Monday, May 26, 2008

Logan - Valencia Week 2


Hey thanks for your letter. My companion is great his name is Elder Carpenter he si From Mesa Az and has been out over a year. His spanish is great and he has been helping me out a lot. I was very lucky to have him as a padre we say here. My New adress is General Barroso 37-9 Valencia 46017 Spain. I should be here for at least the next 12 weeks.

WE have had a suprising amount of succuess this week. WE have three INvestigators that we will probly be baptizing next month at least. One of our street contacts came to church yesterday so that was ecxciting too. Its amazing how much more receptive the SOuth Americans are. We work long and hard. WE have all of these pueblos in are area that have never been tracted out so we travel to the outskirts of Valencia and work those areas. Its amazing to help people come unto Christ. We Taught a couple from Bolivia this week and I felt like the lesson was very powerful.

Everything is great I have been cooking some really good food. I love the food here and especially the fruit. Were able to buy freash fruit off the streets every morning. I dont really know what else to say. We live in a Piso with anothe companionshiop and they are both fun too. Are apt is pretty big and nice for the most part I made a lil mvideo of it today so I will send my card today or tommorrow. I said to be ecpecting it a while ago but I never got around to sending it. All is well here Have a great week

Love Elder G

Emily - Santander Week 10

Hello Family that I love so much...
First things first who do I love this week. Well I went to zone conference on Wednesday and got letters from Tiffany, Dear Elder from Jess, a little package from my MTC comp., and Becky Brazell. Then one day this week I got three letters. One from Shelly Lybbert, Saori, and Grandma Gogarty. I didn´t have time to do missionary work this week because I had to many letters to read. JUST KIDDING...I loved every single letter and I can´t even explain to each one of you how much it means to me when I see a little white envelope in my mailbox. My doorman loves telling me, Emily tienes cartas hoy hay tres. The most exciting part of his day besides opening the elevator door is giving me my mail. Its fun! Also I have emails from Grandpa G., POPS, Sister Sarah, Victoria and Brother. Thank you all so much. I loved hearing from each one of you. I love you all!

Ok where do I start telling you what has been going on this week. We had to go to Bilbao twice. Wednesday for zone conference and Sunday for district conference. Zone Conference was really good, I learn so much every time. I can´t believe I´ve already been to two. My comp. leaves in two weeks and I will have five months in the mission almost..CRAZY! Its going by fast but not at the same time. Mission time is hard to explain. Anyways at conference it was soo good to see everyone.

Elder Kofe the Tongan that left from here and went to Bilbao had a birthday after he left. I made him brownies and we put candles in every brownie. When he came into the front doors we sang happy birthday to him and made him blow out the candles. I think he almost started crying. He liked being in Santander with us and I think its been hard for him to be in Bilbao. Change is good sometimes but hard too.

President talked to us about the Holy Ghost and learning how to have it with us 24/7. The Holy Ghost I think is one of those things in the gospel that we really don´t understand completely. IT really is an amazing gift and you realize that a lot each day as a missionary. With out the Spirit we would be nothing. I have been spending some time in the morning during personal study to read and studay chapter four in PMG. I want to understand better the guidance of the Spirit and what I can do to really listen and use the Spirit as I teach and find. WE are blessed to have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost if we are living so that He can dwell with us. Why would we try to live in this life of chaos with out it. Anyways conference was really good and FUN!

District conference was also really good. The missionaries and members from half of our whole mission were there. New members bore their testimonies and President DuVall spoke again. I loved his talk and I understood pretty much all of it. I really am learning Spanish finally I can´t believe it. I was thinking back on the last couple years and realizing how much I have tried and wanted to learn this language and its finally happening. At conference I saw that sister from the watch store...remember. Anyways it was good to see her and I gave her a big hug.

I talked to a couple missionaries that know brother. They were all like oh he is so cool. One sister told me that they talk about me all the time at the CCM, funny hopefully its good things...LOL!I was lucky to have so much time with President and Sister Hill, they are wonderful people. I guess the Gogarty name left a mark at the CCM. I talked to one Elder from Barcelona that was with Logan. He was like he is so guay(cool)! He wanted to know where he was. The Elder was hoping Brother would be in Barcelona so his family would take care of him. I had a bunch of people trying to find me and tell me that they knew my brother and they had heard all about me. It was fun to see missionaries from half the mission and see a lot of the members.

Remember in my last letter I told you that Ive been looking for ways to serve. Its amazing how much better it makes you feel. Well during our phone call remember I told you about this sister in the ward that I love. Her name is Norberth and she is from Honduras. Her husband left her and her kid about a week ago. Yesterday we went to her house and I gave her a facial. She lives with two other single sisters in the ward and it just became a big party. My comp. gave Teresa a pedicure with my green foot bath and Nancy just wanted a shoulder rub. It was so much fun and they loved it. They made us empanadas and some juice that I remember having when I was in Ecuador. It was so nice to spend some time with them and just visit. WE had a good time together.

This week we finally got in with a lady named Rosa. She is from Peru and I love her family. Remember I told you about a noche de hogar that we had with this family when I first got here. We watched the testaments and I just strated crying after the movie was over while I bore my testimony. Well anyways I love this family and I really can see them at the temple together. WE have been trying to get in with her for weeks now and we finally had a visit. We taught her about our purpose as missionaries and why we are so persistent. We shared a quote ouf of PMG about how we don´t teach and baptize to get more numbers. WE are here to help people find faith, repent, become clean from sin and somday enter the kingdom of heaven with their families. I bore my testimony to her of the reality of each one of these things. I told her how much I loved her and her family. I also told her how much I love my family and I´m here in Spain so far away from the people that I love because I want people to have what I have. I bluntly told here that I can see her family standing in front of the temple after being sealed for all eternity. I then explained that that sealing is only possible through the Priesthood that was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith. It was one of my most favorite lessons I´ve taught since I´ve been here. WE told her she can get an answer right now, if she wants to. I KNOW she really felt the Spirit and she promised us she would start reading again and praying. It was a beautiful experience and I´ve been praying for her all week that she will get an answer and be able to recognize it.

Well that was a lot of information but still not everything that happened this week...oh well my time is up! I love you all so much. Oh ya Dad I don´t want to hear that my letters might be shorter now that you have to write logan too. Remember that ridiculous program that you have that types for you. You have to talk into a microphone HOW HARD! You could be going to the bathroom while your write me(erase that line I couldn´t help myself). Anyways I love you and I do appreciate your letters. Mom I love you, Coby I love you, Jess I love you, Sister Sarah I love you and Brother Logan I love you. I didn´t have time to write you today but I will try to write you a snail mail. Thank you for being here with me. Well I better get off and Dad I will be waiting for that phone call. I love you guys!

Love, Em(Hermana Gogarty)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Logan - Valencia Week 1


Hey I am here in Valencia.

I was very excited to get off the plane today as I stepped off I knew that this is where I am supposed to be. Preisdent is way awesome he drove us to the top of the city and pointed out all the areas, I didnt know Barcelona was so big. We get cell phones here and we can txt eachother its pretty sweet. We also can watch disney movies on P days. We get up at 7 30 and go to bed at 11 30. I was also suprised at the number of baptisams we have in this mission. It is a baptizing misison. we are shooting for 50 this month.

I am very excited i cant belive I am finally here. My trainer is Elder Carpenter he is a very cool guy I am excited to get to know him better. Thanks mom for your letter. I also got letter from Bryndee P and Ashley and Emily tell Bryndee thanks. Also tell Elder North I said Hi he is such a great missionary. Hope all is well my P days are on Monday so I will be on then. I will send my new adress then as well. I am very excited to be here

Love, Elder Gogarty

Monday, May 19, 2008

Logan - Madrid MTC Week 6

This week has been great! I am very excited to leave to Barcelona in just a few short days. Today we are going to downtown Madrid and taking a tour of Madrid on a double decker bus, the ones that have no roof on the second floor. I am pretty excited. The 6 weeks weeks in Madrid have gone by very quickly I am excited to leave but also sad to leave some very good friends I have made here. I cant wait to meet up with them after the Mish.

This week we decided to conquer a small mountain for physical activity. We can see it from our room and Elder Webb, Elder Vause and I said we can make it to the top of that and back in an hour and a half. All of the other elders doubted when they looked and saw the mountain across the city in the distance. So right after class we went for it and 45 mins later we were standing on top looking over all of Madrid. It was a pretty amazing experiance I think the run was at least 6 miles. On the way back we ran through a pine tree farm and it was amazing. The light was shining through the tops of the trees and hitting the ground all over, the smell was amzing the smell of freash pines and it felt good to have just conquered a mountian. It reminded me of running with the cross country team in high school just going on an adventure run.

This week when we sang in front of the temple some girls brought me cheesecake. I talked with them last week after we sang and I asked them what they liked to do and one of them said I like to cook, I said cook what and she named cheesecake so I made her bring me some this week. My spanish is at least good enough for me to get me some sweets.

This week Elder Sansing left his passport in the middle of the floor so his comp thought he would teach him a lesson by taking it and hiding it. He didnt notcie till a few days later when someone started asking him about it. He then went into freak out mode searching for it and told us he left it right in his Book of Mormon. All of us laughing knowing that he had left it on the floor. Then his comp explained how badly he needed it and explained that it had his visa in it. We told him that he was going to have to be like the Sons of Mosiah and serve a 14 yr mission. It was pretty funny, his comp finally gave it to him and then watched him toss it under his desk. I am afraid he will really loose it before he leaves here.

Thank you for updating my pages, if someone could just update my mailing adress everytime it changes that would be great. I should be sending you my new adress from Barcelona on Tuesday I cant believe it. I will have been out for two months on tuesday. Time flys. That is a bummer about the surfing Dad, looks like you are going to have to man up and master wave 4 like your son. It dosent bother me too bad to hear you talking about the surfing so go ahead and keep me updated. Jay is so funny I knew when I told him I was going to Spain on a mission he didnt quite get it, he asked me if I wanted to take a kayak with me and I said I wont be doing that over there thanks though. I hope all is well for everyone. I imagine that I am twice as busy when I get to Barcelona but I will keep in touch as best as possible. I love you all
Love, Elder G


Hey I am leaving for Barcelona tommorrow morning and I cant wait. I will be on email throughout the day so I would love to hear from any of you. Last saturday in the Park we had some amazing experiances. My comp was elder Webb which is going to Emilys mission the one I really like. We walked through the park and asked people if we could share a song with them. Everyone said yes! it was such and awesome way to start conversation and bring the spirit so quickly. We sang and shared our message to a lot of people and handed out quite a few Book of Mormons. We had a lot of success and it went very well. One man said you can sing but I am not intrested in the church. After we were done singing Creo en Cristo or I believe in Chirst he was crying and very receptive to our message.

I am glad to be called to this work i realize more and more everyday that God dosent call the equipped but he equips the called. I feel like God is molding and Shaping me everyday to become what he needs me to be. Have a great day shoot me quick letters if you get the chance.

Love, Elder G

My adress for the time being is:

Elder Logan Shaun Gogarty
Spain Barcelona Mission
Calle Calatrava NÂș 10-12, Bajos
Barcelona 08017

I ll let you know my new one as soon as possible
love, Elder G

Emily - Santander Week 9

Oh my goodness I love you all so much. Dad I feel the same way every Sunday now Im going to feel like I should be able to talk to you guys. I really wish I had the same program as you dad. It would making writing you a whole lot better. But I don´t know I might actually get out of hand with it. I can see the machine breaking down from being over used. I always have a lot to say every Monday. Sister Jess I got your letter. You are so FAT but beautiful. Don´t worry I know its not actually FAT, there is a baby in there Nick. Sister you look so happy and gorgeous. Thank you for your letter. I also got a letter from mi madre.

I loved seeing the pictures of everybody on Mother´s Day. It was fun to see what you looked like and where you were when you were talking to me. You know what is funny that is EXACTLY how I pictured DAD. The plaid pants, hoodie and ear piece in place and of course he was outside because he didn´t want anyone to hear him CRYING like a GIRL! I know its hard to have me gone DAD but seriously pull yourself together. I started crying because I felt bad for you. Oh I can´t get over how nice it was to hear your voices.

Mom that ward is so lucky to have you in it. I´m grateful that you were able to help that lady. You are so good to people. I know Im suppose to be here but man I just love you guys so much.

This week I have really tried to find ways to serve people and I have been praying that Heavenly Father will help me to find people that need my help. This week we went to a sisters house whose name is Lupe. She was baptized about a year ago and she has cancer. WE go to her house every week and read with her in the BofM because her eyes aren´t very good. She is in so much pain and she just lays in bad all day.

While we were visiting with her I was thinking about my pedicure tub and how I need to carry it with me with some lotion or something. Anyways it sounds crazy but we meet with a lot of women that are here to work and they just work themselves to death. I was thinking that while we are reading to them or visiting them I can give them a hand massage or give them a pedicure. I didn´t have my pedicure bath with me at Lupe´s so we rubbed her arms with some lotion. She has bruises all over from the treatments and she said her skin is very dry from the treatments. Anyways it made me feel so much better to be able to do something for her.

My comp. had her 18 month mark and a lot of days I realize that I just need to help her. I made crepes with banans, strawberries and chocolate. I bought a new table cloth and goblets and set up a nice lil breakfast. Then I made 18 hearts and a sign for here. On every heart I told her a reason that I love her. It was fun! I know if I really start looking and asking Heavenly Father to help me, I will really be able to find ways to help people. People are going to recognize me a lot better as a servant of the Lord as I am serving. Plus, doing things for other people just makes you feel so much better.

Last night we got in with a girl named Stefani from Nigeria. I contacted her a couple weeks ago and we finally got in with her last night. She has a little girl that is one. Oh my goodness she is so cute. Ive never seen such tight curly hair and big eyelashes. She held on to my skirt and just looked up at me through the whole lesson. It was fun because we were able to teach in english but I kind of felt like an idiot. I didn´t know what to say. She was very kind and we taught her a quick first lesson. Its interesting how different everyones doubts are. She was like oh he was a prophet and he had a vision okay. Not that she believed that he was a prophet but that it was possible wasn´t hard for her. Then some people are like um a 14 year old boy saw Heavenly Father and Jesus.

I think I write about this every week but I really just can´t believe how much my testimony is confirmed everyday that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. We have a prophet of God that receives direct revelation for us and for our day. The gospel was restored to the earth adn because of that we have the priesthood. I am sealed to you for eternity under the power and authority of the priesthood. We have the Book of Mormon as a testament of Jesus Christ and his ministry in the Americas. We are so blessed to know what we know. I love you all so much. I´m thankful to be a part of our family and Im thankful to have the gospel in my life.

Love, EM

Monday, May 12, 2008

Emily - Santander Week 8


Oh my goodness I loved talking to you yesterday. Sorry for the HUGE sob fest, I had a lot on my mind. I just love you all so much. You have each had such an affect on my life and it was nice to tell you over the phone and hear your voices. I´m pretty talented I can make people cry and laugh in a matter of minutes. Don´t worry my eyes were a lil swollen this morning when I woke up but sometimes it just feels good to cry.

Mom-Yesterday I forgot to tell you that for your Mothers day gift I started taking a multivitamin everday. I have been going strong for a couple weeks now. Also a random thought came to my mind. Wouldn´t it be so cool if there was such thing as a family language. Of course we would still speak English but we grow up in the home with a language that only we understand. So random I know but it would be awesome.

I also thought of a couple more package ideas. I would love to have my favorite pair of jeans. They are the ones that have like five buttons up the front. Oh goldfish I love those and they don´t have them here. When I was at the MTC I did a free makeup class and they gave us a bunch of stuff from Nuskin and I love it. Any girly stuff is fun to get like for a pedicure, facial. I am running out of eyeliner(get same as sister has), moisturizer. Anyways that kind of stuff would be nice. Thank you!

Brother: I wrote Elder Webb but I can´t write him once he gets in the mission because we can´t write to people in our mission. If he has any questions maybe he can ask you and then you can tell me. Thank you for the talk. I heard it in the MTC and loved it. Talking to you yesterday helped me so much. I can hear the power and authority in your voice that you should have as a missionary. Its amazing to feel the Spirit so strongly everyday, isn´t it. I love you brother and I´m so grateful to be here with you. We are part of the most important work on the planet. I love you!

Family I love you with all my heart. Dad thank you for your e-mail and your words of advice. Could you write out what you said to me and send it to me, maybe. I took a couple notes while you were talking. Thank you for your wisdom and your love. Mom I loved hearing your voice, your beautiful in every way. Sisters I love you. You truly are my dearest friends. Coby it was good to talk to you, I love you, write ME!Well my time is up and like dad said lets not wait until Christmas! Love, EM

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Logan - Madrid MTC Week 5


So this week I recieved letters from Jess, Moms package...thank you, Jenny, and thats all. I laughed when I read the letter about Elder Harris he left here two weeks ago...what a character. His family is a proffesional yo yo family pretty cool I guess I am glad I have you guys for my family. He was the Elder that took me to the Park and was supposed to show me the ropes but the exact opposite happened. I would look to him when I needed a word and he would just stare back at me and then I would find another way to say what i wanted to say. Tell him Hi Emily. I hope you got my email about elder Webb he is going to be to your Mission in a few weeks. He is a very fun Elder to be around and will do great so keep an eye out for him.

This week has been great I was excited to get the letter from you about the Dragon Software program that is really cool. I feel too behind in technology without my phone. I have to write contacts in a little adress book and use a real calender and things its really weird. I didnt realize that I had depended on all the programs on my phone. I was not use to wrtie anything doing. I was also excited to hear I got on the Pueblo magazine you will have to send me a copy. Pueblo is such a strange place.

I am pretty sick of Mr. Mac after watching all of my suits fall apart and then listen to all the other Elders complain about theirs doing the same. If I have time I am going to write a letter to them and get all the Elders here that have had a problem to sign it. they give you a discount and come across very friendly but the quality of their suits is just so poor. this week has flown by I have less then 11 days left here i should be in the airport on May 20th. I am excited to call you guys and talk but I ll be honest I am not home sick at all my mind rarely wanders to back home and whats going on there.

Thank you Dad for updating my accounts! I really appreciate it if you could just update the adresses every time I change then that would be great. Jessica I cant believe your having a baby so soon that is crazy I am going to be an Uncle! I was thinking about it and that babys Spirit will just have been with Jesus Christ before this life. Its amazing to think about. I am excited for you and Nick.

So the funny story for the week. we have planners we wrtie everything down in and every once in a while the president checks them to see how well we plan and use them. Sister Lester a recent convert wanted to learn what committing adultrey was beause she didnt even know and its one of the ten commandments. So she wrote COmmit Adultrey in her to do List because it was a topic she wanted to study. You can imagine President was pretty suprised when he read To do.....Commit Adultrey? lol it was great we all got a pretty good laugh.

Elder Wilcox My old Comp is very smart. He reads and studies like crazy and knows everything except common sense. We have a humidfier in the Class room and it was empty so he was going to fill it up, He aske how doyou fill it up and we just said in the bottom. I look up and he picked the entire thing up and turned it over and all the water just went rushing onto the floor. We were just like Elder Wilcox come on.

Dad, yur talk is really amazing dad I came upon a scriputre that went along well with it. 1 Nephi 19: 9-10, 12 read that and tell me what you think it talks about the groaning of the earth in the Last days. I carry around a list and write down everything I am going to tell you in my weekly letter and when ever someone does somthing stupid around me I pull out the list and jot it down. Its called the write home list and you usually dont want to be on it lol.

I hope everything is going well for everyone. I am excited to get to Barcelona and start preaching all day. I am also excited to hit the next phase of my spanish. I feel like its coming pretty well I understand a lot and when I speak I feel like it doesnt sound to american, I am learning the pure form of Spanish and I try to sounds just like the people.

Lst week in the park was amazing I took elder Moore and we had a lot of success I felt the holy ghost working through me the whole day. People were placed in our path and it was really fun to be a part of that. I will be getting on later let me know if you need anything.

The package was great by the way and I can still do a rubix cube so that was good. I dont know why i like it so much but when I do it I just get relxed. When I first tried it I was very impatient and angry but now its easy. I have started playing piano again also and Should be able to play 5 hymns both hands by the time I leave here. thats to goal anyways. I am learning patience like never before. I will be on in about an hour so if your near a computer hope on and we ll chat

Love, Elder G

Monday, May 5, 2008

Emily - Santader Week 7


Okay like always I don´t know where to start. I guess I will let everyone know who I love this week. On Monday I got a letter from Sister Sarah. Tuesday I got letters from Sister Jessica and one from Lynne Furrow-thank you Lynne it was soo good to hear from you, I love you. This morning I got a letter in the mail from Mom. I also got emails from Dad, Grandpa Gogarty-I didn´t have time to read yours but I will print it off, thank you so much Grandpa I love you, and Joye Marositca-it was so good to see a letter from you, I didn´t have time to read it yet but thank you. Thank you all so much for your letters, each one is a blessing.

This week has been crazy!Oh also I want to let you know that I will be calling at 3:00 PM Spain time on Sunday. So for you that will be 7:00 in the morning. I figured it would be best to talk to you before church. Dad told me in his letter that he didn´t want to miss out on ANY church. I´m so proud of you Dad, you have changed.LOL! Oh one more little secret. You know that temple card that I gave you that has our cell number on it. I can´t call you from it but you can call me. If you can figure it out I don´t go to church until 10:00 so if you figure out how to do a three way call I can talk to Logan too with you before my church. I will be calling you for my phone call after church and I wont be calling from the cell phone at 3:00. I think I already told you that Im calling from Renatas. Oh if I don´t call at 3 that means her internet or something didn´t work and so you should call me on the cell phone. Okay hopefully all of that makes sense! I can´t even explain how happy I am that I get to visit with you on Sunday.

May 1st was a holiday here is Spain and I think it lasted for like four days. Its been a BIG party here is Spain the last couple of days for everyone except for us. I think we had like 6 or more visits cancelled this week and contacting was horrible. But for some reason the week went by really fast. I can´t believe it is Monday again and on Sunday I get to talk to you.Although most of our visits were canceled we did have a great visit with a guy named Jose Angel.

I don´t think I have told you about him before. He is like 28 and so smart. He understands everything we teach and when we ask questions to see if he understands his answers are perfect. He puts everything together in his head how we wish all of our investigators could. I really want to see him get baptized. He is praying and reading. He told us he has funny feelings about the Book of Mormon. Praying was really hard for him. Its amazing how forgein it can be to some people. In our last visit he prayed and it was beautiful. He really was just trying to talk to God. He is suppose to pray about the church this week.

I think sometimes we forget the power of prayer because we are raised with it. But when your on a mission and you have no one else to talk to you realized very quickly how important it is and how much you need to talk to your Heavenly Father. I read something really interesting about prayer that I don´t think I really ever understood. Look up prayer in the Bible Dictionary. It said that even though Heavenly Father knows us perfectly and he knows what we need we still need to talk to him. I think it helps us to study it out in our minds and really think about what we are asking. It also helps us to be more alert for answers and promptings. Anyways I am so thankful that I can talk to Heavenly Father when ever I need to. I pray a lot during the day.

Oh I have a funny story, kind of I guess. Still not as funny as the ones when I was with a bunch of Elders but this will have to do. A couple days ago this guy stopped us on the street and asked us who we were. We told him our names and then asked why. He said well I can´t let two beautiful women pass by with out asking their names. We were like okay buddy you have a good day. He quickly started trying to talk about church stuff so that we would keep talking to him. We gave him a temple card with the church address on it. Then he made us write down his name and number, thank goodness! I couldn´t have left with out it. He then fell on his knees, grabbed our hands and kissed them like we were royalty. He also told us that he would change his religion four times to be with us. I wanted to tell him, pull yourself together man and get up off the ground you look pathetic. Good thing I didn´t know how to say that in Spanish.

We do get called Guapas about ten times a day. Somtimes a couple guys will walk by and say hello ladies or something small in english. They get this huge smile on their face like they have done something really special. I give them a big smile and clap for them. I think Im going to start carrying around stickers to give them. Wow I know I´m a brat. Sorry I think sister learned that from me too. But sister you keep being a brat to the boys. I dont want any of them touching you AT ALL! I love you sisters!

One more funny story(not really) on Sunday the branch president´s wife tried to get us to go with the family to a chinese restaurant for dinnner after church. The Branch President is out of town. It was Fast Sunday and it was very tempting to got(not really) but still it was kind of annoying. Church was pretty interesting but I don´t have time to tell you everything. I guess you will have to just wait for me to CALL! That is fun to say. I´m going to call you on a phone...ahhhhhh!

Brother Logan-Guess what we got Elder Harris. I don´t think I need to say anymore, you should understand. WE are all really sad because Elder Kofe left. They are a little different from each other. Elder Harris is really really into Yoyos and Elder Kofe is national rugby player. The mission is funny! I love you brother I hope you are still enjoying the CCM. I Can´t wait to hear where your first area will be! Okay Im for sure out of time. But I want all of you to know how much I love you and miss you. Thank you for loving me and writing me!

Love, EM (Hermana Gogarty) Okay well like usual I have lots more to tell you

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Logan - Madrid MTC Week 4


Hey I recieved mail from Jess, Grandpa, Shaylee, Reese, and Mom this week thanks for writing everyone! I enjoy the mail as I get it because I imagine it will slowly just stop which is fine. dad your talk was incredible I printed it off and a lot of elders read it here, I am suprised the Church is not using you more. I think you need to be a General Authority or somthing. Pretty intresting comments about that talk too I was laughing hard when I read that. I dont remember Freddie but that sounds like and awesome experiance i am excited for you there, is no better feeling then bringing people to Christ that is for sure.

So everyday here we have a physical activity we usually play soccer with some locals that destroy us every time but we are getting better. The court is a few blocks away from the Temple and I run as hard and fast as I can everyday to get there. It feels good to push yourself to the point of not being able to go any further and then going much further. It has a big role in keeping me sane while on the mission. The other game I like to play is 20 some elders hate taking the stairs so they use the elevator. I wait for them to all get in the elevator on the top and then I sprint down all the stairs and press the button on each floor so it takes 10 mins to get all the way to the bottom because of stopping at each floor. It drives everyone crazy its great.

Last thursday some elders and me went to the Prado for P day and it was pretty amazing looking at paintings you see in history books growing up. We saw originals by Rafael, and other huge artist. This week at the Park I had awesome experiances. I walked to a central part of the park and there were a bunch of people sititng on benches and I saw a black man by himself and I knew right away to go talk to him so me and Elder Corbridge walked up to him and He was from kenya. He was runing a race in Madrid the next day and spoke English. We were able to teach him for a while and Fill out a refrence card so other missionaries can meet up with him later. Its amazing how God guides his children. I also Talked to A mom with a family in the park 3 beautiful little kids and She didnt believe in God it was really sad I just cant see those kids having a chance in todays word when there is nothing to live for, when we dont have the gospel. Hope if all is what they needed Hope for somthing more so they can try to make it through this time on earth.

I have really enjoyed studying this week I feel like i am constantly learning and growing so much. Everytime I start studying I feel I dont have enough time before I die to learn all the things that I want too. I also love studying witht he Holy Ghost my chest always feels warm when I am studying witht The Holy Ghost it makes memorizing easier and helps me understand and see new insights on topics. As I read Jesus the Christ I can see myself walking with Jesus Christ and just understanding fully what he did for us more and more each day.

Funny Stories-We were singing all togther and one of the Elders is leading us and he is having a ver hard time staying on time. The whole group is off and After is was over sister hill tried to teach him. The problem was that he was on the wrong page and didnt know it lol I got a kick out of that.

One of my teachers in Provo wants to read my letters so if you could send the blog link to avacrump" that would be great. I signed up to call at 5 pm our time so for you 9 I think and I can change it if Emily needs a different time I would love to three way with all of us. So let me know what time she is calling and I ll see if I can work that out.

After studying Spanish this week I realized I dont know English! or at least the rules of English. I should have gone to school more often! lol anyways I am excited to continue in conquering Spanish I willl know it better then the natives in a few months. More stories this week I accidently said Me Gusta pecado instead of Me gusta Pescado which transtlates to Sin pleases me instead of fish so that was pretty funny I am sending this letter and then writing another one

Someone please update my adress and photos on My web pages I think you guys just ingore me everytime I ask lol.¨Myspace and Facebook Pages¨ It will take 5 mins! G

Grandpa thank you for your letter and story, The Atonement of Jesus Christ is what its all about. Once we have some understanding of what Jesus went through for us we should be urgent and excited to tell everyone we know what He has done and can do for them. When I first got here I felt insignificent, not knowing the language or the Gospel as well as Id like to, but as I continue to grow with Jesus Christ helping me a long the way it gives me so much hope and encouragment for the future. We can become whoevere we want to be through Jesus Christ. He is at my side and is constantly helping me become who I want to be. While reading jesus the Christ this week I particullarly looked for the teaching skills of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is my hero and was a great teacher. I am analyzing how he taught and trying to apply his teaching skills in my lessons.

In the Park I offered a man a Book Of Mormon and he didnt want it he didnt believe in god and religion but as I tesiteifed his countance changed, the Holy Ghost touched his heart and he said that he would be willing to read even though the first 4 times I asked he wanted nothing to do with it. I dont care that other missionaries say that europe is a Hard mission and that people dont want to hear what we have to say, I dont believe that for a minute. God is Preparing people everyday for me to teach and baptize. Nothing is impossible with christ at our sides. I love everyone! please keep up the great letters.