Monday, September 29, 2008

Emily - A Coruna Week 9


Hello my Family...
Dad: Sorry I made you feel bad. I’m really not miserable. I just feel useless sometimes and I hate that feeling. Please don’t worry so much. I think I was just really tired last week. Maybe as time goes by on the mission I’m
not as good to recognize the Spirit guiding me. Or I take for granted how much the Spirit is a part of the work but don’t recognize it as much now because I’m use to it. It just seems like I read things from other missionaries and I don’t seem to be having the same experiences as they do. I just feel kind of blah and really tired. Something that I’m doing needs to change; I just have to figure out what. I sent a package the other day with a CD of pictures; you should get it in the next couple of days. Please don’t worry about me. Last week I was just discussing thoughts that only come to my mind on p-day when I actually have time to think. During the week I’m usually pretty happy and although no one here seems to care, I am
thankful for my testimony of the restored gospel. Thank you for loving me and worrying about me. I will try to be more positive. Oh as for the package President came on Saturday for interviews and I guess it didn’t come
before they left. It takes a lot longer for me to get stuff from the mission home because I’m on the other side of the mission. I will probably get it at conference in a couple weeks.
Well brother thinks he is in a letter drought, what does that mean he got less than ten letters this week. Just wait brother everyone starts forgetting. I must say I faithfully get a letter from my dear mother every week
and an e-mail from pops every Monday but as for the rest of you, learn to be more consistent. I did get an email from Aunt Kelli, thank you. Oh and good job on finding the letter. Tell everyone hello and that I love and miss them.20
This week we had a neat experience with a boy named Jefferson. We found him knocking one day. We talked to him over the timbre and he asked us to wait at the door and he would come down to talk to us. When we met him he told us that he had met missionaries before, his brother and mom are testigos but he was interested in learning more. He looked really young and honestly I thought he told us we could come back so that his brother could
have a good fight with us. But when we went back a couple days later he came down and we taught him in a park. He told us that some Elders about eight years ago taught him how to pray and ever since that day he has prayed how they taught him. He understood that it is a conversation with God.
We also asked him if he knew there was a prophet on the earth today what
would you ask him. He said well I guess like what the purpose of life is
and what happens after this life. Oh wow those are really interesting questions. When we finished the lesson we asked him what called his attention the most or how do you say that. Anyways, he said well the boy that prayed and had a vision. He was obviously touched by the Spirit that is so
easy to be felt as we recite the first vision. We asked him to pray and w
e left him with the first folleto. We made a visit for the following day
because he is in the military and will be leaving for two months. We gave
him the Book of Mormon and the 2nd folleto so that he can read while he
is gone. When we came back he had read the whole folleto and prayed. I re
ally wanted to teach him the Plan of Salvation but he will have to read and we can talk when he gets back. It was a neat experience and I wish I could tell the Elders who taught him how to pray that we are teaching him
now. I know how nice it is to hear that planted seeds really do matter.
Cris decided to not get baptized this Saturday. We had a really intense les
son with him on Friday. I knew exactly what to say the whole time but that doensC2B4t mean he accepted the challenge to put God first. He is in his mid twenties and works like mad to take care of his mother and a brother that can’t work because he is injured. He knows the church is true and
wants to be baptized but wants to do it when things settle down. Right now he is afraid that he will be baptized and won’t be able to come every Sunday or have the visits with us during the week. I told him that it won’t
be easier in four months. Satan is going to do everything to keep him from being baptized. We promised him that if he puts God first by obeying the commandments like the Sabbath Day and tithing that the windows of Heaven would be opened. He is so afraid and can’t seem to find the faith to let go of the worldly things and trust in God. I know God will take care of
him if he will just put Him first.20
we had a fun dinner yesterday with thee most amazing people. Santiago a man
from the Dominican Republic made a huge dinner for all the missionaries
and our investigators. We ate outside on his deck and the food was amazing. We had pica pollo, arroz, fried platanos, and yuca. I want to start having a potluck with everyone every week like you are doing. Our investigators loved it and it really helps them feel more comfortable. It’s amazing
how many people don’t even recognize that we brought someone to church with us. If they only knew what it took to get them there? I think that missionary work is really going to change when wards become full of returned
preach my gospel missionaries. I can think of so many things I wish I would have helped with before my mission. Also now that it’s not memorized members can help teach and share their personal experiences. It really helps
s investigators to hear from members because they think that missionaries
are like perfect and we don’t have trials. Oh if they only knew....
Anyways I’m excited to someday apply everything that I’m learning right now into my normal life when I get home. It really is the simple things that keep us on track. Pray, read and go to church. If you do those three thing
s everything else will fall into place. 20
President said that H. Garcia is leaving this transfer. I’m a little nervous
because that means I’m supposed to speak Spanish. I really love her and I
feel like she is my sister. She plans on staying with us for a while after the mission. Anyways it’s possible that I will be with H. Truscott again, the greeny that came to Santander from WA.
Okay that enough for now. I sure love you all and think of you often. The
church is true-Sister! Don’t forget about me!
the Sister

Friday, September 26, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Emily - A Coruna Week 8


Hello my Family...Well its been another week and September is almost gone. Im excited for general conference. I got a letter from Mom and Jess this week. I loved the pictures of the baby. She isnt a baby anymore. They change so fast, its crazy. Im sure excited to meet her someday. I loved your letters, thank you. I also have emails from Grandpa, Dad, Brother Morgan, and Joye Marostica. Thank you so much!Well everyone that was suppose to come to church on Sunday didnt come. The new investigator that we werent expecting to come, came. She is the cutest girl from Brazil. She is about 30. We are learning Spanish together. We have a lot of lessons with her during the week because she takes care of her brothers kids. She is really interested in the life of Joseph Smith and its fun because Im learning more about him. He and his wife sure had a hard life. Im sure grateful to Jospeh Smith for the work that he did while he was here on the earth. I know he was a prophet of God. We sure are blessed for the opportunity we have to listen to the prophet in conference. We sure are blessed to know of the plan of Salvacion. We watched a movie with a family this week about Christs Atonement. The plan wouldnt work with out Christs sacrifice for each one of us. During the movie the little boy Juancho as he watched Christ being hung on the cross he asked, if the people treated Him so badly why did He ask God to forgive them. I cried a little bit and said thats a very good question Juancho its because He loves us. A kind of love that is very hard to understand. We read Juan 3:16-17. I love this family and we were teaching them every week until the mom got another job. We always stop by and talk to the kids on the timbre. Juancho is always so sad when his mom says they dont have time. This week Im pretty sure he let us up with out her permission. She was of course nice to us and we had a wonderful visit with them because of her son. I wish the adults could get it figured out.I love my Savior. I know that we can overcome death and sin because of what Jesus Christ did for us. Every week after talking to people who dont believe in God, I am more thankful to Mom and Dad and their parents and their parents parents and so on for teaching me who is God and who is my Savior. I sure love u guys and I sure miss you. Love,The sister

Logan - Valencia Week 18


Buisness- I may need a little money in my account becasue I found a jacket I like and its not too expensive. I think it was 80 euros. BUt that would probly be cheaper then sending one across the ocean. Alos please check my email accounts so they dont deactivate and update me adress on my myspace page to THe valencia address and the mission home. Thanks Grandpa and Brother Morgan thanks for your emails. I also recieved mail from Jace and Reese this week it was great to hear from you guys. Mom thanks for your letter as well as always I enjoyed it. Big news I am in....Valencia still lol I didnt get transfered which I am actually pretty excited about because there are some people I feel I just wasnt finished with. Everything is going well we are getting an Hijo in the piso or a brand new missionary in our apartment and I am excited to feed off his enthusiasm. We had some great experiances this week and I will share one of them quickly. We have been wokring with a Part member family from Argentina and the wife is non member but is intrested and taking the lessons. They have a cute two year old that is quite a terror. HE was running around making it hard to teach but then we stopped him and I said lets sing a song. So we sang familias puden ser eternas-families can be togther forever. He quited down after and I felt the spirit so strongly as we sang. Its so comforting when you´re teaching people and you know that is where you are supposed to be and that is what you are supposed to be saying right then. Its a very comforitng feeling all of the places in the world and all the things to be doing or people to be with and while you are with particular people you feel the Holy Ghost say you are exactly where you need to be doning what your supposed to its like a good job almost. Its very reassuring and helps you keep moving foward with everything you have. I have been workingh with the Young Men in the Word there are two that are 16 and they are great. We have become great friends and they come teach with us. This week We did a day in the life as a missonary with them and they loved it. They had some doors slammed in their face and even talked to some witches and wizards in one house it was pretty crazy. I have a lot of fun with them and One of their moms came up to me and said how thankful she was for us to be setting the example for them to serve missions. They are both ready and planning on it and that makes me super happy. A quick funny story we were with the Hermans teaching a lesson and they had a ballon filled up with air and another with water. The water represented us being filled with good things and the air being filled with bad things. Then they had a lighter and put it near the one with air and it popped satans temptations represents the flame. then they started putting it near the one with water and the HErmana said to be no tienes fe- you dont have faith and I said no thats going to pop. Then sure enough it blew up all over the members living room. Lol is was pretty funny. We have a lot of fun working with the Hermanas they are so good and are able to express their love for the people a lot better. Well Thanks for all your prayers and letters. I am so greatful to have such and increidable family. You are all great. Love Elder G

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Emily - A Coruna Week 7


Hello My Family...Mom sorry I wasnt on yesterday, every transfer we have zone conference on our pday and then have our free day on Tuesday. Conference was fabulous yesterday, like always. My head hurt afterwards because I learned so much. Now I just have to figure out how to apply it all. Also usually the miss. that are leaving bear their testimonies well we didnt have any leaving so President asked me to do it because Im halfway. It was really weird to be up there and the first thing I said was ummm no voy a casa pero...President just laughed and said thank you, like he was glad to hear that Im staying. Anyways it was so weird to be up there because Im half ways done and I will be up there saying goodbye in another 8-9 months. This week I got letters from mom, sister-Sarah, brother, Brother Chambers, moms friend, and e-mails from Sister Jess, mom, and Dad. Thank you so much for the letters, they really do mean so much to me. Brother-Im doing email later than usual because I was hoping to get on after you. I wrote you a really long letter today but I dont know if you left or not. I guess Ill have to wait and send it. I sure appreciated your letter and loved hearing your thoughts. I love you and Im thankful to have you here.Well we had two neat experiences this week. Its amazing how literally Gods hand is in His work. I contacted a lady on the street the other day from Argentina. My companion later told me that she wasnt going to stop her because she thought she was Spaniard-sometimes they are a little more harsh, later she thanked me for contacting her. Anyways she was in a hurry but gave me her phone number and told me to call in one hour. During lunch I called her and set up an appointment for the next morning. At 11 we went to her house and had a beautiful lesson together. Its so nice to be treated kindly by someone. She heated up some milk for us and gave us some cookies and we chatted a little to get to know her better. The lesson wasnt a lesson it was a discussion directed by the Spirit. It flowed so amazingly that there isnt any doubt in my mind that my companion and I were directed by the Spirit in what to say. She talked about her mother a lot and told us of her special relationship that she has with her mother. I talked about you mom, when I shared how the gospel blesses families. I told her about how well we understand each other and even if we dont understand we just laugh hysterically together. I showed her a pic of the family and told her how thankful I am to my parents and their examples to me. You taught me to love, to forgive, to serve, to be kind and on and on. I love teaching about families. During the lesson I felt very prompted to ask her who Christ is to her. She opened up a lot and told some very wonderful experiences she had at a very young age that testified to her that Christ is real and He is her Savior. We talked about the Atonement and how it can heal. As I said the first vision she looked at me directly in my eyes. We never once lost eye contact through the whole thing and I know she felt the power behind the words of the Prophet. At the end of the lesson she said, I never knew and I said thats why we are here. It was a really beautiful experience and it really helped me a lot.Other experience we were trying to clean our area book up and H. Garcia chose 5 people to pass by. We found a lady named Carmen from Cuba. She had prayed three days before that she would have contact with the missionaries again. I felt right at home with her and her mother. I sat between them on the couch and I felt like part of their family, it was really weird and comforting. They asked me about my life a little bit which was a change. We never talk about us. It was fun to visit with them a little bit and feel like I was in a home. Carmen knows its true and she just needs to come to church and see with her eyes that its Christs church. Mom-Dad told me that you wrote camera on the package. Its good that your honest but im pretty sure thats why it didnt arrive and the package that said crackers on the list did come. Im so mad because I really want that granola. Mom really its fine to write miss. supplies because thats what I am. Your so funny! Hopefully it shows up at some point because I really want it. IF you paid so much money to insure it, I dont understand why you cant track it. Anyways I love you mom and thank you for putting it all together even though only half arrived. I loved your letter and I will write back today.Dad-thank you for your email today. Its always just what I need. Im so blessed to have you and mom in my life. Your both wonderful people and Im thankful for your examples. Thank you for sharing your missionary experiences. It really is in the simple things that we can find real, true joy. I sure love you all soooo very very much. I know that I am a missionary for my Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for teaching me who He is. I love you!Love,The Sister

Logan - Valencia Week 17


Thank you Mom for your letter this week! I sent my card home last week and you can pick which ever picture you like and just crop me out of the photo. I didnt really have time to go take my picture anyway sorry. There should be one you can use though. It was great to hear from everyone this week. James got his Misison call to Monetery Mexico and i am very excited for him. I remember flying into Monterey once then driving a little Nissan with you dad all the way to beremajilo. This week has been great it was nice to read your email EMily it sounds like everything is going well. I am pretty sure this is my last week in Valencia. I will be sad to leave but excited to start somewhere new as well. I am thinking I am going to the Islands or Barcelona thats my hunch anyways. This week has been well one of our investiagtors read the entire Book of Mormon! Another man we were lead to that we have been teaching is a Doctor from Ecuador. He is very intelligent and we should be setting a baptismal date with hime this week. I was frustrated yesterday at church when no one showed up. None of the people we were hoping to see. I cant believe how hard it is for people to spend just an hour getting closer to their Savior. Its amazing how by the small and simple things great things come to pass. Like reading you scriptures, praying and going to church. Its so simple why dont we do it. It reminds me of the the bible sotry when the people got bit by snakes and all they had to do to be saved was look at the the staff of Moises where he had a snake on top. No one would do it because they though it was too easy and they died. Anyways we passed by everyone after and one mans excuse was he had some zits on his nose or somthing i was just baffled. I bluntly asked him what can I do this week to make sure you come next week. I explained how important it was and the things that Christ went through for him. Hopefully he gets the point. I have been studying a lot, there is so much to learn from the scriptures I love how they seem to specifically apply to me or someone i am teaching every single day. I started reading Jesus the Christ again as well I love that book. I can never think of what even happened in the last week but today we are going to a Orchata factory and then look around. The weather has cooled down a lot and I am very thankful for that. walking around in dress clothes is a lot more bearable now. I am excited for the winter to come. The spanish is getting better everyday. I understand very well. Its wierd to juyst be sitting in church and listening and think wow this is a different language that i am listening to and it makes sense. Learning a language is just a different experiance in and of its self. I love what I am doing here this work is amazing to be a part of. This church is true and anyway who wants to know can ask God and he will tell them through the Holy ghost. Through feelings and thoughts while they are praying. (By their fruits ye shall know them) When I look at the church and see the fruits of its humanatarian services, united familys, happy good people, the missonary program, etc. it reassures my testimony and stregthens it. I cant see one bad thing that comes from our church. Sure there are memebers that are bad but you cant jude Christs church due to just one of its members. We each have our agency and when you look at the church as a whole you can see that Jospeh Smith was a Prophet of God and restored the true church, (the same church Christ formed years before with the the Priesthood and all the gospel pure and correct) once again on the earth. If Jospeh Smith was anything but a Prophet of God the church would be non exsistent it would have crumbled years ago. Thanks to the Book of Mormon each of us can read ponder and ask God if this is his true CHurch on the earth today. I know that it is as I testify to people I feel the power of the Holy Ghost confirms it. Love you all LEder G

Monday, September 8, 2008

Logan - Valencia Week 16


Thanks to Ahsley, Mom , and Lis for your letters this week I really enjoyed them as always. Ya eactly on the jacket and I was hoping the fleece could maybe zip out or somthing. Take your time looking for it I dont need it quite yet. It cant have to big of a label or anything like that. Thanks for the Help. I may be able to find somthing here but chanes are its a lot more expensive. I had a lot of fun reading your letter today they always make me laugh. It was also nice to read emilys letter as well I had some some similar eperiances this week. I have been trying to convey to people that Just like they know whats best for their kids, the stove is hot, staying out late will make you grumpy etc. God knows whats best for you being he is your Heavenly Fater. He is all knowing and wants you to be happy and that is why we have commandments and rules. We dont have to (get burned) form the stove if we follow the council of Prophets and the Commandments. Anyone that dosent believe that can live the Word of Wisdom and experiment on the words of Chirst Alma (32: 28-32) See how you feel when your not living it compared to after. God knows what is best for us and he simply wants us to be happy. By obedience to the rules we are made free. It seems oppposite because normally you think of rules holding you back or tiesing you down but I like to compare laws to the string of a kite. They help us fly without them we are lost. Satan wants us trapped and when we disobey rules he gets more and more control over us through substances and addictions. I am so greatful for the Gospel and for my family. I dont have to feel my way into darkness getting to close and trapped like the people in Lehis Vision. I have the Iron rod the Word of God that takes me happily eactly where I want to go. I am very greatful for that and the oppurtunity to help others grab onto the iron rod and watch their lives change for the better. I had the oppurtunity to give an Elder in our Piso a blessing this week. It was an incredible experiance. There is no doubt in my mind that the priesthood is real and that we have it. I always feel power run through my body as I lay my hands on someones head to give them a blessing. We had a great zone confrence last week and I learned a lot of things I need to work on. Its so funny how much I have changed. before I left I though I want to come back the same Logan. Now I have realized that I dont even want to be the same tommorrow I want to be better. Everyday we have the oppurtunity to learn and grow. We can always try harder the next day to become better people to become more like Chirst. I am greatful for the Atonement for the suffering Jesus went through for each of us so we could repent and become better people. Through the Atonement we can be comfortable in the presence of our God. Its great to teach so much durning the week I love how much I learn while i am teaching the ideas that flow through your mind and your understanding always increases. This is souch and incredible experiance I cant believe I am here. Dad did you serve in any leadership positions in the misison? and Josh Mullen is my Zone leader right now thats funny you saw his plaque. Are you going to make the Medical passport to where you can change the languages? Sometimes we have to translate for Africans at the Hospital for service. I am glad you guys had a fun trip I cant wait to see Brenna I already feel so attached to her. Everything is well here I am sending my camera card home today so be epecting a package form me. Love you all. Love Elder G

Emily - A Coruna Week 6


Hello my Family..First off business items...oh thats fun to say!1. I still have only received package number four. I guess you sent a package before number 4 that never arrived. It might come today. I love the mailing system here! 2.Do any of you work? Jess we only went to Mexico once while you were gone. You guys are talking about a different vacation in every letter. I wont be surprised if you are in China next week. 3. Jess, yes I received the pics of Brenna in the mail and she is up on my wall. BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL! 4.Jess sent me an email that says, we really enjoyed visiting you, here are some fun pics. of the trip. I dont ever remember seeing you, could you please visit again. No but really I loved the pics. of you together with Brenna in the center of every photo. I think she is going to be a little spoiled. I loved seeing Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma that is just how I picture you in my mind in your purple flowered gown. I loved seeing your smiles. You both mean so much to me.Dad commented in his letter that I dont really say anything about how the spanish is going. Thats because when I have the chance to talk in english I dont want to say anything about spanish, j/k! I have learned more spanish in the last couple weeks with H. Garcia then in all of my mission. We communicate pretty well and when I cant think of a word I make it up and it usually works out and thats one thing that I really love about Spanish. Im almost understanding everything, depending on who is talking. The only thing I want to tell you about today is yesterday. This week was full of canceled visits but then a miracle happened on Sunday. Two Brazilian families came to church and our investigator Cris. Two complete families came to church. In one of the families we are teaching the son who is eight and wants to be baptized. His father wants to be baptized too but they arent married. The mother is an inactive member of many years. I cant explain how good it was to see them all sitting together at church. They live with a member family and want what they see in their friends, they unity the gospel brings because we know we are together for eternity. They just need to get married and I am willing to do what ever I can to help make that happen. They fed us like crazy again on Saturday. More meat than we eat in a month. The wife doesn speak spanish very well because she has only been here for a month but every visit she is more comfortable. At the end of the party we taught them the plan of Salvation. When we were getting ready to leave the wife said we are all coming to church together tomorrow. I sat by her in class and I just love her so much even though we cant communicate very well.We taught another family from Brazil this week. They had been looking for a church to attend on Sundays. We taught the wife and she cried in the visit when we talked about families. THE GOSPEL OF JESUCRISTO BLESSES FAMILIES! I loved teaching her what blessings her family can have in Christs church. Her daughter is a little shy and didnt want to come in but finally came in part way through. They agreed to come to church together. Then on Sunday morning we waited for them at the front doors and they didnt show up. I knew we needed to call them. When they answered they said they lost the paper with the direction and they had been looking on the internet for directions. We explained to them how to get to the church and then started walking in their direction. The family came together, even the Dad that we had never met. They all came to the gospel principles class that happened to be the organization of the Priesthood. I was a little nervous but it went amazingly well. The spirit was so strong as E. Batty talked about the power of the Priesthood on the earth today. Testimony meeting was awesome! It was just what I needed and what our investigators needed. I love hearing people bear pure testimonies. For the most part the people here have real testimonies because if they didnt they wouldnt come to church. Its not like the thing to do here in Spain, Mormons arent well known.Cris came with his BOM in hand, ready to learn. He is practically a member just is afraid of baptism. I want him to attend a baptism so he can see what its like. Its such a beautiful sacred covenant between you and God. IT has nothing to do with anyone else. Its not a huge party or celebration but the power of the Spirit that cant be felt when someone is baptized under the authority of God is phenomenal. We had a visit with Cris after church with a member and we talked about his fetcha meta for this Saturday. He is living the commandments already, he just needs to enter the water. I want each and every one of you to know that I know that we are members of Christs church. We are so blessed to have the knowledge that we have. Some mornings as I look out from the 12th floor of our piso building I realized how many people there are that dont have the truth. Do you realize what we have? I think if we did we would share it more often. Some many people are suffering in one way or another and I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ will heal the wounded soul. Its healed mine on many occasions. I love my Savior and I know that He lives and loves me. The Atonement is real and if we have experienced the powerful healing effects of the Atonement we would share this message with everyone. Talk to people and pray to know how to help them. It may just be your best friend. Member or not, female or male, black or white we should invtie others to come unto Christ because He can heal. I sure miss you guys a lot but Im thankful for this opportunity to be a representative of my Savior. I hope I am doing what I was called here to do. I love you all sooooooo much!Love,The Sister

Monday, September 1, 2008

Emily - A Coruna Week 5


Hello My Family...Ok first off business items-right Dad!1. I got a package on Tuesday. Its number four. I dont understand your numbering system. Yes, I got the camera but there wasnt any cords. I need the USB cord so I can send you pics. and something else to charge the camera. Thank you so much for the package. Its was fun to get it. Mon.-letters from Mom and Becky BrazellWed.-Grandma GogartyThurs.-BrotherEmails-Dad and Grandpa GogartyEveryone else was to busy to write me because they were at the BEACH!!!! Dont worry Im keeping track of who sends the most letters. Just wait until I get home. Anyways to those of you who remembered me, I love you. I cant always respond to your letters but I hope you know how much each one means to me. Dad-you bought me a really great memory card I guess because it hasnt gotten full yet. Also Ive been sending pics every week since you complained. Im glad you had a nice time at the beach together. I dont mind that you tell me about stuff like that. You might as well tell me what is really going on because otherwise I just imagine things up. Plus I will know exactly what I deserve when I get home. It did make me miss you but it seems like everything makes me miss you. Its been a long time since Ive seen you or talked to you. It kind of seems like your not real anymore. Like Im in a dream and when I wake up you will all appear again. We had a neat visit with a Spaniard man that is a lawyer. We usually teach the Restoration and the BOM as two lessons but we had a BOM with us that day and I know it was for this man. He took it and asked us to give him a month to read it. Hopefully we have contact with him before an entire month is up. He asked us what is different about your church. We have a really neat way of answering this question with a timeline that takes about 7 minutes. Everything made sense to him and Im excited to see where it all goes. We met with an African women this week. She didnt want to talk to us at first. She has a lot of troubles. We she finally let us in, I saw that she had some pics. of her family on the couch. I asked her if I could look at them. It really helped her open up a lot. We started teaching her lesson two because she told us that somedays she wants to throw herself out the window. She only lives for her son. She told us that she wants to believe that there is something after this life. She prays to her Grandma because she isnt sure if God exists. I asked her to pray to him and see if He listens. I promised her that things would go better for her and that she WOULD see the hand of God in her life. He is waiting for her to start talking to Him. I know He loves her so much. I asked her how she would like to feel when she stands in the presence of God. Even though she says she doesnt believe she does. She told me that she wants to feel tranquila and felicidad. Not only then but now. She said that she has never experienced felicidad. She has had times of happiness but complete content happiness, NO! I have no doubt in my mind that to have that kind of happiness you must do what God has asked us to do. He knows ALL! We dont understand everything but He does. Pure Joy comes from living the commandments of God. I know that this is true and I hope that I can help her see that. When people tell me that they dont believe in God. I want to just give them a hug and tell them how much He loves them. I can feel His love for them as I talk to them.We met a couple in the park the other day. The women doesnt have her two kids with her for obvious reasons. The boyfriend we had met before and we called him to set up a visit and he brought her along. It was about 7 in the evening and they were both drunk. I felt sad for them as we talked to them. She doesnt believe in anything and he wants to believe in something after this life because his mom died. Once again I wanted to just tell them God loves you so much and I did. A lot of people that I meet I want to take home for a month. I would bathe them, dress them and then have them follow me around for the month to church and everything. They would quickly see the difference in their lives and how good they can feel. Then after a month they could head out on their own. For this man and woman I could see for them what they cant see for themselves. The gospel I know can change lives. I hope I can help someone see that. Ok well I have to go my time is up. I love you all so much! Thank you for your love and support.Love, The Sister

Logan - Valencia Week 15


Hey thanks for your letter Adurey I really enjoyed it and Mom thanks for yours as well I always look foward to them. If you could keep sending the mission office labels periodically that would be great. PLease also send me the url to our Blog.I will send my mug shot asap and I was wondering if you could keep an eye out for a north face jacket for me. Like a waterproof one with a zip out fleece. Kind of liek the one you have. We can wear those durning the winter instead of suit coats. Dad thanks for your letter and I figured you were in Cali when mom Said she was going to be talking to Amy Paul next week. I am sure you guys had a great time. I am not homesick so no worries and hearing about surfing isent bad I enjoy it. One Elder in our Piso thinks he is Deddo off of goonies the chinese boy that sets booby traps and he is always setting up traps trying to get me its really werid but anyways they are always lame and obvious. So My comp and I got home earlier then they did the other night and I set up x mas lights in the hall way as a distraction and then put a trip wire down. I have it on film him walking throught the door and then triping its pretty funny. So if you see a video of that when you get my card you will know what its about. You cant really tell but you can definetly hear me laughing very hard. Tommorrow we have some Priests from the ward coming with us the whole day to see what its liek to be a missionary. I am going to try and show them all the good parts so they still want to go. We will try to avoid the walking around in the 100 degree wheater in suit clothes while people yell at you part. We also have a big confrence this Wednesday with a General Authority speaking. WE are picking up Elders from Palma Islands at tthe Airport so they can stay with us for the confrence. I am amzed how everyday it seems like I STUDY SOMTHING I NEED to teach that day. We are very guided as missonarys i say that over and over but I see it again and again. Ia m very greatful for the lORDS Help there is no way we could do it with outhim. Every transfer or 6 weeks I will be mailing on tuesday because Monday is Packing day. I think I will be getting transfered this transfer which is on the 21st. I may be going out to one of the Islands We will see. all is well I am pretty worn out today its very stressful trying to help so many people and constantly be thinking about them. Its hard to explain. I will be looking foward to your letter next week. Love you all Love,Elder G