helping me become who I am. I couldn´t have made it through these first couple of weeks with out you guys. I love each one of you so much oh and I miss you like crazy.Can you please send me Brother´s e-mail address. I´m going to write him a letter today. I loved reading his letters. I´m so blessed to be a part of such an amazing family I see that over and over again everyday. I hope your all doing well, I pray for you. I´m calling in 28 days!


Monday, April 7, 2008

Emily - Santander Week 3


Ok Hello Everyone:

At my apartment I got letters three days in a row from Sarah, Mom (Logan), and Jess. Then on Thursday President came to Santander for interviews and brought me like 10 letters from mom, one from Grandma G. and one from Tiff. A few of them were from like the MTC I think and forwarded. Anyways it was awesome to finally be the missionary that got way to much mail. Everyone in my district was really mad at me. It was so nice to get so much mail. Your letters save me.

I don´t think anyone could understand what a letter means to you unless they have served a mission before. To start off I will tell you that I´m in Bilbao. We came up yesterday for conference and then stayed the night with the sisters here. I got to watch part in English and part in Spanish. I can´t wait until I get the Ensign in English. You rely on things like that a lot when your a missionary. Anyways it was fun to meet all the missionaries in my zone. Today we all went on a little trip together that the miss. call capilla on the rocks. It was so beautiful and it was like a couple hour walk. Its an old church out on this huge bolder in the ocean. I got some amazing pictures but its going to be a while before you see them because I´ve only taken like 150 and I still have like 1000 before me card is full. I can´t explain to you how beautiful it is here. A miss. that has been to Ireland said on our drive today that what we were seeing is what Ireland looks like. I can´t wait to come back here with you.

On Thursday like I said we had interviews with President. As soon as I walked into the room and sat down I just started balling. I´ve been a little more than overwhelmed lately and I, like always took it out on my body. I got a bunch of cold sores and my body was just totally whacked out. Anyways it was so nice to talk to President. I realized that while we were talking I started taking deeper breaths and relaxing a little bit. I am so thankful for the power of the Priesthood. What a blessing!

I wish I could have understood all of conference but I will be able to get the Ensign soon hopefully. What I heard in English I loved. I must say as I watched President Thomas S. Monson there is no doubt in my mind that he is a Prophet of God. Gordon B. Hinckley has been the Prophet that I have known my whole life and it was kind of weird for me to think of President Monson as the Prophet. But as he stood at the pulpit a feeling that I can´t describe ran through my whole body as I listened to him speak. I know he is a Prophet of God and that the authority he has was restored through Joseph Smith. As I was watching conference and looking at all those men that help run the church I felt deeply grateful for all the service they do. Our church runs so smoothly because Jesus Christ is at the head of it, not men. They help and serve but it was just obvious to me as I watched how smoothly things came together after the death of our Prophet, that our church is run by God. We are so blessed to have the truth and to have the Priesthood.

I realized in conference that as they were welcoming everyone one from around the world that I am part of that. When ever I see the ocean I freak out as I realize over and over again where I live. It hits me really hard sometimes and sometimes I am so caught up in the work I forget where I´m at. But man when I see the ocean, I realize where I am and that I´m a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.There is of course so much more to tell you but no time.

I will finish with a funny story though that I think Dad will really appreciate and Coby. A couple days ago we were standing at the doors of an apartment building where we had an appointment. We were just getting ready to buzz their apartment and then we saw this ambulance flying down the road. Two wheels on the ground at a time. They pulled up in front of the same apartment building as we were at. Two good looking guys jumped out and tore the strecher out of the back. We moved out of the way as they came pushing past us. One of them was even running his hand through his hair, Baywatch style as he was running with the strecher LOL. Best part of the story is that after they buzzed the room a couple times. This mad lady opened her window and was like what do you want. They said didn´t you call an ambulance and she was like, No! They were on the wrong street. Weren´t even close to where they were suppose to be. I really hope I don´t have an emergency while Im here.

Anyways finally I had another funny story to tell. They are harder to come by now that Im not with Elders as much.Everyday I realize more and more that I´m exactly so much like Mom and Dad. MOM-The other day when I was standing by someones flower pot, I started pulling all the dead buds out. Dad-This week I went crazy on our piso. All of the clutter was driving me crazy. Crap has been left there from everyone. I threw so much stuff away and tore everything off the walls. I pushed a dresser out from off the wall and found a bunch of trash from who knows when. Anyways it felt so good to just throw eveything away. Dad I always cry when I read your letters and moms too. When you tell me not to cry it just makes me cry more. I sent you a little package with some pictures and a letter. Don´t worry I did some venting in that letter. There isn´t enough time to vent in the e-mail. Its impossible to describe everything that is happening to me right now. I wish I could record it all and share everything with you.

I love you all so much. Brother told me that he had an impression the other day that we would see each other while we were here. I pray that happens! I think a lot of miss. realize how much they love their families once they are out but I already knew before I left. Its hard to be away from you. Guess what only 35 days until I call. I hope your ready for an ear full. I hope you all know how much I love my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. Missionary work is hard but it doesn´t come close to comparison of what Jesus Christ did for us. I´m here doing this because I love God and I love my Savior. I pray for you all the time and think about you all the time. Please remember how much I love each one of you.

Love, Em (Hermana Gogarty)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Logan - Provo MTC Week Two

April 4, 2008

Hey so everything is going well here its p-day so thats always good. I leave on tuesday I cant believe it. We are going to the temple today and going through the 10:20 session. I ll send my flight plans in an email later today.

Ok I recived letters from ashley B mom, sarah, dad,Audrey, and I think thats it. I saw Jess at the temple today my comps were giving me s0 much crap because they were like oh she just randomly showed up at the same time.....ya right ! It was nice to see her it was kind of a rush, I guess seeing family members is the biggest rush besides the spirit that I will be getting for the next two years.

So I have gained over 7 pounds since I got here and I swear my cheeks are fatter because I bite them all the time. I dont know if thats possible but I have never bit my cheeks before and now its a daily routine.

I started a trend of sliding down all the rails on my butt and my comp does it will me too now. yesterday I decided not to hit the one I always do and he did when he was finished he loooked at his pants and relaized that it had just been painted. Now he needs new slacks! lol! it was funny I fell on the ground laughing.

Happy B-day to Sarah and Jess I know they are coming up I will send you gifts from Spain I am positive you dont want anything from here. I would like to get labels for ethan and aaron as well sorry I ve been such a pain about that but it just makes it so much nicer to write snail mail. I loved hearing about the hamlers dad that was really funny. I hope Kent is doing better now.

A cool experiance this week.... Two elders in our district dont come from the best off families and couldnt afford cameras for their mission. I did not know this as we were at the temple taking pics I asked Elder Johnson why dont you have a camera? You'll want to remember this, he said I just couldnt afford one. So I felt Really Bad and elder Mann was in the same situation. we all chipped our money togther and bought two nice new digital cameras and gave them to the Elders yesterday night. Elder Johnson was crying and gave me a huge hug it was amazing. He is way more open now to us and has been taking pictures of everything.

This week I had a lesson on the Atonement. I feel like I really understand it now. Put youself in Jesus Christs Shoes and think to yourself would I go through the same things he went through for my family and friends? Of course you would I know I would and then to think how sad I would be if some of you didnt take advantage of the gift so you could return to be with me, after all that I had suffered so that you could be. Then i realized if we dont repent we wont even want to be with Jesus Christ think of how uncomfortable you would be in his prescenes. I hope that made sense it did to me.

I know that Jesus is literally our salvador or savior he will save us from both physical and spiritual death if we repent. I am almosty out of time but it was nice to get all of your letters today I ll be calling on tuesday as I fly out to spain.


Elder Gogarty

ps I love getting crazy in gym they say go 60 percent so I got 60 percent and then 40 percent smack talk everyone is on the verge of snapping anyway so it adds to the fun. I get people to snap in 4 square and v ball i have to remind them that hey guys its just 4 squares even though I am the one that started it all lol

anyway leaving slc on the 8th at 9:55 landing in ATL atlanta at 3:43 and then leave there at 6:30 pm get to spain at 9:00 am on the 9th so I ll call you in there sometime. I would like sarah to get me shaylees email adress and physical adress off facebook and to get me all the boys email adress also ethan aaron nick and reese. thanks for sending me their labels too. I have endless time cause the minutes round up when yo ulog off so I copy then log off then log on and continue typing. Anyways I hope that was all I needed to say sorry the letters have no form and are acttered brained thats juyst how I am right now I guess. Have a good day I ll be calling you guys soon