Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Logan - Murcia Week 11


Thanks Emily for the package ! it was great!

This week has been a n eventful one. Tuesday I went down to Lorca to do intercambios with my Hijo Elder Monks and we had a great time. We got to teach some of my recent converts from Rumania and I got to do an baptismal interview for one of their kids that ahs recently moved here. I sent a picture of the family last week. Then while we were teaching we set a baptismal date with one of their brothers and they both got baptized on thursday. I wasnt able to make it becasue we had a meeting with the stake president but its been great helping this family come into the church. I was also shocked durning the interview at how much rumano I remembered. I was able to say the gospel words in his language which helped a lot so he could understand it better. I had to learn them when I was teaching their parents.
We also had to run to the train station at midnight becasue Herman Hinckley had left her purse on the trian with all her passport, money , etc. They hadnt gotten off in Murcia and then called us as soon as they found out. We booked it down to the station and luckily beat the trian there. Then we jumped aboard and searched for the purse and amazingly found it under sombodys seat. It was a mircale we found it and were able to get off before the train went to its next destination. I will admit I was half way tempted to just stay on the train and end up in the beach city of Aguilas for the night, unfourtantly the spirit said NO.
I also met someone from Egypt this week and it was fun to learn about their culture a little bit. He lived right next to the pryamids and loves to break dance. Today we are going to go out to his house and he is going to teach us some moves. He is an incredibly good break dancer. He does back flips and lands on its head all in style.
We had to teach a Zone meeting I pretty much had to teach zone meeting but it went well anyway despite the lack of prepatation from my comp. I felt very guided in what we were to talk about it and strongly felt it was what we needed. We talked a lot about gratitude and watched alittle bit of confrence. We also focused on the why of things. I wanted them to see the real goal which is Gods goal moses 1.39 and not get so caught up in the 20 in houses. I still encouraged the 20 in houses I just wanted to help them see why. We also talked about love being the motivator and not anything else. It was amazing preparing for it becasue during the week little parts were just kind of revelaed to me its hard to explain but I think you get the point.
We set a baptismal date with a 22 yr old who is Catalan. They are the hardest type of Spainard to baptize. They are like the Texas of the states. They think Catalunya is its own country and have their own language an everything. We had been teaching him and we were going about it very carefully. Usually I emention adn commit to baptism in the firt lesson but him we waited till the third or 4th. Finally I felt the holy ghost tell me that it was time and how I should go about it. After explaining the Dia de reposo and sharing one of dads sotries the spirit was strong and the question came to my mind that I should ask him. I said would you like to be a member of the church and he said yes. It was as easy as that. Then I said we will hold your baptismal service next week at this time. He said sounds great and I promised him blessing and told him that he was ready. It was a great experience.
Well I have written quite a lot this week. We did do service with Bill and Fran the English member couple like we do every week. Good news is that I fixed their pool with my fiber glass work and I will be remembered forever the other great news is that I leanred a new road rage english phrase. The following is to be shouted with an english accent ¨Put some wally on it why dont you!¨ Or ¨Oh please put your clock down¨I asked him where these come from and they refer to wallingtion boots so but your boot down or wally down and the other is when they use to wear clockers. Put your clock down. Wow this letter was long sorry love you all

Elder G

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Logan - Murcia Week 10


Thanks Ashley T, Elder Petersen, Mom, and Grandpa Gogarty for the letters.

Well this week has been really good. I now cary more then a year and half in the mission which is pretty incredible. I thought about it all day and dont even know where the last 6 months wents. I set goals and made plans to ensure a few things happen before I go home, knowing that this last six months will be just a blink of the eyes. The night of my 1 year 6 months I had a dream I was home and its the first dream I have had being home which was really weird. It made me even more motivated to get things done here these last 6 Months.
The big news is that gregorio was fianlly baptized. He was the guy I worked with a lot in Lorca. Elder Wrthen and I went down for the baptism and were able to be the testigos for the baptism and share our testimonies after. It was so great to see all the memebers from there I felt right at home and didnt want to leave. I ll be going down again on tuesday for intercambios with my hijo which will be fun. We showed up 45 mins late to the baptism but they had started almost a half an hour late. So there were still people showing up after us...unbelievable. One family that showed up late had a little girl that was always terrified of elder Worthen. She is a little balck girl and always cried and ran away form him. Well right as the family came in the door Emma the girl recognized him, started balling and they had to run out with here. I couldnt believe she still recognized him from over 6 months ago. The best part of being there was seeing people that we had baptized now with their families non-members that have a dates to be baptized. There was also an investigator I had been working with and he was there with his whole family. It was great to see fruit from the work done there. I thought the few baptisms I had were the fruit but those people have now brought other people into the church and it felt satisfying to be there with them. All I ever want is to see is results and feel effective so it was a great trip down there.
The weather finally permits us to sleep under our blankets which is nice. Its been months now sleeping on top. The good weather makes everyday more enjoyable. I love this time of year. I wish I was in the mountains to see the leaves change but I know I ll be there next year.
We also got a new ward mission leader which is great because the last one was is less active and I was just trying to get him to come to church before helping us missionarys. This new change should help pick things up even more here. We have a lot of people so close to getting baptized. THis week we also got 20 lessons in house with Investigators and Less Actives. That is what Preisdent wants everyone doing.
I have been preparing for the Zone meeting we have to give tommorrow and at first I had no clue what to teach but it was intresting to see it all come togther this morning. It seemed like durning the week I was revelaed little bits and parts and I jotted those ideas down, then this morning I said a prayer and the lesson came togther perfectly. I am excited to teach it. I love being an instrument in Gods hands.
The enlgish family are members Dad, oh and I had intercambios with and Elder From Italy who is 25 and it was super fun. We get along well and he told me he has a ducati motorcyle waiting for me in Italy. He wants to get rid of it. Too bad I cant drive it home! How much does it cost to ship?

Love you all!

Elder G

I was going to send pics but this comp is garbage. Dad I talked with my friends about a surf trip and they sounded exciting. The problem is that their spring break ends the week I come home. Is a surf trip important enough to come home a few days early? lol Love ya !

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Logan - Murcia Week 9


Thanks Mom and Jess for your letters!

Aaron Happy B-Day!

Well not a whole lot happened last week. We had zone confrence and that went well. the President re-stressted teaching 20 lessons in house each week to Investigators and less actives. That has been going well and almost everyone in the zone is acheiving that goal. The best part of confrence was the testimony meeting at the end. I really love sharing my testimony. I believe that is how I found it to begin with and everytime I share it I feel so much growth. Durning my testimony I felt so much joy and gratitude for this oppurtuinty I have to be here. I have had some of the best days of my life here in Spain. The holy ghost has helped me to feel even happier then I have ever felt before and it makes everything worth it. Another brightside of confrence was that Jeanette and Gustavo my recent converts form Elche showed up and suprised me durning lunch. I didnt eat anything because we were just talking the whole time. It was great to see and hear how well they are growing in the Gospel. They told me about their callings and their family and just how much the gospèl has blessed them. It was a great booster to me. Knowing that God was able to use me to help them.
The hardest part of my week was yesterday listening to the bishop tell me stories from his misison for over an hour when I was planning on talking to him for 5 mins. It was a good bonding moment? but I really wanted to eat lunch. He told me he was the best missionary there evere was and his misison President had even told him so. Then he exhorted me to try and be as good as him etc. He kept asking me things like do you want to know how many baptisms I had? etc. I just kept saying wow how many did you have wow thats great I am proud please let me get out of here. I just wanted the names of some less active families to pass by and it turned into an ordeal. Anyways not much else has happened. Oh we did have a memeber preaching in front of our church with a sign on that said beware the third easter is coming or somthing like that. He was handing out material and has been confused on the doctrince. you cant blame him because he has been baptized in every church including islam. Anyway we got him to take it off and come in and listen.
Everything else is goign well. I painted the fiberglass work I did last week in the pool. I sure hope it dosent leak after all the work I did. If it does leak I pray that ia m transfered by the time they find out. I do like eating with the English people because its fun to learn their phrases. I love you all! Have a great week and dont forget to write me

Elder G

Monday, September 7, 2009

Logan - Murcia week 8


Thanks Jordan, Mom, and Jessica for your letters!

Well this week has been another eventful one. I was a testigo or a witness in a wedding which was intresting. It was not how I want my wedding to be but nevertheless I am glad the couple are now living in line with the commandments and can be Baptized. I mentioned this family before to you guys in Lorca I had done a lot of work so they could get married. I traveled to offices, got papers, talked to Ecuador etc. I was sad to leave Lorca because they still hadnt been baptized due to documents but, finally everything came and we were able to be a part of it anyway. Its was a neat experience to be with Elder Worthen and Monks who had both helped me teach them and now we finally get to see the fruit from our Labors. We were all witnesses in their make shift wedding and they will be baptized the following week here in Murcia.
The wedding went somewhat like this. We waited in a huge line with other southamericans smoking and wearing skanky clothing. Then the very pleasent lady at the end of the hall looked over the documents, asked some questions, stamped some papers and then said somthing like if you want you can kiss the women. Gregorio then looked at his wife and hesitated for like a minute making it super akward. It looked like he was deciding whether or not he wanted to kiss her. Then after that they thow a handful of rice in your face and you walk out the other door. I felt bad for being dressed better then the groom.
We also did some service for the Emglish people and that was fun? I had mentioned before how I was going to fiberglass their pool and I was a little worried about not knowing how to do it. I made it look like I knew what I was doing and it came out ok. The worse part was that there was still water in the bottom of the pool that was stale and grose and to add to that the resin for the fiberglass would leak off the walk into the water and then burn my legs. So my legs are still sticky today I will need a knife to cut the fiberglass from my skin. All is well in Zion.
My comp and I seem to get along ok? I miss Elder Petersen and I dont miss being Mr Mom. I hate having to tell everyone what to do. Hey today we have to get up just like we ve been doing for the last year. Hey its time to go to bed, do I have to look at the clock and take you to bed or can you read it and figure it out for yourself. OK sorry for the venting but thats how it is. I wont go into details but I hate playing that role. With little kids it would be fine because they dont know any better and they are cute but 20 yr old babies its not as fun. He also seems to never think of anything in advance which is the oppisite of me. durning lunch I am thinking of what I will need for the night and whats things will need to happen and how I can make it happen. With him its more like hey you dont have money for the bus again and I asked you before we left and you said you did. Alright I am sorry for the pouting. He is a great kid and there is obviously somthing I need to learn from him because this is the second tiem serving with him and that dosent happen often. Maybe I just need more patience.
Spiritual highlights of the week was taking one of our investigators that is a 75 Yr old spanish lady to church. Elder Diego Flores from Casa grandes came with me to pick her up because my comp was still getting ready. She is in a wheel chair so we pushed her to church and had a great visit on the way. She loved church and I hope we can help her shake her old Catholic ways. Our other SPanish Inv. Antonio is still getting abptized and is strong in the Gospel. He asks great questions a lot of them being the same ones I had. Its been nice to talk deep doctrine with him and teach some intresting things I have learned and never thought I would need. Most people you just barley skim the surface but him we go deep. The Gospel is simple but as you study an live it you gain a better understanding and it has deeper menaing. Well I have said way to much. I love and miss you all.

Love Elder G