Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Logan - Valencia Week 10


No the package is still not here I assume its lost for good. You guys should be expecting it soon hopefully it goes back to your house.

THis week has been a lot of fun last monday we went to a bull fight in a huge stadium and had quite the show I will send pics when I get the next package. Today we are renting 4 man bikes and riding through the park. I am pretty excited I want to buy water guns and have a war between the hermanas. THis week I also made a balance board out of a desk top and a fire extinguisher. Its pretty fun and everyone in the PIso is commited to learning surfing when they get off the mission.

The mission life is very fun we see the craziest things everyday. Your with your best friend exploring new places seeing new things trying new foods and most importantly feeling the joy that comes from sharing the gospel with whoever will listen. I am really enjoying this time. This is one of the best experiances I have ever had.

Yesterday I had to translate for some Africans in church and I felt like I did a pretty good job, its very tricky listening and speaking at the same time. I was doing well untill Patricias two year old started climbing all over me and demanding some attention. THe ward has really grown since we got here its amazing to see. We had a fake MTC for the members the other night and each pair aof missionaries taught a chapter from preach my gospel. It was a lot of fun. ONe of my students was a missionary that served in this mission and lives in Santander. Hermana Arengur knows emily and had just seen her so it was fun to talk to her about how things are going up North. She did say my spanish was better then yours but I am not sure if I beileve that. SHe said all of the missionaries need to speack it more up there.

WE have weeks where we fast from Eglish and I think that is what helps the most. Also durning one of the Classes a man stood up he wasnt a member but he was a friend of a member and he said he had an experiance to share. He pulled out a knife and satrted telling us how he had divine power to control the weather. He showed us how to make three crosses in wood around you and then told us the words to say and he promised it would stop any storm. The HErmanasa were teaching and quite frigthened seeing he had a knife out so I stood up and helped him to his seat thanking him for his comment. He was off his rocker thats for sure.

Tell Devin I am sorry I am always trying to do my emails so fast I realized it was him half way through the week. Tell him he is making the right decision in getting baptized. the surfing sounds incredible I am excited to shred some waves with you when I get home. NOt a lot more going on. I love you all thanks for the prayers. Emily thanks for your letter sounds like your having similar amazing experiances. I feel like I learn so much everyday I really love and enjoy this work.

Love Logan

Dad Thanks for your great letters the canose story was great. I am very content right now I ll be getting a new companion in two weeks and I am a wee bit nervous but I am sure everyhting will be great. It is hard to keep the piso clean especially after the kids that had their moms baby them their entire life. Dad please send Athletes foot cream as wel somthing strong nothing I buy is working. Maybe you can slip it in the the first package when you get it back.

Emily - Coruna Week 1

Hello Everyone that I love....

Well Im here in my new city and its hard to believe. First of all I will answer dads questions or his business items as he would say. Please do send me the new camera. Mine started working again and the memory card still has lots of space. The problem is with the shutter, I have to push it open sometimes. Anyways I can tell its going to die soon and I would really appreciate the new camera. Okay now for my new address. I had to figure it out while talking to someone is Spanish so I hope its right...
Sister Emily Gogarty
Manuel Piñeiro Pose 3,
12AA Coruña, España
It seems like Im missing a zip code but she assured me that this was the correct address. SOMEONE send me something and I will let you know if it arrives.

I LOVE my new companion. I know that Im suppose to be here with her. Ive already learned so much Spanish and Im thankful for this opportunity. Suprisingly we have actually been able to communicate pretty well. She wants to learn english too, so its a really good swap. She has lived in Madrid for the last eight years I think and she is 23. She is an in charge kind of person so thats good for me. I was so worried about having to do everything when I got here. Really we just work together and its great. Sometimes I forget that she speaks only Spanish and in the morning I talk to her in english. The other day she looked at me so funny because I talked to her for a couple minutes in english with out even thinking about it. She really is a neat person. She was baptized when she was 16 in Ecuador. I was really ready for this change even though there are things that I miss in Santander.

My first couple days here I was pretty stressed because I had to put a baptism together in Spanish. We spent all day Saturday sitting in the capilla filling up the font. It looks like a big blue swimming pool and it takes hours to fill. They had been teaching the daughter of a less active member. She is 15 and her name is Katherin. She was baptized on Saturday and it was a beautiful experience. The Elders are great here and they helped us pull it all together A LOT. We sang together, Divina Luz. I asked Katherin how she felt afterwards and she said I just feel so good. I feel like something has been lifted off of me that I didnt know was there.

It made me think back to my baptism and how I felt. I remember feeling the Spirit very strongly so much so that I couldnt stop crying. I just felt so good. I look back and that was one of the happiest days of my life. But is was a different kind of happiness that is hard to describe. Baptism with the authority of God is really an incredible thing. How amazing it is to watch someone make such a sacred covenant with God. I know that this church has the authority of God, Im reminded of this everyday quite frequently.

I already LOVE the members here. There is a family here that I can already tell are going to be my favorite. At church on Sunday the cutest lil girl ran up to me and grabbed my hand. She pulled me down by the hand to her height and began to talk like she was 20 years old. Her name is Aurora. She listened to me introduce myself and heard that I came from Santander. Her family went camping there during the week so she told me all about it. Then she pulled me over to her dad and said on the way that he needed to talk to me. He speaks english pretty well and it was nice to visit with him. He told me that he wants his kids to know who the missionaries are and he invited us over for FHE. His wife is awesome and Im excited to get to know them better.

While at church on Sunday I was thinking a lot about what Grandpa wrote about in his last letter. There are some amazing families in this branch and they need to be used. I also thought about a talk by Elder Bednar in the conference Ensign. He talked about how its is the responsibility of the members to find and miss. to teach. I met so many great families on Sunday and Im sure they have family friends that need to hear the gospel. Anyways I hope that I can do what I was called her to do. Its amazing to be a part of this. I wish you could just be in my backpack for the day and see what goes on. Its impossible for me to describe and I want you to be a part of it.

Sorry I made you almost cry dad. Everytime I think about you all for too long my eyes fill up a little bit. Right now I think its like 5 in the morning there and Im trying to picture you sleeping in your beds. I love you so much! Thank you for being my family. I hope you have a wonderful week. Love,The SisterSister Jessica-I love those pics. of that beautiful baby. She looks familiar, its weird. Anyways in one of the pics she looks A LOT like you. I cant wait to hold her someday. I love you! Sister Sarah-write me! I love you!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Logan - Valencia Week 9


Buisness:I have not recieved tha package we might need to track it.the next package I would love if you could slip in a thing that counts steps or miles or somthing I want to map a mile in the park to run. Oh and the pueblo commerance thing with me surfing. Also the back page to that magazine the elders want to see it. My companion wants surifng lessons from you when he gets back.

Dad thanks for the great letter I was so excited to read about the river and MOM ! Your surfing! You are better then most kids my age if you can sit in the wave its good to be stuck in the wave most people cant stay in it. I am very impressed keep up the good work! be one with the water and once your surfing just relax and slow everything done in your mind. you have to just feel it a lot like driving a stick shift car. Our fmaily is becoming a surfing family I am very happy about that. I ll make sure to marry a girl that can shread some waves with the family so we can go on good surfing vacations.

I was reading a Church Magazine this week and one article said (I dont think there is one thing better for a son and father then fishing) I started laughing and thought I can think of a 101 things better. Dad thanks for being such and amazing father. If we could choose our parents I would choose You and Mom. I thought back and told some of the Elders the places and things we have done togther and was amazed thinking about some of the trips we ve been on. Camping with nothing in the desert lost, dirtbiking through the mountains of El Salvador, Surfing in Baja, climbing 14000ft peaks in CO, Sailaing in Mexico and the list goes on and on. We have some incredible trips and adventures togther and I wouldnt trade them for anything in the world. I remeber the first and last time we went fishing up in San Isabel and we both decided that was enough of that. DOnt get me wrong fishing is great and a good time to talk with your kids but I enjoyed sitting on our surfboards out in the ocean talking a lot more. Thank you for the adventures and friendships.

This week has been great I baptized Patricia on Saturday and we confirmed her yesterday. Its amazing to see the Happiness and the change that has come into her life. Her eyes have a light that they did not have the first night we knockecd on her door. She has quit smoking and counties to tell us how her burdens have been ligthedn and shee feels peace and feels good. The Gospel and Holy Ghost Makes us feel GOod. I have never been so happy or content in my entire life. I have been consistently happy since I got here. The more we obey the better we feel. I dont need to buy a new pair of jeans or do somthing fun to feel good there is a big differeance, true happiness is not just a pleasure that fades away. The Gospel Makes us happy and I am thankful that we have it in our lifes.

This week I have got rid of all the dishes in the Piso besides 4 sets because doing dishes has got so out of control it makde me laugh and think of you Dad because I remeber you tryingot do that in the summer times when we were younger. So far its working out though. We have been teaching English Classes each week and that has been a lot of fun. We are hoping ot get some people intrested in the church from it as well. Its funny to listen to them same words in english with the Spanish accent I can only imagine how bad I sounded hopefully itsgetting my accent is getting better though. Everything is going well. This transfer is over on August 10th and I am worried that my coomp is leaving.

I ll will be sad to see him go we have grown every close and seen so many miracles togther. Well I am sure this is plenty for one letter hope all is well have a great week everyone. Today we are going to a BUll Fight! I am excited it should be pretty intresting I have my Spain tie on and I ll be sure to take some good pictures. Aaron send me a letter you lazy punk you cant just take my place as my Dads child and forget all about me. I would love to hear from you and see how your doing. Love Elder G

Emily - Santander Last Week

Hello Everyone that I love...I have emails from Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa. Thank you so much Im exicted to read them when I get home. Also I got a letter from brother this week. I love you brother. I have some pretty big news. Im heading out and Im scared out of my mind. Tomorrow at 7 in the morning I get on a bus for like eight hours. I don´t think logan and I have the chance of seeing each other anymore. Although I will be closer to home now. Im going to A CouruÑa another town on the coast. I will be with an hermana that has one transfer in the mission but already speaks Spanish because GUESS WHAT she is from Ecuador! Oh and she was in the CCM with brother and Im going to be in the same district as one of brothers friends too. I think she has lived in Spain for the last couple years but anyways Im excited to be with her. Her name is Hermana Garcia.

I´m excited to leave and start this new adventure but so scared too. I have no idea what Im doing. Im really going to have to rely on the Lord a lot. I am really happy to know that my Spanish is going to ROCK! It might be rough at first but Ill be thankful later on that I got the Spanish down early on in the mission. Anyways I don´t know what my new address will be but I guess I will miss moms letter this week. Ill try to get it to you as soon as I can. It feels weird to be leaving here. I started packing this morning and felt like I just unpacked yesterday.

Once again time is running out and I want to just share with you a wonderful experience we had this week. We met a man whose name is Dethoria and he is from Congo. We started teaching him and at first I was really frustrated because he doesn´t really speak Spanish very well. I was thinking, oh my goodness he is never going to get this all. I quickly realized that its not important for him to understand everything perfectly. We just need to invite him to come unto Christ. When we shared the first vision tears were rolling down this big, dark man´s cheeks. I don´t think he even understood all the words but he felt the Spirit testify to him. After teaching him he apologized for not being able to give us a drink because he had nothing to give. He lives in a very humble piso. I remembered that I had some food in my bag from another investigator. I left it on my seat. He came to church yesterday and a baptism of an 8 year old girl. He asked us if he could be baptized again even in he was baptized in his country already. Ive never met a more humble man. He doesn´t understand everything and he isn´t even close but he feels the Spirit testify to him that the gospel has been restored.

I love feeling the Spirit so strongly everyday as I testify of Christ´s church. Everything just makes sense. I can´t believe Im a representative of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sister-I added your email address to one of my friends MSN messanger. She isn´t a member but she is awesome. You guys can try to talk to each other. I love you...write me when you get back from AFY. Brother-Im pretty excited because the other day we found the coolest girls on the street from Valencia. They are probably in their mid twenties. ANyways they were super nice and Im going to send you her address in a letter because I can´t read her handwriting very well. Im so excited to give you a reference, how cool huh? I love you!Sister Jess-I love your baby she is beautiful. You look like a mom. Send me some pics. in the snail mail okay. I love you!brother Coby- haven´t heard from you for a while....please write me. I hope your doing well. I love you!Okay thats all I can get out right now. Im too tired to do emails anymore. Sorry if they are becoming more lame every week. I do love each one of you with all of my heart. I will get you my new address as soon as I can. By the way snail mail letters are starting to slow down quite a bit. Everyone told me this would happen after I had been out for 6 months. I told them that my family was different. I love you!Love,the sister

Monday, July 14, 2008

Emily - Santander Week 17


Hello Everyone that I Love....Ok I think I finally pulled myself back together during the week after the big cry fest last Monday. One of the Elders asked me how email was and I started balling again. I think I made him feel really sad, he didn´t know what to do. I really want to be there and be a part of that but I do know with all my heart that this is where Im suppose to be. Im grateful to feel so sure about being here. It helps give my fuerza through some of the difficult times. There is no doubt in my mind that Im in the right place right now. Miracles are happening here everyday, sometimes really small ones but there happening. I love this experience. I wish I could describe and show to you what is going on here everyday.

On Saturday I had a really neat experience with a man named Pablo. Ive told you about him before. He has a lot of dudas but we keep going back every Saturday and last Sunday he finally came to church. Him coming to church was a miracle. I think I talked a lil bit about that in the last email but a couple days ago we met with him again. We were teaching the second and it got way off course. My comp. looked at me and was like the spirit isn´t here and I agreed with her. At that moment an idea popped into my head. I needed to tie it back to the Restoration. We talked about overcoming physical and spiritual death. To overcome spiritual death there are steps you have to take-fourth article of faith...right DAD! I told him that baptism and confirmation can only be done with the power of God that was restored through a prophet. The EXACT words that I was suppose to say to him came into my mind. I didn´t even know what I was really saying, I just had words coming through my head in sentences. If that makes any sense. The Spirit took over my whole body. I was shaking as I testified to him of baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost given to man under the authority of God. I told him that I knew he could feel somthing right now in the room and he shouldn´t forget that feeling. I also said that when he gets baptized that feeling can be a constant companion. It was a really neat experience and Im thankful for the opportunity to be an instrument in God´s hands.

The experiences Im having right now aren´t like anything Ive experienced in my life before. We really are set apart from the world and its really nice. This week went by so fast, in fact I cannot believe that this transfer is over. I find out on Friday if I am leaving for sure. Im interested to see what will happen.

Today was a great pday. We went to a beautiful arch by the ocean and had lunch. It was nice to get out of Santander but im exhausted. Its hard to not just lay around all day on the piso. I got a letter from brother on Thursday and I loved it. The pics were great. Dad told me that I don´t send enough pics. Im going to try and get some printed off today. Santander really is beautiful. WE saw some amazing stuff today.

Just yesterday I finished five months in the mission and in two days I will have six. Time is... well I dont even know what that word means anymore. This is crazy! I know I represent Christ´s Church and everyday that I testify of that truth my conviction of that truth grows even deeper. I love feeling the Spirit and helping people find out that there is a living prophet on the earth today. One lady the other day that we taught asked us if the Catholic church knew that we have another book of scripture. She too felt like the whole world should know that we have a living prophet that speaks to God and we have another book of scripture. I love this work and everyday Im figuring things out a little more. I feel happpy even though I miss you all like CRAZY! Thank you for loving me and praying for me. I love you!

Love, EM (Hermana Gogarty)

Emily - Santander Week 16


Wow sorry the letter this week is going to be really lame and short. Im too busy looking at the beautiful pics of my new neice Brenna. I can´t believe that she is here and that im an aunt and that my sister is a mom. Im sitting in a internet place right now crying my eyes out and my neck is bright red. I love you all so much and i especially love that new baby. Im going to hold her in my dreams tonight. I just can´t believe how much i love u guys and how much I miss you sometimes. This is the hardest and most rewarding thing Ive ever done. We taught the most amazing first lesson on saturday night from a lady that I contacted on the street. When we showed up she had invited two of her friends and they all had their bibles ready to hear the word of God is how they say it. One of the ladies taught everyone how to pray because missionaries had found her in the hospital years ago and taught her how to pray so she could feel better. She never knew until then that praying was actually talking to God and not something memorized. They understood the whole lesson and knew that they just had to pray to know if it was true. Ifelt the Spirit so strongly as i testified about families and the Restoration through the Prophet Joseph Smith. All of them showed up for church and i almost started crying especially when i saw Pablo an investigator ive told u about before. He came to church and he was hiding behind the door and I started screaming when I saw him. He has been so difficult but we are finally resolving a lot of his dudas and he showed up all dressed up for church. It was a miracle that he came. I loved this Sunday and I loved seeing so many people show up, it was awesome.Im a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of LAtter Day Saints. The only true church on the face of the earth. I can´t believe I represent Christ´s church. I love testifying everyday of my Savior and His Church. Families can indeed be together forever and we have a living Prophet on the earth today who holds the Priesthood.I know this is short, sorry. I love you all so so so much. I still can´t believe that Im here sometimes. I pray for you all the time and I hope you all have a wonderful week. Love,the sister

Logan - Valencia Week 9

Thanks for the emails, ethan, nick, reese, jenny, jace, I really enjoyed the pictures of your guys climbing greenhorn that looked like an amazing trip. Dad thanks for the plant its not a venus fly trap but its still great its and octopus plant and there is no flysd left5 in our piso. I cant believe it made it alive. Thanks !

This week has been great. We ate with some Africans who cooked us up some nice pig feet stew. As you can imagine it didnt tast the greatest but I was polite and ate it anyways. I cant believe some of the things I have eaten already.

We are having a meeting with the ward this week and encouraging everyone to buy Preach my gospel manuals. I really think this will help strengthen the ward a ton. I read the book our heritage and I was curious about our ancestors. If you could send me some iunfo on Daniel Webster Jones that would be great.

I dont have a ton of time but I would like to tell you about a blessing we gave this week A lady that was hving back spasims was meeting with the Hermanas she was in wuite a bit of Pain so the Hermanas called us to come give a blessing. We taught her shortly about the priesthood and asked her if she had believed that she could be healed. She said she did and as we layed our hands on her head for the blessing I felt so much power through my body and I could tell Elder Carpenter felt the same. We gave a blessing and as we finsihed she said she was fine. I am thankful that we have the same preisthood that the apostles had when they were with Christ. What an amazing thing to be a part of. With faith everything is poissible. Sounds like all is well, Dad thanks for your great stories. I am out of time. Have a great week !

Elder G

Logan - Valencia Week 8

I recieved letters form Audrey, Jessica, and Mom I think, thank you everyone Jessica how does it feel to be a MOM! I am so excited for you and nick you will be great parents. I am and Uncle! how wild is that. Congratulations I was very excited to hear all about it, what an amazing experiance.

I see miracles everyday and this week I would like to share two of them with you. This sunday was fast and testimony meeting and we had invited Patricia to come again but it is hard for her because she works late the night before and has kids without a husband to help. Kevin her son that is handicapped has really become good friends with Elder Carpenter and me he calls us by our first names and gets excited when we show up at his house. As I was sitting in church I didnt see patricia so I offered a pray asking for God to help prompt Patricia to come to church even though it is a lot of work for her to get there. I knew that thats where she needed to be though regardless. 20 mins later she walks through the door with kevin. I was very happy to see her and greatful that God had heard and answered my prayers. I was tlaking to her after and she said she wasnt planning on coming but Kevin came into her room and said Mom Why arent we at church with Logan? she then quickly got dressed and rushed over. It was amazing and is amazing to see the change in her life. Not only spiritually but physically, everytime we go over so is glowing a little more. The first time we met her she had dark eyes looked sad, now she is feeling looking and doing better.

WE need to all be greatful for the blessings we have and take advantage of everyday. We need to see the Bad occasioanlly to be greatful for the God. Patricia I am sure can atest to this. She is done smoking and is getting baptized on the 19th.

Testimony meeting was going well untill a crazy guy got up and started telling us how the church was a conspiracy and he was slamming his scriptures on the pulpit screaming. He was a scary looking man that people usually just avoid because he is a little crazy. The spirit that was in the room of course left and I was at the verge of getting up and escorting him to his seat. The bihop wasnt there but the 2nd counselor finally took charge. A strong (strong in spirit) member then got up and testified it was beautiful to feel the sudden contrast in the room from good to bad, to better. I could tell our investiagtors really felt it as well. When we hear truth or testify of truth We can know its true through the power of the holy ghost. I am greatful for the comforter that Jesus sent us when he left.

I was able to finish Jesus the Christ a few days ago and I can honestly say that book has changed my life. My understanding of him and love for the savior has grown greatly. I have one more experiance I would like to share.

WE knocked on a Columbians door and a girl 18 answered and started talking with us she said we could come back sunday or yesterday and teach. So through the week Elder Carpenter and I prayed for her and asked God to help prepare her for our message. We also fasted togther for the same purpose. Yesterday as we approached the buzzer I offered another quick pray that they would be there and ready. WE rung the buzzer and waited, there was a long pause I automatically thought ohh darnet and was bummed but then we heard someone yell Elders! off their porch we were suprised they knew who we were. They let us in and the sisters brother happened to be a less active member from Columbia. WE sat with him and he kept saying how did you find me? he wrapped his hands around the Book of Mormon and was very excited to get out his white shirts and ties for next sunday. I am so greatful that God is really there and guides us everyday. He was ready to come back to church just needed the invite,

I feel like my eyes have been opened and my understanding of the gospel has really grown. Even the things they tell you your whole life in church I really grasp them and understand them now. No doubt this is from the inspired Preach my Gospel Manual. This should be studied by everyone. I wish I could go back ine time and have all the people ask me the same questions about the church. I could answer with much more power an authority thanks to preach my gospel. I laughed when you mentioned that Dad because all the Elders and I had decided the same thing Elder Aguiar is the new addition in the piso and is a ton of fun. He is Elder Bergs new Companion.

I ve decieded to learn somthing from everyone I meet. Everyone in the world has somthing that I can use to my advantage. Wheter it is a lesson they learned the hard way, a trait, or hobby. If we meet everyone person and think what can I offer them and what can they offer me we will learn so much. Elder Aguiar for instance was a champ at Kenpo a type of karate so every morning we go to the park and he teaches me different moves. With my companion as well I learn new things everyday and we a lot of fun. I usually come home with a headache form laughing so hard. Being united in the Companionship I ve realized is a neccesary step in seeing success and miracles. I love you all thanks for the letters! Jessica and NIck Congrats I am super excited for you Love Elder G

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Logan - Valencia Week 7

Grandpa Thank you for your email last week! I recieved letters from Mom, Jess, and Ashley B. Thanks for all your letters This week has been quite intresting We had a few really fun eating citas and now some good stories. First we ate at this Mans House Vicente Peris and all 6 of the missionaries ate at his house togther. He opened the oven and there was lamb and ausage mixed with potatoes cooking and it smelt very good. The other elders in our ward dished up the dishes and made sure to pile a lot of food for the hermanas that always want less. ONe of the Hermanas is actualyl going vegetarian in her nextarea so she dosent have to eat the meat lol. Anyways I dont mind getting a big dish because it looks and smells great. I start eating it and the only thing I could l relate the tast too was one time when sphypoinh gas and getting it in my mouth. I felt fumes coming out of my nose I dont now what that guy cooked it in but it tasted like gasoline. I ate it all and then felt funny the rest of the day I was greatfulk he cooked it for us just a lil worried about what the meat sat in. Some missonaries carry plastic scks in their pockets and hide food in their pockets I may have to put this into practice. Al ot of the food is smazing but sometimes its unbearable. We were able to participate in a service project on saturday witht the ward manos que ayeuden hands that help and it was a ton of fun. We took a bus up to a cave that had a waterfall and swimming hole that overlooked a lot of valencia, this is a place I want to take to guys back too. It was beautiful and we helped beautify it by cleaning up the trail to it. I was excited to hear tabout the surfing in glenwood that wave sounds incredible I want to see pictures of that for sure. I am glad you guys or working on getting my venus fly trap I am pretty excited about that. Spain won the Europe cup this weekend so everyone has been going crazy and is generally more happy. The streets are wild at night with people celebrating every night is a party here. Dad you should look into buying a vespa scooter to take surfing at the river. It seems like the perfect vehicle for living in pueblo. I am excited to hear about Jess baby next week dont forget to tell me. The first transfer is up and Elder Hansen is Headed North I am sad to see him leave he reminds me a lot of Coby. Everything else is staying the same I imagine this is my last transfer here in Valencia but we will see. WE are really Working with the ward this transfer and going to get on them to help us a bit more. We also had our first Baptisam this week! Nelson has been baptized and confirmed and is a great editon to the church I have never seen anyone so excited to learn. He has a strong testimony its fun to see him grow. This weeekend we are baptizing Patricia and I am very excited for her as well. We have to go pick up our new elder at the station so I need to leave but sounds like all is well. Happy B-day Emily hope the work is going well over in santander is sounds like a pretty place. Elder Berg in our piso his aunt owns a castle there you might need to check out. Dad congrats on the race I want to do some tris with you when I get back. Have a great weeks thanks for your letters Love you all Elder G