Monday, October 27, 2008

Logan - Valencia Week 13


Jenny thanks for your letter and Mom thank you as well. The week has flown by once again. Please dont send anymore mail to the valencia address after today. I have a week more here and the next time we talk i will be in a new area with a new companion. Dad please post this blog today so people know not to send mail here anymore. Just hold onto it for a week untill I get my new adress. The week has been great we had a very inspiring zone confrence and I learned a lot. President compared us to the Rescuers of the Martain and willy hand cart companies. He explained the story in great detail and then related everything they did to us. He talked about their obedience in following President Youngs council, the sacrifice the went through and how they didnt stop until they died, and also the help they recieved from on high. The zone confrence was great and I felt like it was especially related to me as I thought about Daniel W. Jones one of My ancestors who took part in the rescue group. One of the quotes President used while he was describing what happened was from Daniel W. Jones and he used the one where he said I told them that we were better then angels becasue we had what they needed. I felt the spirit very strongly as he described the efforts of the heroic group that saved a lot of people. The spirit was felt very strongly and I felt greatful to be related to such a great man that set such a good example for all of us. We have been working hard with a lot of people this week but had to change both of our baptismal dates becuase no one showed up for church yesterday. That is probly the most frustrating thing for me. One of the kids we are teaching is 17 and we just started teaching his family. We had a great lesson and I felt like I had a ton of hlep with my spanish as I was able to describe everything needed without problems. Its amazing to see how much help I have recieved with my spanish. I know its all been from the Lord. We are going to relax today and get things ready for the transfer. Its crazy to think I will be living with a new person new piso new people new place nect week and I wont know till sunday, the day before. I like the thought of that. I love change and suprises. Thanks everyone for your letters please wait till next week when I post my new address. Love you all Elder G

Emily - A Coruna Week 13

Hello my dear family...Can you believe that October is over. Im calling home in about two months and I cant wait to hear your voices. I got letters from Mel, brother and mom and emails from Pops, my trainer and my dear Grandma. Thank you all, I love you so much. A couple funny things...Im pretty sure that Im loosing my mind. The other day while I was eating something right out of the fridge I blew on it to cool it down. My comp. was just staring at me like I was crazy and then I realized what I was doing. There are so many things in my mind all the time, its crazy!Another funny story or random I guess but normal in the mission...We went to teach the first lesson to a really nice Brazilian lady on Saturday morning. She opened the door and it was obvious that she had just woken up. We wanted to watch a new DVD with her called Finding Happiness. We went to the living room and the DVD player didnt work and so she told us to follow her into another room. Well she turned on the light and there was a man asleep in his bed. I was like oh its okay we can let him sleep and instead we will just talk in the sala. Its so funny to be in random peoples homes all day. At first it was weird but now its weird that its not weird...hope that makes sense. Carmen my friend from Cuba was on my mind again a lot a couple of days ago. We stopped by and her eyes were full of tears. She has a lot going on right now. I just gave her a big hug. She has like three pages of registro and has never come to church but she knows its all true. We stopped by for her yesterday and helped her and her mom get ready and they came!!! It was fun to walk with them to church. The mom is kind of loosing her mind and she is so funny. When I was fixing her hair she told me she was going to find a boyfriend for herself in the capilla. We walked with our arms hooked together to the church. She always tells me the most random things also because she cant hear and she just wants to talk. Sometimes she doesnt know when Im praying and she pats my arms during the prayer. Then she just talks during the whole prayer and every once in a while I look up at her so she doesnt feel left out. I really love those women and I pray that Carmen felt loved and comforted at church on Sunday. We went to the Brazilians house again on Sunday. Ediluza the mom needed a Book of Mormon and asked me to bring her one. I handed it to her and then she came running back and said hermana you didnt write in it. Its funny how all the converts and accustomed to having a blue covered BOM with the testimony of a missionary in the front. I sat down on her couch and wrote her a little note with my testimony. We taught them the story of Nephi going to get the golden plates with pictures. We have to be really creative when we teach because we teach a group of like ten people of all ages. Josinaldos and his wife didnt come to church and it made me sad. Their kids are singing the hymns and praying and I pray that their parents will see the need to change and raise their family in the gospel. After the lesson the kids were really excited for me to hook more links on to their chain. I told them that they could hook them on while Im gone but their mom said that its my job to decide how many to add. I love them so much and I feel right at home with them. I feel the Spirit so strongly as we pray, sing, and talk about the gospel together. Yesterday we sang Families Can Be Together Forever and I was almost crying. Brother told me he is on the verge of tears like all the time and I feel the same way. We are like old people that cry about everything. It really is amazing to be so set apart from all the crap in the world. Katherin is so appreciative for the medicine. They are like my family here too. We taught her the law of chastity the other day and it was awesome. She is so firm and confident in her beliefs. Its fun to watch a young girl take hold of the gospel and be filled with confidence. We had a good chat and we talked about what her friends tell her. She is a good girl and I feel kind of like her big sister. I talk to her like I talk to Sarah. I hope that I can help her more and that she can continue to be strong in the gospel. They gave us some cookies and hot cocoa after the visit. The mom always gives me the I love NY cup to drink out of because she thinks it helps me feel closer to home. So sweet!!Mom and Dad-I love your letters and I love you both with all my heart. Its raining a lot now and my feet are always wet. I guess we are allowed to wear boots right now because of the weather. My comp. bought me some and I need to pay her back. They were 155.00 dollars...ahhh sorry. Could you please put some money in my account. Thank you so much. Just go ahead and put 500 dollars in for every trip dad has taken since I left. Wow we have a lot of traveling to do and a lot of shopping when I get home. Dad is going to pay me back either with beatings or vactions, your choice!I love you all so much. I know this is Christs church because the Spirit testified to me that its true. I love feeling the Spirit. I love representing my Savior. I know that He lives and that He died for me. I love you all soooooo much!!!! I miss you!!!!Love,The Sister

Monday, October 20, 2008

Emily - A Coruna Week 12


Hello my dear family...
Oh my goodness is October really almost over? I am in a time warp and its r=
eally weird. Anyways guess what I finally received that package that you =
sent when I started my mission. I LOVE THE GRANOLA! I dont know if it jus=
t tastes better because I know that it was made be moms hand but man I su=
re have enjoyed eating it for breakfast, Thanks Mom! I also got the camer=
a...yaaaa! I loved looking at the pics that were left on there. I think i=
t might be possible that sister Sarah has more pics with the baby than Je=
ss. The baby is so beautiful and its weird that she is just growing and I=
ve never met her. I saw a baby the other day that has 6 months and she is=
big. I want Brenna to be small still when I see her so tell her to stop =
growing. I got a slip in the mail for the other package for Katherin. I w=
ill pick it up today. Thank you so much for sending that medicine, they a=
re very grateful.=20
Other news that isnt as uplifting, two of our Elders got hit by a car on Fr=
iday night. Remember Elder Fowers my comp. from the MTC. He is in my dist=
rict now and he and his comp. got hit by a car as they were crossing a cr=
osswalk. They people drive like maniacs here. They dont wait until you cr=
oss the whole way. I have felt cars brush by my legs so many times its sc=
ary. Anyways its a miracle that nothing was broken and that Elder Fowers =
the bigger of the two was on the inside. His head went through the windsh=
ield. They will stay in piso for about a week and werent able to come to =
The weather is staring to change again and Im getting a little nervous for =
the rain to start again. In the mornings the city is full of fog. I dont =
know if Im ready to attack the streets with my umbrella again.=20
My new comp. is here and her name is H. Albi and she is from the Islands. H=
er Spanish is really different and she told me that her culture is very d=
ifferent from Spain. Her Spanish more sounds like she is from Cuba. Anywa=
ys she is 26 years old and super sweet. We only have two more weeks toget=
her before two more come. We have a lot to do in the piso to get ready.=
Elder Sterry from the Area Seventy came to our conference on Saturday. The =
leadership meeting and the conference were incredible. He gave us five qu=
estions and told us he would probably never see us again so we should fee=
l comfortable and answer truthfully. The zone leader was not normal throu=
gh the whole meeting but I was grateful that immediately after he said th=
at I felt really comfortable and was able to share my feelings. Elder Ste=
rry really just wanted to know what we need help with and how he can help=
. He and President spoke directly to the hermanas after talking to the El=
ders about their responsibilities. President told Elder Sterry that the h=
ermanas make up forty percent of the numbers they turn in every week. The=
re are only four hermanas in the whole zone. They thanked us for our exam=
ples and the work that we do and I really felt their appreciation and it =
helped me a lot. It was neat that because of attending that meeting I fel=
t prepared for the conference and learned more.=20
The conference was amazing. I learned so much that its impossible to tell y=
ou everything. Elder Sterry was an amazing teacher. I felt really comfort=
able because he is just a friendly guy and it helped me learn. Its also a=
lways really neat to be with all the missionaries because it helps me to =
realize what I am a part of. H. DuVall talked to us about how we are agen=
ts of the Savior who created all, cant remember the verse. Anyways it is =
amazing to always feel the Spirit so strongly even just listening to a hy=
On Sunday the Brazilians all came to church. I started an activity with the=
m to help them read, pray and come to church every Sunday. There is a mem=
ber family and non member family that live together and we teach them all=
. Anyways we put a picture of the temple up and every time they pray, rea=
d or attend church they have loops of paper that they staple together, ea=
ch color representing each category. Once the chain reaches the picture o=
f the temple we are going to give them a pizza party. I cant really expla=
in to you how much I love these two families. They all came to church on =
Sunday and I felt so much joy when I saw Cristina come into RS. I sat by =
them in gospel principles too and they have thee cutest lil boy. Anyways =
we stopped by later on after church to see where they are at with the act=
ivity and they are struggling but are trying. I just loved seeing them at=
church. In the visit on Sunday I really focused on the temple and what t=
hey need to do to get their family there. I think they kind of feel like =
its impossible because they arent married and they dont have their papers=
so they have to travel to Portugal. I think Im going to just give them m=
y month money so then can go. I just love them so much and Im not leaving=
A Coruna until I can help this family get married so they can get baptiz=
e and work towards going to the temple together. The Moms are like my sis=
ters. I felt really guided in the visit by the Spirit and Cristiana opene=
d up a lot afterward. Her husband also told me that he doesnt work on sat=
. or sun. now and they can come to church. They seemed excited again, to =
start working towards bringing their family into the gospel. I have got t=
o figure out how to help them. Cristiana doesnt speak a ton of Spanish bu=
t somehow we communicate and I just feel so close to her. I feel like thi=
s family is the reason I am in this city. I pray with all my heart that I=
can do what I need to do to help them. Ok dont know if any of that made =
sense but dont have time to read over it.=20
Dad-I loved this part of your letter it made me laugh soooo hard. Thank you=
for always knowing what to say. "Im also certain that your companions ar=
e benefiting from being with you and your example. They better be, becau=
se it would really piss me off if we dont get to be with you and then the=
y dont appreciate you!!"
Mom-thank you sooo much for the package. I was waiting for you to pop out a=
nd you never did. The whole package made me laugh because it was just ran=
dom but I understood your thinking process as you put it together. Your a=
mazing and I love you soooo much.
Well I better go my time is up. But I want you all to know that I know that=
the church is true and it was restored through the Prophet Jospeh Smith.=
He saw a pillar of light exactly over his head above the brightness of t=
he sun. It was the Father and His son Jesus Christ. I know that families =
can be together forever and that eternal life is possible.
I love you all sooooooo much. Thank you for loving me!
The Sister

Logan - Valencia Week 21


Emily thanks for your letter. I havent got the mail today yet I am pretty sure Moms should be waiting.

This week has been great. Our piso tension finally got so high that everyone snapped! Lol the week was crazy but everyone is on good terms now. I was messing with one of the Elders and he had had a hard week and then I was the needle on the hay stack he finally snapped and tried to fight me. Needless to say I got him in control and he apoligized. Working out very morning paid off. I wont go into anymore details but we are all working a lot better togther now. Living togther with a bunch of people you love but may not neccesarily like to much is a new experiance. I have definetly learned a few things for the married life.
This weekend my Comp and I spoke at a baptism and I felt the spirit so strongly. The whole weekend has just been very edifying. Church went very good as well. The spirit was also present in the meeting. Its so hard to describe the Holy Ghost to people, but is vital because the people we are teaching have to know what it feels like in order to become converted. It is the only way we can know of truth without having to see it. I have been studying a lot and my understanding of things has grown immensely. I know that its not because of me though it has all happened through the holy ghost. As I am studying I really feel like my mind is just illuminated and I learn exactly what I need for the day. As well with the Spanish I just realize that I could have never learned it by myself. I am very greatful for the help we recieve through the Holy Ghost in all that we do.
I have started learning another language. Its called pigeon! The africans speak it and its basically just degenerated english with no rules what so ever. There is no written ttt for it. I am understanding it now though and I want to start speaking becuase we run into a lot of Africans on the streets.
Thanks for all your love. Dad I was a lil jealous reading your email, you are traveling a lot without me. I want some surf trips when I get back. Please also send some more family pictures of all of us. Everything is going well here yesterday was my 7 month mark crazy! Have a great week cant wait to hear form you next week. I will be getting Transfered the 3rd Of novemember its almost 100 percent sure but then again I did say that last transfer. Love you !

Elder G

Monday, October 13, 2008

Emily - A Coruna Week 11

Hello my Dear Family...
Ok on Wednesday of last week I got three letters from mom, grandma and sister Sarah. Then today I have one from brother and mom. E-mails I have from pops, Sister Jessica, and my dear Grandma. Grandma I am getting your letters, dont worry. I think it just took a little bit longer this week because of a festivo. I loved your letter and the history that you sent of my ancestor. She was a very strong woman and I felt close to her as I read about her life. Im excited to read more. I love you so much!
Well I guess I will start with letting you know about the big changes. On Wednesday my companion is leaving me. Im sad! We have become really close. But we are already planning on her coming to stay for a little while after the mish. She leaves early in the morning and then I hang out at the tren station with the Elders and then my new comp. comes a couple hours later. I will only be with her for three weeks to teach her the city and then we get two new hermanas. One will go to her and then H. Truscott that served with for a little while in Santander will come here to be with me. President decided to make it a four hermana city. Im excited to see what happens with more help. We have such a huge area to cover that its hard to really work and focus in one area. We have investigators spread out all over the place. To walk to the other side of our area is about 45 mins. to an hour. We also do a lot of work in some pueblos that are about 30 minutes away in bus. Ive been studying the map with the district leader and it is up to he and I to divide the city up. Yes, everyone I started to use maps and sometimes I know where Im at but that doesnt mean I ever know which direction Im going. I was a little stressed trying to figure out how to divide everything up but I think no I know our minds were guided in how to do it. It makes sense how we have it now and I know it wasnt my mind that was able to divide it up.
There will be four hermanas in the piso now and Im a little worried about that. Sometimes its scary enough with two girls together 24/7. I wish girls would just beat each other up and get it over with, when they have a problem with each other. Oh well we will see how it goes. I have a lot to clean and organize before they come.
We have zone conference this Saturday and Im really excited for that. I always learn so much and feel inspired to do better. A General Authority will be coming and President asked me to sit in on the leadership meeting that they will have before conference. Im really nervous! I dont know what Im doing. I pray that at least the meeting will be in english but we shall see. There is so much growing to do in the mission, in more ways than one.
We have met with Carmen a couple times this week. She just prays for us and we show up. Its like her name just pops into my head and we happen to be close and we stop by. Then she always tells us that she was praying for us. Her way of having us come by is a lot cheaper than having to use a phone. Her husband left her this week for another lady that lives above them. I guess its been going on for a while. We sang with her and read about the Atonement. I gave her a big hug before we left. We have been trying to help her find a way to move her stuff. She reads the BOM like crazy, its always with her. She has a really strong testimony of the book. She always turns to it when she needs help and guidance. The missionaries have been teaching her for a while but she has never come to church. I hope I can find a way to help her progress. I feel so comfortable in her home. I know I really am finding and meeting the people that were talked about in my fathers blessing before I left.
We have been eating like crazy again because H. Garcia is leaving. We had a fun dinner at Santiagos house again with 2 of our investigators. Also a girl that showed up at the church that is from Texas. She is here all alone and I invited her to come and eat with us too.
An investigator this week said something really interesting that I want to share with you. When ever we have a visit with him its always late, after we have been in the streets all day. He always tells us how tired we look and seems confused by why we do what we do. Every time we come we ask him if he has read and he says no with an excuse. We read a little bit with him and bore our testimonies. He finally said I think I know how you feel. Its like when I know Im right about something and my friend tries to tell me Im wrong but I really know Im right, there is no doubt in my mind. EXACTLY! That is why we keep coming by, even when you havent done your part and we are so tired. We know we carry with us the most important message in the world that is true. When we testify there is no doubt in our mind that what we are telling you is TRUE! We know that if you do your part that the blessings we promise will be given to you. Thats why we keep coming back because we want you to have what we have. I know he understands when we teach and has had the Spirit testify to him on more than one occasion that what we teach is true. Finally the other day I just asked him Andy you know what we teach is true but your scared to change arent you. You dont want to read or pray because your scared to have the truth confirmed to you. He looked at me and didnt deny what I said. I pray that I can help learn to not have fear but to trust in God.
I know that I am a missionary for my Savior Jesus Christ. I love to love people and serve them. I know thats what Christ did when he was on the earth. This is Christs Church there is no doubt in my mind.
Thank you for loving me and praying for me.
Dad-thank you for your inspired letter. I translated it the other day for my comp. because she was having a really hard day. She just cried and cried, it was exactly what she needed to hear too, minus the iron part. Her Dad isnt a member and sometimes she feels all alone. Thank you for your guidance, love and prayers. I know you and Mom are blessing the lives of so many people in Pueblo. Im looking forward to helping you when I get home.
I love you all!!!!!!!
The Sister

Logan - Valencia Week 20

Well first off buisness... I recieved letters from Mom, Jenny, and Audrey today I was pretty excited. They were all great and Audrey thanks for the pictures they were great. Jenny I want to see you class project preiview so send it!

For the next package whenever you do send it I would really appreciate a new brush to my electric tooth brush brand:Oral B Vitality. I hope you can find it. Second I have been cutting a lot of hair and I would like a short book on that so I can do a better job and maybe start charging. Lastly that body language book that you said you were sending I would appreciate that. There is no hurry for these things just whenever its convienet.

This week has been amazing, today we went and explored ruins of an old castle with the whole zone. We had a lot of fun and I just really felt greatful to be here in Spain seeing and experiancing so many new things. So many times in life we are always just looking for whats next instead of just enjoying right now. Like president Monson said last week. I am very content and happy to be here.
I had an intresting experiance this week. Our recent Convert Nelson from venezula speaks russian and english as well. We somehow ran into a member from russia and for obvious reasons had trouble communicating with her. We called Nelson and he came over and translated a lesson we gave her from spanish to Russian. She then asked us for a blessing of comfort. I gave her a blessing in English while Nelson translated it into Russian. It was a very neat experiance and I always feel the spirit so strongly as I exersize the priesthood power. The church is true, I have been studying like crazy lately everything and the more I learn the stronger my conviction of the church grows. Our church is not just another sect. It is the same church Chirst formed while he was here. We have the same authority that christ gave his apostles (LUKE 6:1-9) and I am so greatful for it. Just from the logical standpoint its true and then we are blessed enough to have the Holy ghost confirm that truth through feelings and thoughts that are not your own.
We had a rather exciting experiance this week also when a snake tried to get us. We call the girls snakes, ones that show too much intrest in us even though they know we are missionaries. There is a Women in the ward that is 26 or somthing and she likes the missionaries. We make sure we always take another male to her house just in case anything happens. Its a misison rule to always have another male with you in a womens house just in case anything were to happen they can testify in court. Well this crazy lady called us and said she had made us some food and she wanted to give it to us. We said we would stop by and pick it up. We show up to her house and the door is open and I peek in. She has candles lit all through the house, a wall of different fragrances hit me in the face and, soft music was playing. When she came to the door and tried to get us to come in I was just like are you kiddding. She knows clearly the rule that we have. So I just said NOOOOOO we are fine its aganist the rules. So she gave us the food very angrily and slammed the door. It was rediculous.
We also had a man visiting form japan at church this week and he spoke englkish so I was able to translate the meeting for him. I feel like I am fairly dewcent at translating I am able to listen and speak at the same time. Its hard to explain but I feel like I am developing the skill. I have started memorizing a scripture everyday to use in lessons and to develop a photogrphic memory. Its going well so far. I have 10 masterys memorized and am able to use them frequently. Thanks for everyones letters and prayers. I lvoe you all so much, have a great week.

Elder G

Monday, October 6, 2008

Logan - Valencia Week 19


I recieved letters from Emily, Madre-2, and Ashley. Thank you for the letters they mean a lot. If you were listening closely in confrence you would have heard he commitment to be writing and supporting the missionaries that are out. I hope I get a lot of letters in the next two weeks.
Well we had a great week every monday I can hardly remember what even happened. I do remember eaten with our Africian recent converts which was a very intresting experiance. In spanish when a souviner in a recuerdo like somthing you remember. WEll occasioanally we smell somthing as missionaries that remind us of home or somthing of the past. Like the other day I smelt shampoo and it took me back to river surfing with Aaron. He must have used to same kind because it was vvery strong and distinct smell. Anyways when we walked into these Africans house I had another smell recuerdo and it took me back to the pueblo zoo unfourtanetly. The reason it was unfourtanate was becasue the odor was coming from our plate of food. IT was called Ban-koo, You pretty muct roll up a ball of stick mash potatoes in your hand, dipp it into a pile of gunk and then swallow it whole. It was suprisingly pretty decent but we could harldy work after. I told The African man that it was very heavy in my stomach and he said in Africa we eat to live. Lol .
COnfrence was amazing this weekend. Saturday Night we watched one session and then all sunday we watch the rest. The members are tougher here. We had all four sessions on Sunday. I really enjoyed it though and took notes the whole time. Some many of my questions were answered and I felt the spirit so strongly throughout the whole thing. I cant imagine being apart of a church that dosent claim priesthood authority or have a Prophet. I know Tohomas S. Monson is a Prophet because as I raised my hand to sustain him 6 months ago in the MTC with 2,000 other Elders I felt the fire of the Holy Ghost tell me right then and there that he was the Prophet. I really anjoyed all the confrence talks and I cant remember which one it was but They were talking about how some of Jospeh Smiths Prophecys had been fulfilled or were being fulfilled. It reminded me of a scripture in Romans I think chapter 8 but it says that you can know if a prophet is true if his prophecys come true. Joshpeh Smith Prophisied of the missionary work that we are currently aengaged in. He said that ift would go forth boldy and nobly until Chirst comes again. We can see that happening as we have sent out over 1000000 missionaries to all parts of the world. This church is true. Anyone can come to know that if they will just humble themselevs and ask with real intent. Meaning that they are willing to change if they do recieve an answer. Not just asking to know if its false or not. Everything is going well. I am truly greatful for the oppurtunity to be part of such a great work. Love you all

Elder G

Emily - A Coruna Week 10


Oh my Family...
I have so much to tell you that I dont even know where to start. First I would like to tell you thank you for your prayers. I know you are really praying specifically for me and I can tell you that its really helped me this week. I have emails from Dad, Sarah and my trainer. I also got a snail mail from mom. I am so blessed to have you as my family.
I had a couple really neat experiences this week that helped remind me, why Im really here. On Saturday morning we went to visit a less active member that lives in a pueblo. About six months ago her son was going to be baptized but couldnt because the dad wouldnt get permission. We actually had put her name down to go see her but kind of as a back up plan if our potentials list failed us. We pressed her timbre and aksed for an investigator and she was like she doesnt live here who is this. We told her that we were the missionaries and she said this is Veronica come up and see me. I know that it wasnt a coincidence that we accidentally knocked her door. We went up and she just let everything out. It was like she had been waiting for us to come all morning or for months. She bore her testimony to us of everything and I couldnt figure out what was keeping her from coming to church. Then, she told us about her X husband and a mistake she made many many years ago. She of course loves her children and is a wonderful mother but is suffering from a mistake she made when she was a lot younger. Her X husband keeps them from enjoying the blessings of the gospel. I could see in her eyes how much she is suffering. I just told her how much God loves her and that the mistake she made years ago can be forgiven. I told her that she is a beautiful and wonderful mother. I told her how mindful God is of her and how thankful I was to be with her. I could feel Gods love and Christs mercy for this women that I had just met. I did my best to let her know what I know They wanted her to know. I was crying because I just felt overwhelmed by how much she needed to hear that someone loves her and that she is forgiven. She was crying to and I just gave her a hug like she was my long lost sister.
This week we also had a visit with our friend Rosemary from Brazil. She comes to church with us every Sunday. We are her best friends here in A Coruna and she loves spending time with us. Anyways we taught her about the plan of Salvation. We didnt have a bunch of time but I knew that I needed to focus on HER purpose, Gods love for HER personally. I told her that He knows her by name and He loves her so much. Tears welled up in her eyes and the only thought that came to my mind is I wonder when the last time was that she heard someone tell her that they love her and really mean it. She left home when she was about 16 because her mother died. She doesnt really have any strong family attachments.
Yesterday after conference we went and visited Katherin and Jakelin. They are from Uruguay and she got baptized when I first got here. Anyways they werent able to come to conference and I wanted to tell them a little bit about it. I was really touched by President Monsons talk that he gave Sunday morning. Its through the stress of life that we forget what is really important which is the people around us. I feel like Ive let that happen a couple times on my mission now. Through stress of the numbers, maps, area book, planning, schedule and everything else I forget sometimes whats really important and that is to share my love. I am so blessed to have so many people that love me. I know that my purpose here in Spain is to invite people to come unto Christ. I have felt so much better this week as I have shared my love with members, non members, inactive people and so on. After I told Jakelin and Katherin a little bit about the Prophets talk I told them how much I love them. They always invite us to come in and they always give us heated up hot chocolate and cookies. They are like my family here. I always write them in my journal but I realized in the Prophets talk how important it is to tell people and show them your love for them. In this busy crazy hectic life we all need to stop and remember what is important. What are we going to do in the life to come? I plan on being with my family and the ones that I love. The relationships we make here in this life can and will continue into the next.
Dad-I loved your letter and the experience you shared with your east side friend. I will start taking my iron thats probably it. We hardly ever eat meat, only with the Brazilians. I was taking a multivitamin everyday and I ran out. I love what your doing with Mom in regards to the missionary work in Pueblo. Do you think you two could move here and help us? You two are doing exactly what every missionary wishes the ward missionaries would do. Thank you for marrying mom. Thank you for being my Dad. I love you both so dearly.
Sister Sarah- I cant wait to get your letter. I dont want to see the word marry in your letters ever again. We are going to be single and have fun for at least a year when I get home. I love you my dear friend.
I loved the Prophets talk. I didnt get to listen to everything because of the time difference but Im excited to get the Ensign. I want each of you to know that I know that this is Christs Church, restored on the earth through a living Prophet. There is no doubt in my mind that Thomas S. Monson is Gods living prophet. I felt sad for the people in A Coruna yesterday when there were only about 30 people in the whole city that knew there was a living prophet speaking to the world. We are so blessed to have the gospel in our lives. Share it in any way you can. Even sharing your love by giving someone a hug or a note is a way of sharing Christ like love.
I love you all soooo very much. I miss you sooo very much. Thank you for your prayers and support.
The Sister