Monday, August 18, 2008

Logan - Valencia Week 13

Recieved letters old letters From Ashley, Jessica, The Hepworths, The Mneittes I dont know if thats spelled right but thanks for your letters. I think thats it. They were letters that were mailed to Madrid MTC. Please Make sure My address is correct on my websites.

Well the first week with the new comp has been great we get along great and work well togther. He Is form Mesa Az and I make fun of him not living through the mission alive because he is almost Bald and his back is pretty bad. I wish I could explain him to you he is great we have a lot of fun togther. This might describe him a little bit the other day I was just like wow there are so many crazy people in the world today and he just said welcome to the last dispensation lol. He is a great kid very focused and I am looking foward to the rest of the transfer with him. I also enjoy doing more of the leading part since I have been in this area longest. I get to make the calls now and I like that a lot more.

Yesterday we had an amazing experiance I want to share real quick. We met with a man from Peru and taught him the first as we were teaching him I felt inspired to commit him to baptism even though it was only the first lesson. I did what I felt prompted to do and I told him to read from Mosiah 18:8-10 Then I said once you recieve an answer to your prayers will you be baptized ont he 6th of September. I said I promise you that you will recieve in answer if you ask with faith, real intent, and a sincere heart. He said yes of course. Then to my suprisement I asked if he would pray specifiacally about the Book of Mormon and they way he responded was quite intresting..he just started praying right there durning the lesson and as he asked God if the Book was true I felt the Holy Ghost so strongly feeling that cant be described. I had a hard time not crying for some reason but I was on the verge of tears. When He finished I said I think youve gotten your ansewr. Then we talked baout that Holy Ghost and he told me exactly what it had felt like as he was praying. It was an amazing experiance and I was very greatful to beapart of it. We ware working with him to be Baptized the 6th.

Sounds like everything is going well back home keep up the missionary work family! Jess it wasy great to hear about the Baby and Nick being a Dad sounds like you guys have a had some fun experiances already.

Dad could you please send me labels with this address next letter Oficinac/ Calatrava Nº 10-12 Bajos08017 Barcelona, EspaÑa Thanks very much for sending so many packages I am a very loved missionary as they say here. My transfer is over the 22nd of Spetember so dont mail anything a week prior to that with my Valencia adress its very likely that I ll be leaving.

Love you all Elder G

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Emily - A Coruna Week 3


Hello Everyone that I love...Sorry my email is sooo late. Mom I hope that you haven´t been FREAKING out. We had zone conference on Monday and then Tuesday we had some visits already planned so we waited until today to have p-day. Just so you know we always have zone conference here on pday so if its ever late again that is why. It feels weird to have p-day today but I was for sure ready for it. I get so tired some days.

We had a wonderful zone conference and like always I learned a ton. I met more elders that know brother. I introduced myself and my something interesting about me was that I am in Spain with my brother. I could tell which ones knew brother because their heads shot over in my direction. I had fun talking to them and it was nice to know that they know my brother. I with some amazing people.

President came for our district meeting on Saturday. I got some letters...ohhh I loved reading them. Sister sarahs letter, mom, and Tiff. I hope you got my letter Tiff and guess what HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you! I also got that little package with my new card and some fun little gifts. Mom go ahead and send any packages to my piso. We have a door man and he holds onto our stuff for us if we arent home. Oh also I got my residency card in the mail. That was really weird!

Yesterday I taught all of lesson one in english it was a really neat experience. We taught a woman from England who is a Seventh Day Adventist. It was neat to hear everything Ive learned in english, if that makes any sense. I just cant explain what happens every time we share the first vision, no matter what the language. This is Christs church because it has His authority through His prophet. We also had the opportunity to teach the lesson in Portuguese. It didnt go as well as when I taught in english. There are a lot of amazing people here from Brazil. We are teaching a family and two single people from there.

The single girl is here living alone, working and she is only 22. I know God put her in our path. We are all she has right now. We met her because she asked God for help. Her boyfriend beat her up and in the last visit she asked if it was a sin to try and take your own life. She is BEAUTIFUL and I cant wait to teach her the plan of Salvation. God knows her by her name and He loves her soo much. She has a purpose in this life and God wants her to live with Him again. Yesterday we went to her house and brought her some food. She hasnt been eating.

There is an amazing family in the ward from Brazil and we are going to take her to their house this week. She needs the gospel, just like everyone else. The guy we are teaching from Brazil is really progressing. He wants a good life. He doesnt drink or smoke. He is just a good guy. The last visit he asked what he needs to do to be baptized. He has some law of chastity questions. It was kind of a shock to him that we live that law. Luckily I had read in Our Search for Happiness that morning about temple marriages. I explained to him what it meant to be chaste for me in my life and the person I will someday marry. I also talked to him about what Elder Ballard says he can see when he seals two clean people for all eternity. It is a pure love a real love for one another. I think it was enlightening for him to hear two young girls explain what a blessing it is to be chaste.

Anyways things are going really well with him, the only problem is that I think he might be in love with one of us or maybe both. Ill have to talk to my district leader about what to do for that. One little funny story to end. The other day we rang someone and asked for Juan. The lady told us, no hay nadie aqui. I was very tempted to ask her than who are we speaking with a ghost. Sometimes its funny to watch/hear people lie. They get so wrapped up in their lies that dont even know where they started. Anyways one of those things you just have to learn to laugh about on the mission. Well I think that is enough for now. Although I have so much more on my mind. I will write you today. Oh and can I please get brothers letters. Thanks! I love you each so much and I know that Im sealed to you for time and all eternity. What a blessing!

Love, The Sister

Logan - Valencia Week 12


I recieved letters form Jess, Sarah, Mom this week they were great thank you. The package was great Well Elder Carpenter is on a bus to the south of Spain right now and I am way sad to see him go we became very good friends and I cant wait to spend time with him after the mission.

My new companion Elder Hoffman is from mesa az just like my last one but he isent heere yet I am picking him up form the train station after this. I am a little nervous to see how things go but I am sure it will be great.

This week I cooked some banana bread and did a great job but did forget one small ingredient....the flour lol I felt pretty dumb but after I mixed the flour in it actually came out good. Thanks for the cook book mom. We were able to teach some Africans in english this week and I really enjoyed it just being able to express myself a little better with having a better vocab uin the english language. I soon want to feel the same about my spanish. WE baptized the lady from Nigera last week and I was able to confirm her a member of the church last sunday. It was an amazing experiance i am very excited for their Family. At the Baptism one of our recent converts spoke on the Holy Ghost and he gave an incredible talk I am glad he is grasping the gospel so well and becoming converted trult convereted.

This week has flown by we basically just went around to our favorite familes ate and Elder Carpenter said bye. They were very sad to see him go as was I. Its amazing to see how fast you become settled into a different place. I am already having anxiety about leaving some of the people here. They have all become like family. We have been running to a park every morning and doing Yoga. It is incredible and has really helped me out in a lot of ways. My back feels a lot better and I have more energy thanks for tha book as well. All is well here We are working witha lot of people right now and I am expecting to see some amazing things in the next few weeks.

Jess thanks for the pictures of the brenna it was amazing to see her she is so much cuter then most babies usually they look like little aliens.Emily I am excited you have a spanish comp I am sure your spanish will be incredible after these 6 weeks. Sarah thanks for the letter i am writing one back todayMOm and Dad thanks for being great parents and raising a great familyCoby would love to hear form you.G pa thanks for the email and the advice I always use it. Our Last baptism was found from some less active member and she has been re activating the whole family. Its incredible to see.

Well a lot more happened but We are in a chino locoturio and they want us to get out I dont know what they are mad about lol but have a great week! love you all Love,Elder G

Dad I finished the 40 years among the INdians and I really enjoyed it. Some incredible stories and things I could even relate to. How is he related to me Daniel W. Jones? Thanks for the food advice as well

Monday, August 4, 2008

Logan - Valencia Week 11


Not much in the way of mail this week but I did recieve the 2nd package! Thanks so much I am really anjoying the granola and the cook book. Thank you also for including your blessings they were incredible to study, its no doubt that you and Mom are perfect for eachother. If you want you can look through mine some amazing things have happened from it already.

It was great to hear about the surfing I am glad Aaron and Ethan are having fun with you. Lone peak sounds fantastic as well make sure to take pictures. I am glad your shaing the Gospel with everyone Dad it strengthens our testimonies so much and helps us realize what we really do have. t

his week of course has been incredible. We had ZOne confrence this week and it was a review of the last two zone confrences. I spoke on the Atonement as well and felt strongly the holy ghost confirm my testimony. I love speaking to people its very intresting to see how we are guided to say different things even though we may have planned somthing else. I spoke about understanding and spplying the Atonement. I promised everyone that the better we understand and use it the greater our desire will grow to share the gospel. Which is ultimately how we are Judged so to say on being a good missonary. Our commitment to Find teach and baptize.

I ve decided thats really what its all about. Jesus Christ Loved us so much he died for each one of us. If we as missonarys can develop this love and charity for the people we are with every day then our commitment in helping them will greatly increase seeing as we really care for them and want them to be happy.

Elder Carpenter and I have our last week togther. He is probly getting transfered and I ll get a new comp here.

Sorry my time ran out anyways I am super sad for Elder Carpenter and I to be done we have had a lot of fun and success I will really miss him. Next tuesday I will have a new Companion. I am sure that you are an incredible Ward Misson Leader I wish you were ours. Everything else is going well here we are baptizing a Lady on saturday named Gloira we actually just met her and taught her two days ago. She is completly ready and is getting baptized along with kevin Patricias son this saturday. I translated for her as well yesterday which was fun.

The missiion is such a blessing I realize how much I ve learned and changed. I cant believe how self centerd and prideful I was before. I even came on the misson for myself. I feel like that part of me has really changed instead of studying the scriptures so I can know lots of things I study them so I can help lots of people and the same with spanish I am learning it so I can help people feel the happiness that atonement brings into lives. Helping opthers out instead of just comparing yourself and making sure you are better then the guy next to you.

I love this gospel I know its true I woudlnt be here if it wasent. I am greatful that we have the knowledge of where we came from why were here and where were going. It makes everyday so much easier and gives purpose and meaning to living. Jesus Christ Lives and I greatful for the sacrifice he made for us that we cant even fully comprehend. the love he has for us is unmesurable.

Thanks for the great letter Dad. Hope all is going well.
Love you all Love Elder G

Please send me an article via email on Body Language. I want to learn how to look at people and see what they are feeling thinking like I know eyes looking different directions means different things. And Moms Carmel syrup recipe would be great as well. Oh and also what foods give you more energy? Thanks hope thats not to much to ask thanks for taking care of the packages.

Emily - A Coruna Week 2

Hello Everyone that I love...
Wow that was nice to read that letter from President thank you for sending it to me. Also, Im excited to get the camera. I sent you a letter last week, you will probably get it today. I got a letter from President in the mail with my address and I was going to give you it today but Dads so smart and wrote my president. No Im glad you did because that means packages and letters are on the way. I got a letter from brother this week and I loved it. Its always so nice to read a letter from someone going through somewhat of the same experiences.

I still cant believe Im here and yesterday I realized that its only five months until Christmas. I hope that your starting to hold family meetings to discuss my Christmas package. Time is so weird in the mission. I know I talk about this every time in my letters but its just so weird.

Things are still going really well with my new companion. I have been surprised at how much we can talk. Brother you may do english fasts or whatever but guess what I have to speak in Spanish everyday ALL DAY. My Spanish better be mejor than yours. Oh ya brother I forget to tell you that E. Webb wore your tie to come and pick me up at the bus station, it was great! He is hilarious! Just kidding yours probably is better than mine. Speaking it all the time makes me realize I know a lot and it makes me realize that I have a lot to learn. Its really hard sometimes but im leaning.

I want to tell you about Andy, the coolest guy from Brazil. We found him last week and taught him lesson one on the stairs in front of his piso. We couldnt go in because we need another women. HE lived right by the temple in Brazil and told us that our people seem to always be happy and content and he wants to know why. This Sunday we picked him up for church or actually woke him up when we rang his piso. He stayed for all three meetings and H. Garcia and I taught gospel principles. Testimony meeting was amazing. One guy a recent convert whose name is Santiago gave the most beautiful pure was for Andy ..every word. He talked about how good he felt during the lessons and how loved he felt by the people at church. The miss. told him that he could have that with him all the time if he wanted to. Santiago remembered how loved he felt and he did the same for our investigator. He just put his big arm around him and took him to class. This man is just full of love. He is one of the those guys that you just feel loved by when he shakes your hand and doesnt even say anything. ITs like getting a hug from mom. I love this rama already.

My favorite family that I told you about invited us over for FHE again. They are awesome! I remember in my blessing that I was told I would find sisters, grandmas, and best friends. That is happening here and it happened in Santander. None of them will ever be able to replace you guys but Im thankful for their friendships while Im here. Somedays are a little rough, especially when I cant express myself. The other day one of the singles guys in the ward that is 30 thinks that I told him that he is guapo. I explained later to my comp. what I was trying to say. Oh well some guy in the ward thinks I have a crush on him. He was looking at my funny at church. Oh well I leave in a couple months and he will forget.

Oh other random thing that is kind of weird and funny and very typical of mission life. WE taught a witch the other day. She had a glass ball on her table and everything. We also had a neat lesson with Pedro and Mery. WE watched the Restoration with them and bore our testimonies. Pedro was just shaking his head the whole time and saying that he agreed. He said that we must feel very strongly about this message to come so far away from our families for so long. I almost busted in to tears. For someone to recognize that, is a miracle to me.

Its so true, Im here so far away from the people I love the most because I know Christ lives and that he is our Savior. We can be clean from sin and have peace of mind. When we are living clean lives the Holy Ghost will flow through our entire bodies. I have felt that over and over again as I testify and as I hear others testify. I know this is the work of the Lord. I know because the Spirit has testified to me that the things I teach our true. I love feeling the Spirit so strongly everyday. I love you guys so much! I hope you understand how much!

Love,The Sister