Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Logan - Lorca Week 1


Well last night I moved to Lorca with is the furthest south in the mission that you can go. THis is my new Adrress

Elder Logan Gogarty
C/ Castilla 5, 2B
Lorca, España 30800

I actually took the place of Elder Carpenter my trainer. He was in a threesome and went zone Leader in the Islands I took his place and now have two companions Elder Worthen from Ogden UT and Elder Kempkens from Germany. We have to speak in SPanish because Elder Kempkens English is not too good. We have a super nice piso but it is really small. I have been organiszing and stressing all night trying to find places for things but its just way too small. I did make a lot more space but I am going to buy some containers today to put stuff under the beds and I also want to throw just about everything away. Elder Worthen and I have a lot of the same intrests so we should have a fun time togther. I am also excited to learn a little german culture as well. I am very sad to have left Elche. It was extremely hard saying bye to Gustavo and his family. I gave them a hymn book with a picture and letter durning sacrament and they started balling. I will def. want to visit them when I come back. Lorca looks like a good place its a little smaller then ELche and it only has a branch here. We had a cita right when I got here last night as I got off the train and it went well. Its a little weird teaching with three people but I am sure we will get better at it. I think today we are going to just explore the city a little bit. The weather here is a little warmer and I hope I get transfered before summer hits becasue its going to be really hot. everything is going well so far and I m sure I ll have more to tell you next week after I learn the area a little better. Dad thanks for the great letter it was very funny. COby happy b-day! If you could find me a jump drive that I can plug my xd card into that would be fantastic as well as some new labels. Well Love you all Elder G

Monday, January 26, 2009

Emily - Vigo Week 4


Hello Family...It has been a very rainy week. A couple days ago we got stuck in a huge rain storm on our way home. Our stuff is STILL drying out. Everyone watched us run home because we were the only ones in the street. Everyone else was hiding in bars. We got so wet we could ring our hair out. As we ran down the street I yelled back to my companion, welcome to nothern Spain. She couldnt believe how much it rained and I just pretended like it was out of the blue and probably would never happen again...wooops. I dont want her to know all the surprises at once.LOL!Dad said by now I should have conquered all my fears and it is strange how I do feel that way. I feel very comfortable here and that makes me kind of nervous. Ive never stayed comfortable for very long in life. I know there is still a lot of Spanish to learn but I can talk to anyone now. Contacting people still makes me pretty nervous but still I feel better about it then I did when I first came out. I feel very confident when Im teaching. Of course it helps that I speak Spanish better and you would think that its because I understand the scriptures amazing well but really it is because Ive learned how to follow the Spirit and apply simple gospel principles to everything. All the things that I thought would make me a great teacher haven´t really, it has been loving the people with all my heart and applying the gospel to their lives. I LOVE teaching, it has become my most favorite part of the mission. Ive always enjoyed listening to people but its more fun as a missionary because I can always share the gospel. The most exciting news is that our Nigerian friend Ricky is getting baptized on the seventh of march. I dont even know where to start explaining how that all came about. When I first started teaching him I thought he just has us come over so that he could preach to us from the bible but that has changed. I started picking out BOM chapters to go with Bible chapters and he has fallen in love with the BOM. For the last couple weeks we have just been reading with him and helping him get into the BOM. Then in the last visit we started teaching lesson three. In the middle of the lesson he told us that he would be baptized. He had a dream of two people dressed in white that wanted to give him a book and told him that he was a child of destiny. When hermanas showed up on his door he was waiting for them to give him a book. He allowed them to teach him and started coming to church. He has gone every week with out missing one Sunday for the last couple months. He told us that he has visited a lot of churches but in this one he felt something special as he entered for the first time. He continued learning and he has really gained a testimony because he always does his part. That reminds me of what dad said in his letter, about keeping our promises. I know that Heavenly Father really blesses us as we do what He has asked us to do, even with something so simple, like reading. Ricky really has gained a testimony of the BOM through the Spìrit and PMG says those two things are the biggest converters to the gospel. Anyways he continued telling us about all these dreams he has been having and that he has prayed about baptism. I think he has even fasted too. Then he told us of another dream where he was all dressed in white standing in a big pool of water. I worry about him because he doesnt speak Spanish at all really but I knew that I had to committ him to being baptized. After I asked him he left room, I think to pray and then came back and wrote 7 March on my agenda. He truly has been converted and is so prepared to be baptized. I hope he serves a mission. Most of the time he teaches us as we teach him. I showed him the picture from conference of the saints in Nigeria, he loved it! I think he is really going to help bring the gospel to more people in Spain and in his country. It was a really neat experience and as we walked down the stairs after the visit, I looked back at my comp. and asked her if that blew her mind, she just nodded. Im grateful to be a part of peoples lives as they find the truth or even sometimes just get closer to finding the truth.We had a great visit with Manuel Santos and Ana this week. Ana really opened up even more and told me more of her life. She really needs to understand the Plan of Salvation, every part of it. I love being with them and teaching them although sometimes I get overwhelmed. They have become like family and I want so badly to help them gain testimonies of the gospel. We talked a lot and finally I said I know I cant give you faith but if I could I would. I can tell you how to find it for yourselves. I know you both have suffered but that is part of this life. If you will both pray to Heavenly Father, He will listen and your faith in Him with grow. Ana please will you talk to your Heavenly Father tonight. Talk to him about all the bad things that have happened and ask Him to help you understand. You will gain a very special close relationship with Him and you wont be able to live with out prayer. I also asked Manuel Santos to pray and ask Heavenly Father to help him recognize the love He has for him. I told both of them how much I love them and how badly I want them to be happy and have peace. I always pour my heart out to them. I gave Ana a big hug again before I left and told her that I will help her to find happiness in this life because she deserves it. We have eaten more with them than with members. They really do take very good care of us. I feel very close to them and I just pray that I will be able to help them progress. I love my Heavenly Father and Im so grateful to know that He loves me. I pray to Him and He listens. He sent His son to pay for our sins. The Book of Mormon is the word of God and anyone can read it and pray to know if it is true. Im grateful to be a missionary and Im grateful to my family for teaching me the gospel of Jesus Christ. If I had to send you a final note in only 25 words it would be. I love each of you with all my heart. Do everything you can to be worthy to live together forever or I will hurt you. Read President Monsons talk.I sure do love you. Thank you for loving me!Love,The Sister

Logan - Transfer


26 January 2009

Brother and Sister Gogarty

6 Swift Arrow Ct.

Pueblo, CO 81001

Dear Brother and Sister Gogarty,

Transfers are taking place this week in our mission. Elder Gogarty’s new area is Lorca and his new address is the following:

C/ Castilla 5, Edf Principe de Asturias
Piso 2, B
30800 Lorca, Murcia

This address is effective as of today.

We're happy to have Elder Gogarty in the Spain Barcelona Mission. Thank you for your support in this work.


W. Christopher Waddell

President, Spain Barcelona Mission


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Emily - Vigo Week 5


Hello My Family...
Well I think I got all of my Christmas mail at conference yesterday. It seems to take a little longer for my mail to get to me, here in Vigo. On Saturday at district meeting H. DuVall brought me a package from Cristina and Jared. THANK YOU! Then at conference I got more letters then I have received in my whole mission. The Elders were a little upset. They kept looking for letters with their names and they kept finding letters with my name. HAHA! I got letters from Ash, Sister Emmel, Bro. Chambers, and Sister Reed. Then a couple of the hermanas that I have served with sent me a couple letters. It was fun to hear from everyone. I also received the Christmas letter from Grandpa and Grandma. I liked seeing pictures of everyone. Grandpa said something in his letter about how Im the favorite grandchild and so he started putting fifteen extra dollars in my account. Dont tell anyone else in the family.LOL!
Yesterday you obviously didnt get a letter from me. I was at zone conference in Santiago. About two hours away in train. I always learn so much and I like how President always applies what we learn to our lives as missionaries and our lives after the mission. IT was sooooo good to see everyone. Its funny because they have kind of become like family. I saw the hermanas from A Coruña and an Elder that I hadnt seen since my first area. It was nice to chat and laugh. We all walked to a cathedral after the conference and took some pictures. Every once in a while I just have these weird moments where I think about how crazy and random it is that Im in Spain as a missionary with a bunch of people that I didnt know a year ago. Talking with that Elder from my first area, made me realize how much of my mission already seems like a dream.Time just keeps passing by.
On Sunday I had one of the best experiences I have had in my whole mission. Remember Manuel Santos the really smart man we are teaching. He had a friend move in with him this week. She is there to kind of help him cook and things like that. Anwyas her name is Ana and she is from Colombia but lived in Portugal most her life. She came to church with us on Sunday. She has had a hard past according to Manuel. I was happy that she came to church but then started feeling a little uneasy when we talked about baptisms for the dead in RS. They invited us over for lunch and I wanted to talk to explain everything and answer all their questions so we went. She had no knowledge of the church as far as I know. I prayed really really hard that Heavenly Father would guide me and help me know what to say. I felt like there was a lot to explain. I started talking about the Word of Wisdom. Ive never done that in a first lesson before. Manuel is a big wine drinker. I read the promise from DC and explained to him that it didnt matter to me what science has said. I believe in a prophet and with faith I followed him and I have been blessed. I shared a couple personal experiences and just really tried to open up to him with my heart. He tries so hard to explain everything with science and the spirit just quiets him as I speak. As I finished explaining the WOW, he looked at me quiet and said you have opened my heart hermana and I want to continue learning. I did a brief overview of the first and the BOM to try to help Ana figure out what was going on. I felt so connected to her. As I talked to her about the restoration and why Im here to share this message, I felt the spirit very very strongly. I was almost in tears. I looked at her straight in the eyes while I bore my testimony. She just started crying. Everything about the message was familiar to her. It filled a hole in her heart that she didnt know was there, I watched it happen. I know she is one of the women from my blessing. We go back on Wednesday to teach the Plan of Salvacion. She gave me a big hug before I left and couldnt stop saying thank you. It was so nice to hug her. She was prepared to hear the gospel and I think she will help Manuel a lot with his faith. I watched it kind of bother him that we felt this special bond of faith. Wow anyways incredible experience. Manuel joked with me as we left and said that I never stop preaching. I just touched my heart and told him that its all that I am and I cant help it. He just laughed and said I know, I know.
We also had a not so good experience this week earlier on. A really wonderful lady from the rama is going through some major problems right now. We stopped by because we wanted to practice teaching and she unloaded. We made some food for her and her kids and helped her pack up. Its a long story but Im thankful Heavenly Father guided us there so we could help her.
I know that Heavenly Father loves us. I know that Christ is my Savior. I know that this is His church because I cant deny what I feel as I testify.
I love you all so much. Thanks for the prayers and love!
I got my one year letter. We wrote ourselves when we first came in and then we get it at one year. It was soooo weird.
The Sister

Logan - Elche Week 10


I recieved letters from the Roberts, Mom, and a B-day card from Grandpa and Grandma Gogarty. The card arrived on the 14th so it was a nice suprise, you timed it just right Grandpa! Thank you very much for the money and the card.

Well last preparation day I wanted to buy a sweater and I ended up walking out with a new suit. The suits here arent very expensive and I like the sytle a lot more. Wedensday we had zone confrence which was really good and I learned a lot. After the confrence when we came back to Elche we ate with a family that made me a B-day cake. Then when I got home the other Elders had made me another one. Then Thursday we ate with the Fmaily from Columbia that we baptized and they had bought me a cake. So I had three cakes which was great but I m going to have to run a little harder this week. I cant think of what really happened this week but we did start teaching English classes and I am really enjoying it. We have more then 20 people coming and we are teaching just as a free service. After the class we leave a spiritual message and they can stay if they want. I have realized how poorly I understand english and am trying to learn it a little better. The best way to learn somthing is to teach it to someone else it seems. You have to have it clear in your mind to be able to explain to someone else clearly. Nothing to much happened this week, today we are going to go for a long run and then just relax. Transfers will be this sunday so if you have any mail to send do it today or else I wont get it if I am leaving. Either the mail man is stealing my mail or no one is writing, Id like to blame the mail man but today is my 10 month mark and everyone says this is when the mail stops. We ll see. I love you all thanks for the prayers and support.


Elder G

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Emily - Vigo Week 4


Hello Beautiful Family...
Oh it has been a crazy week. Actually every week in the mission is crazy in one way or another. I did get letters this week from mom and jess. Then today when I went down to do email I had a letter from mom and I will read it once Im done email. I have emails from pops, Grandpa Gogarty, and Jess. Im excited to do the study tomorrow that Grandpa sent. I am so blessed to have such an amazing family. Not only are my parents fabulous but my grandparents too. Thank you for the letters. Im glad you enjoyed my videos. Oh pops if you think you were crying like a baby watching my videos, you should have seen me when I watched the ones Jess sent. How is it possible to love people so much, to the point that its just overwhelming? I dont know how people move here away from their families for years. Im moving home and never leaving again. Im going to be that weird kid that lives in the basement. I hope you are prepared for that.
So the biggest news you are all waiting for is....how is my greenie? She is fantastic(I started saying that word because our Nigerian inv. says it)-funny but anyways, no really Im so grateful for her. I prayed for her and she prayed for me. We are A LOT alike, so much that today the man that owns the cyber, where we do email asked me if we were from the same place because we seem a lot alike. We are already having a great time together. Her name is Hermana Rudder and she is from Boise, ID. She is really tall and our humor is the same. The Elders are actually scared of us. You know how I tease people well she is like that too and they just dont know how to handle it. Especially because before us there were two quiet hermanas. It has been crazy being in charge of everything. I thought I had the gift of tounges in the beginning well now its just happening all over again. My understanding has increased a bunch. My ear is still plugged from my cold and that has been a little frustrating with so much Spanish going on but understanding another language is just weird. Ive really enjoyed being myself in Spanish. Even just with the people for example that work in this cyber, we are really good friends. I chatted with the wife while my comp. wrote her family to tell them she got here okay. We didnt talk a ton about the church but they definately talked to me about why im here and why I came. I was able to share a little with them and they told me how much they respect us for what we do. It was nice to just talk with them.
We had a crazy visit with Manuel Santos this week, a man from Portugal. He is a mason and a brain doctor. Sometimes the lessons get pretty crazy, especially with the member we invited. I dont want to say they were fighting but it was a little heated conversation. Everytime people start talking about crazy off the wall ideas the thoughts that come to my mind through the spirit are always simple and powerful. I love how the answers always go back to the simple principles of the gospel. I started testifying and shared my experience of how I came to know the Book of Mormon was true when I was 16. I didnt realize it but my comp. told me later that it was the only time the room was totally quiet and he listened intently to every word I said. Its interesting to have her thoughts after the lesson because she mostly is just observing. I realized how use to feeling the spirit I have become and how much I need to recognize it and be grateful for it.
When he came to the church the one person that shook his hand, looked to me and said is he an investigator or a member. I didnt answer her because I HATE THAT QUESTION. Everyone that reads this email dont ever do that, EVER! I looked over at Manuel Santos like lets look at her like she is the alien and see how she likes it. He just laughed and because he is reading the BOM he told her that he was a gentile. She didnt get it but we laughed and she walked aways. WOOPS, I dont think she will be helping us in any visits but seriously I wanted to say well Hermana so and so this is a person and his name is Manuel Santos. We talked to our ward mission leader and he suggested someone to help us in the visits and its actually the councilor to President DuVall. I think things are going to go a lot better now. He really does want to find the truth he is just really confused. He has to be thee most confused person I have ever taught.
I set up a couple visits this week with some menos activos and members. We are going to stop by teach them the first to remind them of what they have and then ask them to choose through prayer a street for us to work on. Then once we find someone they will help us at church and in visits. I want to start from the beginning with a member instead of beating our brains to think of someone to come with us and then they come and it ends up being a disaster. I can see how well everything would work if it was done it the right way. I read the talk in the Ensign from the Priesthood session about fufilling the calling that you have been given. I think it was called lift where you stand and I loved it. I can see so clearly where I failed as a member before the mission. I hope to do a better job of that when Im home. I really am excited to help the missionaries when I am a member. Hopefully I can help some members here figure out how to better help the missionaries. The work isnt going to change here until the members and the missionaries are united in the work. Anyways just some thoughts sorry.
I sure love you all so much. Preach my Gospel tells us that the BOM and the Spirit is what will convert the hearts of the people we teach to the gospel. I know that is true because that is what happened to me. I was 16 and I began reading the BOM everyday and praying about it. I remember specifically one day kneeling at my bed and begging Heavenly Father to help me know if what I had been taught my whole life was true. The Spirit touched my heart and ran through my whole body. I love the Book of Mormon and I love prayer. It really is the simple gospel principles that can change lives. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I know He payed the price for my sins. His church has been restored through the prophet Joseph Smith.
I love you all dearly and I am praying for you.
The Sister

Logan - Elche Week 9


Thanks Mom and emily for your letters last week! And Grandpa for your email today!

This week has been a highlight week for my Mission. Saturday night Jamie was Baptized. Before her baptism there was a stake meeting and two Elders from the Seventy were there one of them was Elder Gèrald Caussè. He spoke in the last general Confrence and gave a wonderful talk on how all of Gods children can understand the gospel. He was invited to stay for the Baptism and was happy to do so. It was a very neat experiance for the whole family after as my COMpanion and I introduced Jamie and her Family to Elder Caussè and translated for them as he gave them advice as new members of the church. I had a very nice time visiting with him and actually got to translate for him the next day in church. I felt the spirit most strongly as we sang Divina Luz with just the missionaries. THe whole service was very uplifting and a great testimony builder for the whole family. This family from columbia has been worth all the hard times I have had and all the hard times that will come. I have been in Elche specifically for them and will never forget some of the experiances we have had togther.
My birth day is Wednesday! as well as Zone confrence down in Murcilla, I am very excited to have confrence we always learn so much. My transfer ends the 25th so it would probly be wise to not send letters after the 18th of this month. I could stay I could go we will just have to wait and see. Everyone thinks I am trainging but I dont really know we ll see. You should have a package from me soon and I would like it if you could go to wal mart and print of some pictures and send them back here. Pictures of the Baptism just 3 copies of the best one as well as a few copies of me with the Family in front of their little chirstmnas tree. I want to leave those with them if I get transfered. Also if you are in springs if you could pick up extra lead to that pencil you sent me. The color lead. I just want it for back up there is no rush on that. Thanks for all you prays and mail. Love you all

Elder G

Monday, January 5, 2009

Logan - Elche Week 8


Well all my Christmas cards this Christmas really paid off last week. I recieved Packages from Grandpa and Grandma Layton, The Bertoldos, and Jared and Christina. Then I got letters from The Hepworths, Jessica, Laura, The Chambers, and Mom. I also recieved Grandpa and Grandma Gogartys Christmas Card and Money. Thank you everyone so much, It was a great boost durning the week. Well this week has been pretty exciting I wrote down a few things that happened in my planner because I didnt want to forget. We had our interviews witht he president in Alicante this week and so we were rirding the train up the coast to Alicante and stopped in a little beach town to pick up some more people. There was an elderly lady that was trying to get off the train and 3 man standing by her but not lending an arm to help her down. The train is a good little drop and tricky to hop off. From where Elder Tanner and I were sitting we just saw an old lady hit the ground out of the train and we couldnt see her legs becasue they were between the train and the pad. We Immedietly ran from the coach and jumnped out to help her becasue the train was about to leave. We didnt have much time but the others Elders got a bandana from someone in our coach and tissues. Then we quickly bandaged her leg but it was bleeding perfusily. We picked her up and set her on the Bench and then we had to hop back on the train before we got left there. Someone on the train called the Ambulance and I hope it got there okay. The cut was really deep and I felt bad for the lady becasue she had no idea what even happened due to the shock. I wasnt even thinking the whole time because the adrenaline nither was Elder Tanner but I realized that I did learn some things working in the ER with Dad. thats the exciting story for the week. On the other side of things the work here has been going amazingly well. The columbian family I talked with in Church Yesterday and they were fasting and I saw them pay their tighting. Whith which I was extremely happy to see. Its very pleasing to see their faith and commitment growing everyday. I feel very fortunate in being a small part of helping them change. Fast sunday has turned into my favorite sunday. I have seen the most miracles come through fasting. It almost seems extra special during the mission or maybe I just wasnt doing it right before but I really enjoying the first Sunday of the month. My testimony has greatly increased form ly law of fast. Everything is going really well here. THe piso is great and we are still sharing all expenses whihc saves us money and helps us ot eat much better when we are eating in piso. We are having the Baptism of Jamie a 15 yr old girl this saturday so I am excited about that as well. She has gained a strong testimony through reading the Book of Mormon. We had a fun time for new year at a members house. We had a feast of meat that they cooked on open flames and at midnight we ate 12 grapes. Thats the tradition here here I guess its good luck if you eat them all before the last bell strikes. I told them I like our tradition in America better, kissing a girl right when the ball drops. They thought that was wierd. Well Love you all have a great week. My B-day is coming up and the only thing I can think of is one can of A and W root beer would be fantastic. And maybe some more pics of the family. I will just bee using the card Emily sent me for my camera by the way. Love you All Elder G

Emily - Vigo Week 3


Hello my beautiful family....Im sorry it has taken soooo long for me to send a card full of pictures. Remember how I wasnt a myspace freak like Logan and Sarah before the mission. Im not constantly taking pics. of myself so it takes a little while to fill up a card. Im glad you enjoyed the pictures and the videos. Im working on the next card. I got a letter from mom. THANK YOU!Today we went to a pueblo about 50 minutes away from here. It was really pretty. We walked around and took some pictures and then sat down at a cafe and ate churros con chocolate a la taza. Today it is really really cold. I got sick again last week and had to stay in. Sore throat, fever, chills, it was a little different than what I had a couple weeks ago. Im pretty much over it but my ear has been plugged for almost two weeks now. Im pretty much ready for winter to be OVER. I never want to see rain again. SORRY SISTER!I had a great day at church on Sunday. We are teaching a guy whose name is Jose Enrique. He is from here and he is about 30 years old. His wife left him and he moved back in with his mom. He started drinking, smoking and he doesnt have work. We taught him about prayer in the last visit and he prayed, it was beautiful. I love hearing people pray for the first time. He prayed mostly for us and after he was finished I asked him if he felt tranquilo and he said yes. I promised him that he would always feel that as he continues to pray. He is trying to quit smoking but he is a really nervous person and depressed. Anways I can see that little by little he is changing and wanting to be a better person. We invited him to church and we stopped by and he was asleep. We were of course bummed but than 20 mins. after the meeting started he showed up. He has long hair and drives a motorcycle. I was praying that the members would help him feel welcome. It was so good to see him at church. We are also teaching Ricky from Nigeria. He loves the bible but we are trying to help him love the BOM too. We left him with 1 Nephi 11 and he understood it so well. Another miracle is we found a menos activo that lives there too. His name is Charly and he is so cool. We invited him in on the lesson and asked him to come to church. He came with Ricky. He was baptized in Madrid and didnt know where the capilla was here so he started attending another church. I asked him why he was baptized and also to explain to me what the day was like. Oh he had the biggest smile on his face as he told us about his special day. I felt the spirit as he told me about his baptism. I LOVED seeing everyone at church, it made my day. I wish we could have everyone in church every Sunday. Ive been really trying to focus on always giving good direct compromisos and Ive really seen a change in the people we teach. I try to focus on one thing, either prayer, BOM reading or church. I want to help them get really strong in at least one of these things and then they will be able to do the others. Im learning to be more direct. I dont have time to beat around the bush. I wish I would have felt that before. Im excited to take these last six months and really end well. I have a lot of weaknesses but I really can see what I need to do. I pray that Heavenly Father will help me to complete with what I was called here to do. Ive learned so much but I can still see that there is much to learn. I also pray that my body will allow me to keep going. I feel like an old beaten up car that just keeps getting little repairs to keep it going for a little longer. I had to hobble home last night because something happened to my foot. Its bruised all under my toes. I think it was from my shoe. Anways it felt good to walk in tennis shoes today. I want to wear them everyday. I know with all my heart that the church was restored to the earth through a prophet. Praying, reading and attending church can change your life. They are three really small things but I know they work and keep us on track. My greenie is coming on Wednesday. I hope she is a very patient person. Im going to love her and do my best to help her feel great. I will just let her learn little by little like our investigators. I will let you know next week how its going. I love you sooooooooooo much and Im excited to talk to you again in May. That doesnt seem to far away. Les quiero con todo mi corazon.Love,The Sister