Monday, April 27, 2009

Logan - Lorca Week 16


Thanks Jenny, Mom, and the Hepworths for your letters. This week has been fun but a bit tiring if thats a word I dont know. I went up to Murica sunday last week and stayed the night there. Then monday I left Murcia at 5 in the morning, I almost got on the wrong train because I was so out of it. I went up to Bracelona Monday and ate dinner with President and his wife and then all the trainiers had a short but good meeting after. He basically told us to be exactly obedient or we will start the new missionaires off badly and it will negative effect on the mission. He explained how us training them well will have an effect on the mission for the next few years. Monday night I stayed with some elders in a city outside of Barcelona then tuesady morning we went bowling and then picked up our kids hijos or greenies from the office. Elder Monks is my new COmp and he is from Mesa Az my theird comp form that city so far. He is a great kid and we get along very well. He likes moto cross and any other outdoor sports so we have a lot in common. On the way home form Barcelona we had to stay in Valencia so I could get my residence card and that is finally all taken care of. Then from Valencia home to Lorca we had to swtich trains 4 times with all his bags. He is now regretting bringing so much garbage on the mission and has made an oath to return with one small suit case. I am in accordance with that as well. the work is going well here and despite the traveling we were able to have a great week. The work is going foward very well here and we have a few baptisms lined up for the next few weeks. Ia m so excited we finally have a good spanish investigator. I hope he will be humble enough to do what he knows he needs to do. Not to much else is going on. Its made me greatful to listen to my hijo speak spanish and has made me realized that I was like that. its amazing how much help we recieve in learning the Language. We do of course have to do our part and exersize our faith through didligent study but the Lord really does the rest. Dad remember that blue bow of vocab words you gave me? I remember looking at that and thinking I am got to just (pick up) the language at the Mtc I never really understood that I would have to learn it throught study and practice lol well anyway I know every single one of those flash cards now I went through them the other day. Its amazing what we can accomplish in one year. wow this letter is way to long love you all and have a great week Elder G

Emily - Vigo Week 17


Dearest Family...I didnt get a single letter this´re all in trouble. There better be a lot on the way. This week has been a little frustrating but I made it through. We got locked out of our piso, I almost got ran over by a scooter and a car, and we had one lesson. I will start with the scooter story. A couple days ago we were crossing a street with about 5 other people and a scooter sped through the crosswalk. I had my head turned and was talking to my companion. I heard the scooter getting closer too close but figured it would stop. I about took one more step and heard a little voice tell me to stop. I stopped, turned my head and it zoomed right past me. Im thankful for the Holy Ghost and the way it guides us. I dont remember if it was later that day or a couple days later that we again were crossing the street and almost got hit by a car. The light turned green for us and we began to cross. A car came flying around the corner and passed right next to us. One step further out and we would have been goners. We both kind of stopped at the same time. Heavenly Father is definately watching over us. On Friday I think it was my comp and I were walking down the street and all of a sudden she looked at me and said I need to check for the keys. We stopped and looked through her whole bag and could not find them. We didnt know if someone had stolen them or if they had fallen out. The Elders had to come to our area and they live very far away. They brought us a key but because it was a copy it wouldnt work. It fit but it wouldnt turn. Each one of us tried a bunch of times but we couldnt get in. Finally one of the Elders said well lets say a prayer. He said a really sweet prayer and we tried again. We tried so hard to turn it but it wouldnt budge. Then the Elder that said the prayer got up to try and while talking/laughing with us he opened it right up on the first try. He looked over at us and all of us started freaking out. We shook their hands, they left and we went to bed. I was a little worried because we live on a busy street and people know us. I didnt like the thought that someone might have our keys. I didnt sleep very well. The next morning I called one of the ladies we visit and she was like oh ya they are here. She was leaving that day for Romania to move home. Im still not sure why she didnt call. Anyways we stopped by and grabbed them from her a couple hours before she left. The power of a prayer really is incredible. We went to a new members meeting this week to translate for Ricky. I enjoyed the spirit that mom and dad enjoy every week in our house. It was so good to be with the new members and hear their pure testimonies. They are so grateful to be a part of the church. It was neat to hear their converstion stories. Larisa our friend that moved back to Romania this week has a sister in law that I really want to teach. We talked a lot when she was at Larisa´s house but I could never get her address. As soon as I would start to try and get it someone would distract her. Finally the day before Larisa left we stopped by and she was there alone. We visited for a minute and again just when she was about to give us her address another friend came by. We were getting ready to leave and I asked her about a word in Spanish. Well she didnt understand me and thought I was asking for her address again and gave it to me. She has a cute family. Her husband always waves to us when he sees us in the street. I hope that we can start teaching them as a family. Its amazing to me sometimes how hard Satan tries to keep people from the truth. We had a good visit this evening with a sweet lady from Columbia. She treated us so kindly and prayed for us before we left. She told me that she felt good because we leave her feeling peaceful. She works on Sundays like a lot of people here but I love teaching her. She is super sweet and I felt better after teaching her.My comp and I had a good talk this week that was much needed. We talked about how we can be better missionaries and how we can better share the load. I was getting very overwhelmed with everything. We divided the responsibilities and it will help me and her. It will help me relieve some stress and it will help her to feel more useful. It will also help her next comp. I felt much better after we talked and things were already going better by the end of the week.Ive made some new goals in thinking about the time I have left. Heavenly Father opened my eyes to a few things this week. Im very blessed to be a missionary and have these experiences. I have no doubts. I know its true. God loves us. We are His children. He listens to us through prayer. He listened to the prayer of Joseph Smith and through him the church was restored. Its amazing what one prayer can do. I love you all so much! Thank you for your love and prayers.Love,The Sisterps you can call at about 8-9 my time on Sunday. So I guess that would be when you get home from church. My number is 607-513-097. Im excited to talk to you.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Emily - Vigo Week 16


Hello my Dear Family....
Its been a weird week and I dont have anything too exciting to tell you. My companion has been sick but luckily I havent gotten it...yet. I got a lovely Easter package. I love those mints and my comp loved the chocolate bunnies. I got letters from brother and mom, cant remember if I got any others.
We had a visit with our Romanian family. We were teaching them the plan of salvation and right in the middle of the lesson the mom pulled out a 106 euro bill. She told me that her husband left her here all alone with the baby because they only had enough money for one ticket to their country. They had no money and asked me what I could do. I felt so sad for them and so guilty for what I have. I bore my testimony to them of our Savior Jesus Christ and I did feel a peace in their home before we left. Im so grateful for you and your love for me. I have a home and a family that loves me. Everyone is really low on money and almost everyone we are teaching is going back to their country. We have a long week planned for looking.
I talked to a really nice lady from Madrid in the street a couple days ago. A couple javis-they are like the young boys here, anyways they asked us for some papers about our church because they had a school project. I think they were just messing with us but I gave them a card and now they always talk to us in the streets. Its sad because I know they just want attention and love. I try to be nice to them but they do make me a little nervous. Anyways a lady walked by while they were talking to us and thought they were being rude. She told us not to worry about them and I was like wow this lady is talking to us instead of just starring. I started talking to her and asked her how she learned about God. She told me a beautiful conversion story and I agreed with everything she said. We got her address and I hope we can find her this week.
Ricky came to church in a suit this week with out a tie. Everyone told him how guapo he looked at he HATED the attention. I asked him if he was doing okay and he was like im never going to wear this again. I asked why not and he said because its trouble. He is kind of shy. We had a great visit with him. He pretty much taught us the plan of salvation. Im grateful to know him. We gave him a scrap book of his baptism and he loved it. I gave him a marshmellow from the package it was so funny. They dont really eat sweets and when I gave it to him he was like what is this, do I eat it. Later he told me that he ate it and liked it.
Well sorry for the short letter but at least its about the same length as brothers. I love you all soooooo much. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that this is His church. Ill keep praying for you and I need you to keep praying for me. I love you!
The Sister

Logan - Lorca Week 15


Happy B-day Grandma!

Well big news......Im in Barcelona today to pick up my hijo or in other words I am training! I am pretty excited and I dont even know the kid yet. President dosent know who we will be with untill he heres their testimony then he prays about it and decides who goes with who as the new missionarys walk out of the office. There is one native and I could get him because there are only 4 Elders training. I will be picking him up at 3 today in the office. I left sunday night and stayed in Murcia. Then last night we ate with the President and had a short meeting. I am pretty excited for a change.
This week we traveled down to one of our Pueblos that is right on the beach and ate sardines with the branch president. I wanted to take a dip in the ocean so bad after. I miss the water a lot. We had a fun last week togther and finished strong. The romanos have decided tto stay and I am greatful for that because she cooks amazing and is like our Mom. She wants me to fly here out tot the States when I get back so she can cook clean take care of kids etc. They are the nicest people I have ever met. My comp gave her husband a compliment about how he liked his shirt and then Man left the room changed shirts and then gave him the one we had previously been wearing. They are very CHrist like and insist on feeding us even though they dont have sufficent food. She works 14 hours a day for 5 euros an hour. And the work is hard she picks lettuce from el campo. I have really learned a lot from them, they are such great examples in being charitable people. The work is going well and have a lot of people close to baptism. I will inform you better next week. We have one Spanish couple that are progresssing and them I am very excited about because I have yet to baptize spanish people. everything else is going well. Iam excited to see who my comp is. President gave a powerful meeting last night and told us that there parents have been praying for us and he knows that we are supposed to be trainiers this transfer. It was comforting to here. Love you all have a great week

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Logan - Lorca Week 14


Thanks Grandpa Jordan and Kaylie for your letters.

Thanks Dad for your email you had me laughing. The walk your compaion out technique is a classic. I learned it from my trainer. It never helps the situation because you have to end up waiting either way but at the moment it provides a little bit of relief.
This week in Spain all of the non-believers, believe but only for the week. Semana Santa here is quite an ordeal. Everyone goes to the center of town and they have a huge parade. Everyone then gets hammered and yells things like vive la virgen guapa. I grabbed some video so you ll be able to see it for yourself. I read in Isa. 44 and it sounds to me that he saw the parade as well hundreds of years ago. It talks about how people we worship metal and food and if you look on the stautes here is looks just like what Isaiah had described.
We had zone confrence in Murcia this week and that went very well. I always get what I need and its incredible and nice to know that we have leaders in the church that have the right to recieve revelation for us. I learned a lot and was reminded of how much bigger this work is then just me. We talked about the gathering of Israel and the Abrahamic covenant and how we have to baptize people so they can go to the temple and recieve more blessings.
We had the baptism on Saturday and everything went very well. I was very excited to see it go through. They are thinking of moving back to Romania soon and so we talked with the missionaires there to figure out a ride to church each sunday. Everyone is having trouble finding work here.
We have also been teaching another couple that have testimonies and want to get baptized but have been living togther. We have been encouraging them to get married so they can be baptized. They have been coming to church regularly for a while and it has been frustrating to me to not see them get married more quickly. I finally talked to them about it more boldly and now they will be getting married and baptized in one month. I am so excited because so many missionaries have taught them and they always just said the papers take a long time or somthing but really they just didnt know if they were ready to get baptized. So after I asked some questions I felt inspired to go through the baptismal questions and let them know how ready they were. They let out all their doubts and we answered their questions. They said they feel different when were there and when there at church and they want it always. I let them know that that means they have to be baptized as soon as possible so they can recieve the Holy Ghost I then let them know how my firneds always felt somthing different in our house and told them that their house could be the same. It was a neat experiance and Im excited they are finaly going to be baptized.
Well thats pleny for today. I know that this is Christs church, that he only formed one when we came the 1st time and only one will he recognize when he returns. Through the power of the Holy Ghost I know this. I cant deny what I ve felt and what I feel every single day. have a good week I love you guys.

Emily - Vigo Week15


Hello Family...
Dad-I told Ricky about what you said about ties. He loved it and was laughing pretty hard. The members have been talking to me about his clothing. He wants to move to Austria and I hope he does because I know he will be able to participate more. He already wants to teach the gospel principles class. He is so funny.
Sorry you didnt get a letter yesterday. As you hopefully guessed I was at zone conference in Santiago. I cant believe I only have one more. It was kind of weird knowing that in my next conference I will be giving my goodbye testimony.
This week in district meeting we had a really nice testimony meeting. After the meeting is over our DL always gives us the opportunity to bear our testimonies. I think everyone felt very touched my conference and we all had something to say. On the way to the meeting I was talking to my comp. about some frustrations. Sometimes its hard to understand the minds of 19 year old boys. Anyways while we all bore our testimones all of my frustrations went away. I felt very foolish for the things that I had said. As we walked home I thought about how much that relates to when I will have my own family. I know there will be frustrations between my kids and I. Also between my husband and I but I know that as we kneel down together as a family everyday we will feel closer and feel the spirit together. I think it helps us to see each other as humans. I make mistakes just like they do but as we pray together we can feel that we are both doing our best to do what is right. Anyways I dont know if that makes sense but it something that I thought about this week.
On Sunday none of the five people that were suppose to come to church came. We stopped by one of them after church. We knocked and nobody answered. As we began to walk away another family that was coming to visit them came up to the door too. We talked to them and ended up jumping in their car with them. They toook us to their house and we had a nice visit. I guess the missionaries three years ago use to visit them. They said they prayed but never felt like they received an answer. I think she wants someone to write out for her which is the true church but we have to act on faith. They treated us very kindly and invited us to their Easter which is next week. Its funny to me over and over again how random things arent random to me anymore. I only realize they are random because of my companion. We got in a car with strangers and went to their house. Luckily they were good people. The mission is just full of adventures especially as a young 22 year old girl.
We ate with the Elders after church for Easter. I gave them assignments because well because they are boys. We brought mashed potatos with gravy and rolls. They brought chili and a chocolate egg for dessert, so funny. We set up an Easter egg hunt around the capilla. My comp. and I had so much fun watching them run around. There were six of them here becuase the ayudantes came for conference. Anyways we made them line up in the hall and then just sat back and watched. Each one got a chocolate egg with a toy inside. They sat around in the capilla like five year olds putting their toys together. We had a good time.
A man from Cambodia stopped us in the streets the other day and asked us where the church was. He was baptized in Portugal and went inactive. I invited him to church but he didnt come. I hope to stop by and be able to teach his family too. He was very kind and I could tell that he knew he was missing something.
I took my comp. on a little adventure the other day. Sometimes I just go a little crazy and need to get out of the buildings. We had contacted a lady and when we looked up her address on the map we found out that it was very far away. It was in our area but kind of in the outskirts. Anyways we probably walked a good 5 miles or more. I couldnt find the street and so I talked to a bunch of people on the way that had never seen us before. There was an agricultural group doing like a walk/hike together. We ended up walking with them for a while and talking to them a little about our purpose. Well they took us all around trying to find it and we still didnt have any luck. Well they were so good to help us that they talked to a family out in their lawn and their neighbors about where the street was. Before I knew it I had caused a bunch of commotion. We had about 20 people trying to help us find the street. I think we caused the most excitement that part of town has ever seen, it was pretty funny. We ended up finding the street but it didnt have much on it and we didnt have time to go too far down. I told my comp. we will go another day and she was like what on another Gogarty adventure.
We had a fabulous zone conference. President said exactly what I needed to hear, like always. It was fun to see everyone and talk with them. After conference was over I had a chance to talk to Hermana DuVall and she said some things that I needed to hear as well. It was like she said what mom would have said if she were here. We only talked for a minute because they had to leave but I gave her a big hug and told her thank you.
I realize that mission is coming closer and closer to the end. I of course have many feelings about finishing. Im so so so grateful for the opportunity that Ive had to be a missionary for Christ´s Church. I dont really know who I am anymore but I know so much better who I am now. I love the good news the gospel of Jesus Christ brings. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and Im so thankful to know that because of Him I will live again after death with my family. I know I represent His church, no doubt in my mind.
Love you all,
The sister

Monday, April 6, 2009

Logan - Lorca Week 13


Thanks Jenny, Mom, Grandpa Gogarty and The Mcneitts for the letters they are always appreciated

Well Im sorry you werent ¨impressed¨ with the letter last week lol sometimes you just dont have much to say or dont feel like saying it. Things are still going well of course but it is a big change being with just one other person all the time. It has taken some getting used to. I had lived in a 4 man piso my whole mission until now. Great things that will be needed in my married life. One thing I have learned and will learn again is that its a lot easier to just always be wrong. I am not talking about not standing up for what is right but more so of preventing little arguments over nothing. I am sure you know what I mean. I am enjoying the learning and growing experiance and we continue to see many miracels everyday on the city of Lorca.
Today we are actually in Murcia becasue we stayed the night after watching the confrence here. I really enjoyed it and am always amazed or reminded I guess would be more appropriate of how the Leaders of the church are truly inspired. They are able to speak indiviually to millions of people. I know that whoever goes prepared to confrence gets what they need. I felt the Holy ghost confirm to me that Neil A. Anderson is indeed the next Apostle of God and there is no doubt in my mind he has been called of God. Its amazing how strongly but softly the Holy ghost speaks to us. I will never forget sustatining President Monson as The next prohphet in the MTC in Provo. As I raised my hand I was wondering if he really was the next prophet but as soon as I raised it I felt the Holy Ghsot Confirm that he was. I felt it so strongly and I looked around to see if others were having similar sensations. It makes me greatful to be a part of the Lords Kingdom on the earth today.
We are wokring hard but effectively. I think I explanied the zions banner in a letter I was so happy to get it. Well now we have gotten it consecuitively for the last 10 weeks. We are seeing amazing results of our efforts and I am very greatful because it makes me keep wanting to go hard. The baptsim was moved and we will be having it this saturday. Everything else is going well. I love and miss yo all

Elder G

Emily - Vigo Week 14


Hi Family...
Well I didnt know my letters were so famous. Sorry for not getting one out last week. I got a little distracted.
Conference was awesome and its amazing how much stuff like that means to us as missionaries. You know the verse in the bible that says they looked in every corner of the earth for the word of God, well we pretty much did that trying to watch conference. I was a little frustrated because we cant see it in our capilla. On Saturday we watched it in a cyber, paid about 6 euros and listened to hard rock music in the back round. Sunday we traveled a couple hours to Santiago which was another 10 euros and watched Saturday afternoon but then had to come back because we would have gotten home late if we stayed for the next one. So my comp. and I came to a cyber and paid another 5 euros again to watch Sunday morning next to someone chatting over webcam and drinking a beer. Ive never had watching conference be such an adventure but Im glad we were able to see some of it. While watching in the cyber all I could think about is the other people around us. They were chatting, listening to music and we were listening to a PROPHET OF GOD. My headphones werent working for a little bit and I asked one of the guys to help me. He put them on while Presidnet Monson was talking and I just wanted to tell him and everyone else in the cyber STOP WHAT YOUR DOING AND LISTEN TO A LIVING PROPHET SPEAK. Im so grateful to know that he is a Prophet. I truly felt nourished by the good word of God and I thought about you and how you were watching conference too.
In a visit this week with a girl from Romania while I was teaching about prophets I asked her if there were a living prophet on the earth today what would you ask him. She was like well I have lots of questions but I think I would ask where did we come from. Almost EVERY time I have asked that question on my mission the person we are teaching has always had a question about the plan of salvation. I have realized over and over again how blessed we are to really know where we came from, what our purpose in this life is and where we can go after this life. I love the gospel and Im so thankful for the covenants Ive made and that mom and dad have made.
We had a visit set up with a Brazilian man but he fiared us. A friend from the capilla was with us because we needed another girl. We had packed lunch because we werent going to have enough time to go home before another visit. We invited our friend to eat with us in a park. I realized or I think anyways that we were actually suppose to be with her. We had fun eating with her in a park and I think she just needed a friend to talk to. I cant imagine being a young single here. She is all alone. I keep inviting her to live with us. She will find out in June if she gets her visa.
Well its back to rain. The sun came out for too long aka 3 days. I remember talking to an Elder after a zone conference it was his last. I asked him how he felt and the first thing he said was something like well Im just really excited to get rid of my umbrella and I hope to never see rain again. I was in my first transfer and I thought hmmm he must really hate the rain. I thought it was raining a lot too but I figured it was going to stop at some point in my mission. I talked to him a year ago this month and Im pretty sure its been raining since we talked last year.
Last week we all got to district meeting because we went straight to the capilla after sending off E. Gordon. Everyone was STARVING because we had all ran out of month money and hadnt gotten our money for the next month yet. We went to the store together and I had everyone chip in to buy stuff for breakfast burritos. I had them all going in the kitchen on different projects and we made a bunch of yummy burritos, they were so good. It was fun to eat with everyone and you could tell that it was the first time any of them had eaten anything other than sugar cereal for a LONG time.
Well thats all I can think of for now. I want all of you to know how much I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are so blessed to know what we know. Think of how much more peace we have in our minds knowing where we go after we die. Can you believe there is people that dont know the answers to questions that eat away at them for a long time. I know I lived with God before this life as a spirit. Im here to learn and keep the commandments which make me happy. If I endure to the end I will be able to live with Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and my family. I can think of no greater gift. I love my Savior. He made it possible for me to be clean and live with the people, I love, in the next life.
I love you all and miss you a lot.
The Sister